How to Schedule an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Visit

How To Schedule an
ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Visit
Provided by the
Chapter Technology Transfer Committee
ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Program
• About the Program
– Provides qualified lecturers to local
ASHRAE chapters, regions, and
student branches worldwide
– 795 visits completed since 1996
– Supervised by the Society Chapter
Technology Transfer Committee
– 70 Lecturers available during 20102011, 326 topics, 14 different
ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Program
• Benefits
– Technology Transfer
• Learn about the latest emerging concepts and industry
– Technical Expertise
• Presentations are made by the industry’s leading experts
– Variety of Timely, Relevant Topics
• Pertinent information can take your business or career to the
next level
– Increased Attendance
• Relevant information from industry leaders attracts a crowd
ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Program
• Bring a Distinguished Lecturer to Your Next Event
1. Contact your CTTC Regional Vice Chair for chapter
2. Select a DL and topic at
3. Contact the DL
4. Send written confirmation to the DL
ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Program
5. Submit the Participation Form to your CTTC Regional
Vice Chair
6. Receive the Visit Confirmation from ASHRAE
ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Program
• November 30th Deadline
– Unconfirmed DL visits available after the
deadline will return to a common pool
available through ASHRAE Headquarters
for use by any region on a first come-first
serve basis.
ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Program
• Additional Information
– Visit for:
• The Listing of ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturers and Topics
• Contact Information for your CTTC Regional RVC
• Instructions for Host Chapters
• The DL Participation Form
• The DL Media Kit
• Event Summary Critique Form
– Contact Your CTTC RVC
– Contact ASHRAE Chapter Programs Staff
• 678-539-1128 or [email protected]
Thank You!
Chapter Technology Transfer Committee

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