Sport in australia

Sports in Australia
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Sports is very popular in Australia and extremely widespread.
Australians love sport, there are many people who watch
sports, much more than in other countries.
The weather enables Austalians to do sport all year round.
The gouvernement of the country gives lot of money for
There is a wide variety of sports in Australia.
The different sports in Australia
In Australia, there are lots of sports which are played outside. There
are many important sports and famous sportsmen:
-Australian Football (Tom Wils…)
-Rugby League (Duncan Hall…)
-Rugby union (George Gregan…)
-Cricket (Jack O’Connor…)
-Football (Lucas Neil…)
-Formula 1 (Mark Vebert…)
-Cycling (Cadel Evans…)
-Swimming (Ian Thorpe…)
-Surfing (Nat Young …)
There are also many other sports such as Tennis, Golf, Net Ball,
Baseball, Touch Ball, …
The Rugby
There are 3 kinds of rugby in Australia :
-Australian Football
-Rugby Union
-Rugby League
Rugby League
It is the first professional competition in
Australia.There are 16 teams located in
New South Wales , Queensland , Victoria ,
the Australian Capital Territory and New
Australia won 8 tournaments of the national
league: in 1957, 1968, 1970, 1977, 1988,
1992, 1995 and 2000.
Rugby Union
Rugby Union is a popular sport in Australia, particularly in the states
of Queensland, new South Wales and the Territory of the Capital
of Australia.
The Australian Federation organizes and develops the sport in
Australia. It manages the national team.
Wallabies compete every year for the Tri-nations against the teams of
New Zealand and South Africa. They regularly go to face the
European teams. These teams meet every four years during the
Rugby World Cup. The Australian selection is the only team, with
South Africa, which has won two world cups, in 1991 and 1999.
The Australian Football
The Australian football was invented in 1857 by Tom Wills.
The Australian Football is a collective sport setting two trainings of
18 players on a big oval ground, with an oval ball.
It sort if mixes up the rules of rugby and football.
As its name indicates it, this sport is native of Australia.
The Australian season goes from March to September.
In Australia the national sport is surf.
Australia is one of the biggest surf nation. The country
counts the best surfing spots of the world. The biggest
surfing champions are Australian. Nat Young is a legend
of the surf, 4 times world champion, and his son, Beau
Young, is also world champion.
In Australia the surf is also for the girls. Layne Beachley,
31 years old has already been champion 6 times.
Formula 1
Automobile Grand Prix of Australia is a motor race created
in 1928 counting for the world championship of
Formula 1 since 1985.
Since 1996, the Grand Prix takes place in the suburb of
Melbourne, on the Albert Park Circuit. It is a semi-urban
circuit, which borrows partly the daily traffic lanes.
There is also the circuit of Adelaide which is frequented by
the formula 1.
There is a famous Australian champion: Mark Webert .
The Open of Australia is a tennis tournament organized
since 1905. It takes place every year in Melbourne in
Australia in January.
The tournament played at first on grass from 1905 to
1987 is now on synthetic material since 1988.
As Roland-Garros, Wimbledon and the US OPEN, the
Open of Australia is one of the four tournaments
which establish the Grand Slams. These four
tournaments are the most important competitions of
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