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Triangle Soccer
2015 Association Meeting
Old Business
● Met at Cardinal Gibbons on July 27, 2015
● Board was voted in for 2014-15 season
New Business
● The bigger schools in the metropolitan
area are very happy with our service
● The out-lying schools are not so happy
● Our Senior Officials need to start seeing
the out-lying schools
● I filled up my tank this morning for $2.24
● I will do my best to car-pool and get
New Business
● Turning back an accepted game policy
(The Rick Wooten Policy)
● First Time:
● Second Time: Lose next 2 assignments
● Third Time: Done for the season
Mentor Program
● In the fall of 2014, a Mentor Group with
● 5 Mentors were selected by the Regional
Supervisor to work with 2-3 officials
● The officials who were Mentees were
identified as ones with potential to do
higher level games
Mentor Program
Current Mentor Groups:
● FORREST AMBROSE: Hicham El Bariq,
Chris Parkin, Seth Pierce
● BARRY DONOW: Tim McKenna, Steve
● AARON GALLAGHER: Steven Bickford,
Dylan Ejlaji, Michael Hieronymus
Mentor Program
● JEREMY SMITH: Brian Lee, Nick Crosetto
● RAY THOMAS: Colin Dalton, Will Hunt,
Russ McKernan
● Added Mentees for the 2015 season:
Mark Novosel, Raphael Baptista, and Nick
Dates To Keep In Mind
Pre-Season Clinic:
-Knightdale Area: February 8, 2015
-Durham/Chapel Hill Area March 1, 2015
-Mid-Season Clinic:
Lord Corporation-Cary April 12, 2015
Summer Rules Clinic: July 26, 2015
Will be self-assign
Go up on Monday
Look for Self-Assign tab on Assigning in
New Business
Any other new business?
2014 Honors
● This year the State Assigned the 3rd and
4th Rounds of the Playoffs for Public
● Congrats to those of you who were
selected by the State Office!
3rd Round 1A Games
East Carteret vs. Spring
Ref: Mike Pritchard
AR: Jacob Augsburger
AR: Milton Little
Starmount vs. Union
Ref: Austin Ambrose
AR: John Lavender
AR: Chris Parkin
Community School vs. Avery
Ref: Ayman Nabulsi
AR: Stephen Bickford
AR: Hicham El Bariq
3rd Round 2A Games
Washington vs. Croatan
Ref: Scott Rackley
AR: Otis Moss
AR: Evan Fulks
First Flight vs. East
Ref: Tom Pittman
AR: Bill Gibson
AR: Eddie Keeter
3rd Round 3A Games
Statesville vs. East
Ref: Barry Donow
AR: Dan Dunbar
AR: Josh Nagleburg
3rd Round 4A Games
Pinecrest vs. East
Ref: Ray Thomas
AR: BJ Attarian
AR: Jordan Galatioto
Lake Norman vs. Hough
Ref: Aaron Gallagher
AR: Nathan Finger
AR: Robert Dail
4th Round 1A Games
North Moore vs. Union
Ref: Mike Pritchard
AR: Barry Donow
AR: Jacob Augsburger
Wallace-Rose Hill vs.
East Carteret
Ref: Scott Rackley
AR: Milton Little
AR: Evan Fulks
4th Round 4A Games
Laney vs. New Hanover
Ref: Forrest Ambrose
AR: Sean O’Boyle
AR: Justin Finger
Reagan vs. East Forsyth
Ref: Ben Beal
AR: Ray Thomas
AR: Ryan Graves
4A Western Regional Final
Ref: Forrest Ambrose
AR: Sean O’Boyle
AR: Justin Finger
2014 NCISAA 1A Private School Championship
Ref: Masoud
AR: Bill Rhinehardt
AR: Paul Pooley
2014 NCISAA 2A Private School Championship
Ref: Robert Dail
AR: John Lavender
AR: Chris Parkin
2014 NCHSAA 2A State Championship
Ref: Forrest Ambrose
AR: Sean O’Boyle
AR: Justin Finger
Alt: Scott Rackley
2014 Stig Sasse Rising Official Award
Stig was always
interested in
developing officials.
He would frequently
appear at Leesville Rd
Past Winners:
2012: Ben Meyer
2013: Forrest Ambrose
2014 Stig Sasse Rising Official Award
Justin Finger
2014 Inaugural Rick Hirsch AR Award
The Triangle Soccer
Officials wanted to
create an award which
recognizes Officials
who have a great skill
at being an ASSISTANT
For those who do not
know Rick Hirsch was a
long-time official for
TSOA. Everyone
appreciated his small
stature and work rate
on the field
2014 Inaugural Rick Hirsch AR Award
Sean O’Boyle
2014 Ed Alston Outstanding Official Award
Ed was the Founder of
our Organization. He
will be sorely missed as
he passed away this
Past Winners
2012-Saeed Mohamed
2013-Larry Stroud, Jr.
2014 Ed Alston Outstanding Official Award
Phillip “Scott” Rackley
Congratulations to all for a Great 2014!
-Let’s strive for all
games with full
coverage in 2015!
-Let’s keep improving
our product ON and OFF
the field
See you all at the North
Raleigh Fox and the

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