QR Codes - Worth County Schools

QR Codes – What Are They
Quick Response Code
2-D Bar code
Scanning the QR Code takes you to a website
with more information.
Direct link to a page on the web
Zoo’s – provide more info on a particular exhibit
Catalogues - contains more sales information
University mailings – link to university website
Post Office – advertising postal services on line
Now used instead of Business Cards
Marketing Technique
What Technology do You Need?
Need a QR Code generator – link
Need a way to read the QR Codes
Smart phone
Tablet (Ipad or other device with a camera
and internet access)
QR Code reader – NeoReader App - Free
QR Codes for Inside the
QR codes stuck on tables leading likes to a
video of a science experiment
QR code at a Poetry Center taking kids to poetry
reading, author interview, picture of a setting,
historic place
Homework: After school, teachers can put
together everything that was done in class
that day, create a QR code, put it on a sticky
label, and slap it on a calendar for the
students to scan
QR Codes – Bring Public into the
When students publish online – send home a
QR code to parents so they can take a look.
Also post the code on the corporation site for the
public to access
Students write and perform a Public Service
Announcement (food drive) – post it online then
make a flyer with a QR code to the video which
can then posted in the school or community to
help collect food
QR Codes – Student Generated
Book Reviews: kids read a book, do a book
review on line, attach it to a QR code, and
put it in the binding of the book. When
students scan the QR codes attached to the
books, they can see their classmates'
Students create book commercials on line –
create a QR code link. Attach the link to a
movie poster advertising the book
Kids research topics on the internet – find
articles, videos, interviews – create QR
codes that can be attached to text books

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