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What’s the big deal?
Why would you select a T5 or T5HO lamp over a T8 lamp in the first place?
 They have a smaller lamp size. T5s are about 40% smaller than T8 lamps which allows for smaller luminaires (aka
design flexibility good for tight spots and thin profile fixtures).
 They are lightweight. T5s are lighter, which minimizes suspended fixture weight and reduces shipping costs.
 They maintain max light output. T5 lamps can produce similar amounts of lumens for less wattage. T5s maintain
max light output for almost the entire lifetime of the lamp.
 They are energy efficient. T5 ballasts offer a variety of ballast factors and dimming options and support energy
saving lamp applications.
 They are cost effective vs. existing HID. T5 lamps can save money over time because of a longer lifespan while
producing more light with less wattage. T5 and T5HO lamps may reduce the number of luminaires per project.
 They are quiet. All electronic T5 ballasts carry class “A” sound rating so they are very quiet.
 They operate in higher temperature ranges. T5HO (High Output) means wattage is higher than normal for the
size of lamp and specifically manufactured to handle the excess energy. T5 provides higher lumens per watt
efficiency with peak light output at 35°C versus 25°C for T8 lamps. Ideal for high ambient temperatures.
Universal Lighting Technologies
Replacement Opportunity
Universal is the number one market share
leader in T5 and T5HO ballasts.
T5 and T5 High Output (HO) ballasts entered the
OEM market in 2000. The volumes steadily rose,
and by 2004, OEMs were purchasing several
million units per year.
As the base ages, the need for replacement
naturally increases.
The demand for T5 ballasts in the Distribution
channel will continue to grow.
In 2012, it was estimated that as many as 7
million units of T5 and as many as 11 million
units of T5HO ballasts were nearing their endof-life.
This creates an opportunity and it’s essential
that our distributors are ready for the T5 and
T5HO replacement opportunity.
Universal Lighting Technologies
Occupancy Sensors
Universal offers T5 programmed start ballasts that are compatible with high frequency
cycling applications like occupancy sensors.
 Use Programmed Start to maintain lamp life when ballasts are connected to
occupancy sensors which will switch frequently. If the lighting is going to be
switched on and off frequently -- typically less than three hours per start.
 Programmed Start ballasts feature a “soft start” technology that maximizes
lamp life, making them the perfect choice for high-cycling applications
including those involving occupancy sensors and wall switches.
 The DOE says, “Occupancy sensor systems are gaining traction as an
effective approach to reducing energy use, and can potentially
enhance the savings from an already efficient lighting system.”
 Occupancy sensors can reduce energy consumption from 10 to 40%
depending on the application.
Universal Lighting Technologies
Universal’s T5 and T5HO Product Offering
Universal features the most installed base with 10+ million units installed.
Universal offers a wide variety of ballast factors plus analog and step-dimming options.
High Efficiency:
High Bay:
• The AccuStart5® and
ULTim5® lines of
linear fluorescent T5
and T5HO ballasts
offer broad appeal to
the most common
• The AccuStart5HB®
line of linear
fluorescent T5HO
ballasts for High Bay
• Ideal for extreme
temperature (90° C
Case Warranty).
• Offered in Canadian
voltage in 347V and
high range voltage.
• These ballasts come
in standard
efficiency, high
efficiency and High
Bay for T5 and T5HO
•BallaSTAR® and
LevelPRO® for step
•SuperDim® and
VariPRO® for 0-10V
Analog dimming.
•DEMANDflex™ offers
energy management
•DaliPRO® for
individually addressable
DALI dimming.
Lamps /
•Universal’s lamp
offering is ideal for
energy-saving retrofit
projects and enables
you to meet
requirements with
components from a
single source.
•T5 and T5HO
lampholders help you
make your order more
U n i v e r s a l ’s T 5 a n d T 5 H O P r o d u c t O f fe r i n g
Universal Lighting Technologies
General Benefits
Universal’s T5 and T5HO Product Offering:
Most Installed. Universal offers the “most installed base” with over 10+ million
units sold.
Long Lamp Life. Universal’s T5 and T5HO ballasts utilize Programmed Rapid
Start technology which maximizes lamp life and can reduce lamp recycling
Wattage Efficiency / Fast Start. Programmed Start ballasts are designed to
quickly pre-heat lamp cathodes up to their optimum starting temperature and
ignite the lamps quickly (within 700 milliseconds).
Ballast Factor Options. Universal offers a variety of ballast factor options to
help maximize energy efficiency.
Dimming Options. Universal offers a variety of analog and step-dimming
Lamp Protection. End-of-lamp life shutdown circuitry safely powers down lamp
at end-of-life. Auto restrike allows relamping without cycling power.
Range of Temperature Applications. Wide ambient temperature range suitable
for cold temperature applications up to 90° C maximum case temperature.
