September 1, 2013

July 24, 2014
Accelerated Instruction and
Intensive Program of Instruction
Q: What happens when a student:
• Doesn’t meet standard on a state
• Is identified as being at-risk for dyslexia in
grades K-2?
• Is identified as being at-risk of dropping
out or of not finishing HS in 4 years?
That student’s district must implement a
program of Accelerated Instruction (AI) and/or
an Intensive Program of Instruction (IPI).
What are AI and IPI?
• Identified in multiple state statutes yet NOT defined in statute
• Extra instructional support for students who fail to meet the
passing standards of a state assessment or who exhibit
academic difficulties
• District discretion as to form, content, and timing
• District determines instruction based on individual students’
• May require participation before or after normal school hours
or outside of the normal school year
• Research based instructional practices using a variety of
instructional models
• AI pullout at Grades 5 and 8 = no more than 10:1 ratio
• Requires progress monitoring with interim reports to parents
Who is ‘At Risk’
TEC § 29.081 Compensatory, Intensive & Accelerated
Instruction for students who…
Retained one or more times
Less than 70% in 2 or more
classes during any semester of
current or preceding school year
Did not meet standard on state
assessment and/or EOC
Is a parent or pregnant
Attended an Alt Ed program or
expelled during current or
previous year
On parole, deferred prosecution,
and/or probation
Previously reported as a dropout
Referred or in custody of DPRS
Placement or detention
Crystal – EOC and at Risk
• ELL in the 9th grade
who did not meet the
Biology EOC standard,
has attendance issues,
and will fail World
Geography and Biology
this year.
Crystal’s AI Plan
• The campus student support team
composed of Crystal’s counselor, biology
teacher, assistant principal, and an LPAC
representative developed an AI plan that
included summer school for World
Geography as well as a Biology intervention
• Crystal was successful on the 2nd
administration of the Biology EOC.
• The student support team met prior to the
start of school and developed a credit
recovery plan for Biology, an attendance
support plan, and AIP to support Crystal in
science for the upcoming school year.
• General education
student in 8th grade
• Did not meet the
standard on the 1st
administration of Math
• Passing all his class
and has good
Sam’s AI Plan
Received a facilitated computer-based intervention for AI
during the school day prior to second administration of
STAAR (pullout math intervention was provided during an
elective class)
Sam did not meet the standard on the 2nd administration
GPC determined AI for the summer to include participation
in 10:1 direct instruction and continuation of the computerbased intervention program.
Sam did not meet the standard on the 3rd administration
Sam has passed all of his classes, has good attendance,
and completed the set accelerated instruction prescribed
to him.
GPC unanimously decides to promoted Sam to high
school and determined AI to be provided the 1st 6 weeks of
school (TEA waiver) and AI to continue for the school year.
Charles – STAAR SSI
• 5th grader receiving
special education
• Did not meet the
standard on the 1st
administration of
Reading STAAR.
Charles’ AI Plan
ARD amendment after 1st administration
documented AI to be provided by reading
intervention teacher without special education
support. ARD not needed as there was no change
of placement or special education services.
Charles did not meet the standard on the 2nd
ARD/GPC met, decided to waive the 3rd
administration, supplied a justification for nonparticipation, designated summer school AI as a
condition of promotion.
The ARD also determined that one of Charles’
electives in 6th grade would be a specialized
reading program and count as special education
service as well as AIP for the following school year.
School testing coordinator voided his testing
materials for the 3rd administration.
Is your campus ready for
Accelerated Instruction?
Region 13 has tools to help you prepare your campus.
Need more information?
Visit our LiveBinder for Accelerated
Instruction at
Binder includes
• decision-making tools,
• progress monitoring tools,
• instructional tools,
• interventions for secondary, and
• Region 13’s webinar over Accelerated
Instruction and Data-Based Individualization.

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