Special Education Hot Topics

Cynthia Gann shared that Hondo ISD edits the SSI
Accelerated Instruction Plan template to use as
part of your ARD paperwork (handout and link
LEAs are going back on all students that failed
state assessments in 09-10 to create AIP/IPI and
continue this practice from date forward
This can be handled through ARD Amendment if
it does not change placement. The ARD
Amendment process can be used UNLESS the
ARDC addresses one of the following areas:
eligibility determinations, changes of placement,
and manifestation determination reviews.
AIP determines:
1. The manner in which the student will
participate in an accelerated instruction
program; AND
2. Whether the student will be promoted or
IPI must:
Design program to attain a standard of
annual growth on the basis of the student’s
individualized education program
Use MOE to support the need for current staffing
Use of Instructional Aides (IA) & Transportation are
being reviewed
Judson ISD added info to their Operating Guidelines
about 1-1 IA requests
SAISD shared resources for staffing studies: District
Management Council; Urban Collaborative; Great City
Another resource is TASB Staffing Study
Examine “basic” program expenditures vs. excess
Sherry will contact the District Management Council
about contracted a 1-day overview for future meeting
Request for staffing ratios from other districts
for comparison purposes. However, straight
numbers may not tell the true picture of
students served in certain situations.
Part-time employees & coop structures for
certain positions
Consider 19 hour part-time employees so
benefits are not paid
Job Sharing is a consideration
Diagnostic/Evaluation staff work with RTI and
behavioral job duties
How do mainstreamed students taking TAKS-M
receive credit in a co-taught classroom?
◦ If that child receives modified curriculum in that class
then they would receive a 9000 class code if that
minimum curriculum credit is specific to special
education (8000 code if available to all students). The
credit that is awarded substitutes for the core content
credit with a different course name.
Life skills students in general education PE. If
student isn’t accessing all TEKS, how do we
handle the modified curriculum (APE?)
◦ You could change the course code number to show that
this is a modified curriculum course
Elective courses (Math Interventions, Reading
Requirement for anyone that does not pass
Before and after school tutoring
Credit Recovery lab
Nova Net
Pass/Fail courses for life skills students? NO
Ranking for graduation?
◦ Identified in policies & procedures with a weighted system.
◦ Be careful that special education courses are not weighted lower
or excluded just because it is a sped course (OCR issue).
◦ Examples: AP Courses=5; General Core Course=3; NonCore/Modified Content Courses=1
◦ Another option is to exclude ranking of ALL students on the
Minimum Graduation Plan due to the fact that they are not eligible
to attend a public 4-year college
Alignment of modified curriculum to EOC? Alternative
Assessment should not change so use current resources
from TAKS-Alt. More to come on EOC-M…
Behavior Strategies:
◦ (Northside ISD) Data debrief meetings with campus
principals—campus comparisons monthly
◦ Staff Development with Eric Hartwig for principals and asst
principals to speak to alternative to suspension
◦ Make up ALL work!
◦ Area Coordinator to review discretionary discipline referral
to assure they followed guidelines and they can get kicked
back (DeNette will share the steps)
◦ (Alamo Heights) AP sends monthly reports to Sped Director
to calculate the percentage
◦ After School Suspension instead of ISS
◦ (East Central) Discussions with secondary campus
◦ On Campus DAEP so the time increments are much smaller
(Boerne ISD) conducts a FBA for all students
that are classified as ED, OHI, Autism and link
the FBA and BIP to the student’s goal
If you are going to conduct FBA you must get
written consent and then it is highly likely
that you will come back and modify the BIP
based on that data
Must conduct an FBA when there is a link
between the violation and disability (MDR)
Do you need to do a FBA for a 504 student?
◦ You can!
For TAKS-M takers?
◦ Most shared they did for ALL
For students in self-contained behavior units?
◦ Most shared for ALL
Do you still have secondary behavior units? If
yes, how do you handle HQ?
◦ Those that responded shared that most of the
teachers were teachers that were “grandfathered”
into the system. More discussion to come.
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