Compliant. ANSI and RoHS compliant. Aids in meeting ASHRAE 90.1 and
California Title 24. Helps support overall sustainability goals and may contribute
toward LEED certification. Type CC certified to protect against arcing.
Warranty & Support. Covered by Universal’s industry leading 5-year warranty.
Technical support via 1-800-BALLAST and www.myunvlt.com.
Universal Lighting Technologies
Benefits by Product Family
AccuStart5® & ULTim5® (High Efficiency):
Multiple packaging options including a small cross section (1.0”H x 1.18”W), or the latest N-can
ballasts. Our models give you more options for slim fixture design.
AccuStart5HB® (High Bay):
These ballasts offer same benefits as AccuStart®, plus constructed for maximum thermal dissipation
providing long reliable service in high temperature installations. 90° C case warranty.
BallaSTAR® (Step Dimming):
The T5 step-dimming ballasts offer light level switching which eliminates dark spots and provides
even illumination. No additional low voltage control wire needed. Uses standard wall switches or
LevelPRO® (Step Dimming):
The T5 step-dimming ballasts offer the same benefits as BallaSTAR plus they have parallel lamp
operation which keeps lamps lit when one lamp fails. Fast starting time.
SuperDim® (0-10V Analog Dimming):
The T5 ballasts offer 0-10V Analog dimming. Cost effective full-range dimming control. Compatible
with industry standard controls and photocells.
VariPRO® (0-10V Analog Dimming):
The T5 ballasts offer 0-10V Analog dimming. Same benefits as SuperDim plus parallel lamp operation
and compatible with reduced-wattage lamps.
DaliPRO® (Individually Addressable DALI Dimming):
Digital control that simplifies wiring and increases system flexibility. Compatible with wide variety of
DALI controls and systems.
DEMANDflex™ (Energy Management Dimming):
High efficiency program start ballasts which can be tuned during initial installation. When combined
with DCL® controls, they form the most cost-effective lighting energy management system available.
Universal Lighting Technologies
T5HO Lamps
Universal offers a line of high-quality fluorescent T5HO lamps.
High color rendering for natural-looking indoor illumination.
Long lamp life with excellent lumen maintenance.
Performance & reliability backed up by the System Security™ lamp and
ballast 36 month lamp / 5 Year ballast system warranty.
Combine with ULT’s family of energy saving ballasts such as ULTim8,
DEMANDflex, and AccuStart5 for dramatic savings and reliable system
Universal’s lamp line offers an ideal solution for energy saving retrofit
Universal Lighting Technologies
T5 and T5HO: Applications
Target Segments
High Bay (AccuStart5HB®):
Whether it’s for new construction or a
retrofit project, Universal’s T5 and T5HO
ballasts, with their smaller size, high
lumen output and dimming options, have
become the dominant player in
architectural and high bay applications.
Ideal for new construction and fixture retrofits in gymnasiums,
high bay retail stores and warehouses, manufacturing sites,
industrial facilities and similar applications.
These High Output ballasts are well suited for applications
where space is at a premium, including slim pendant mounted
fixtures, cove and task lighting.
AccuStart5HB ballasts offer a replacement opportunity for
traditional HID high bay applications.
High Efficiency (AccuStart5®, ULTim5®):
Ideal for bathrooms, hallways,
stairwells, gymnasiums, classrooms,
libraries, corridors, offices, recessed
volumetric strips, wraps, wall washing,
surface mount, cove, under cabinet or
task lighting.
Dimmable (BallaSTAR®, LevelPRO®, SuperDim®, VariPRO®,
DaliPRO®, DEMANDflex™):
Applications in general lighting, board rooms, executive offices,
conference rooms, meeting rooms, theatres, and auditoriums.
restaurants, law offices, medical,
institutional, airports, and schools.
Universal Lighting Technologies
Calculate Energy Savings
Compare: T5HO vs. HID:
AccuStart5HB® T5HO offers a replacement
opportunity for traditional HID high bay
More light with fewer lamps.
Save watts per fixture.
Improve the qualify of light. Less glare.
Uniform illumination.
Longer lamp life.
Instant on capabilities (shorter start times).
# of Fixtures
Annual Operating
Existing Installation
Metal Halide
New Installation
4-Lamp T5HO
Warehouse conversion from HID
to T5HO
Universal Lighting Technologies
T5 and T5HO: Quick Cross Reference
High Efficiency and High Bay:
Always consult the current spec sheet for details: http://ultballastspecs.unvlt.com/
Universal Lighting Technologies
T5 and T5HO: Quick Cross Reference
Always consult the current spec sheet for full details: http://ultballastspecs.unvlt.com/
Universal Lighting Technologies
For Additional Information, please visit our website www.unvlt.com or
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Website: www.unvlt.com
Nashville Customer Service: (800) 862-8666
Universal Technical Engineering Services: 1-800-BALLAST (1-800-225-5278)
Universal Lighting Technologies

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