Talent Management

Year End Review and Compensation - Key Dates (Global)
Dec 2 – Dec 20
All Employees
Dec 20 – Jan 31
Managers & Above
All employees document and submit their results against key goals and responsibilities
aligned with Our Winning Way, via Workday PMP template or PMP Excel forms (no selfrating).
Managers are encouraged to have a discussion with each direct report regarding the
documented results to ensure common understanding.
In preparing for Calibration Process, Managers will then add feedback/comments and
preliminary ratings to their direct reports PMP templates via Workday or Excel.
Calibration discussions, facilitated by HR, take place (where applicable).
All PMP Reviews completed and approved by next level management (one-over-one
Jan 13 – Jan 31
HR Community & Managers &
Feb 3 – Feb 19
Managers & Above
Feb 19
Feb 20 – Feb 21
Feb 24 – Feb 26
Feb 24 onward
Division and Shared Services
Managers & Above
Feb 27 – Feb 28
Mar 5
Mar 10
Mar 11 – Mar 14
Mar 14
Mar 17
Mar 24
April 4
Global Compensation
Global Compensation
US Employees
US Employees
US Employees
US Employees
US Employees
International Employees
International Employees
PayESSENTIALS Training for HR community
Participate in Manager PayESSENTIALS training
Access PayESSENTIALS and enter Performance Ratings, Merit Increases,
Promotions/Adjustments, AIP and LTI Recommendations
Corporate Earnings Release
Division & Shared Services heads review and approve all submitted recommendations in
Read only view of all AIP recommendations with financials
Following EC approval, managers conduct Year-End Performance Review and Rating
discussions with each direct report.
Audit and review PayESSENTIALS submitted recommendations
Final approval of all submitted recommendations
Notification to local HR on final awards
All managers communicate merit and bonus/LTI awards to direct reports
AIP bonus payout
Salary increases effective for non-exempt employees
Salary increases effective for exempt employees
Increases reflected in employee paychecks for eligible employees
Salary increases for all employees paid according to local payroll practice
AIP & Local bonus payout on first payroll of the month (per local payroll practice)
Please note that the all compensation dates are subject to change depending on the financial earnings release.

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