AZPFC Southwest Resilience Workshop Mtg Outline Feb 27-2014

Arizona Prescribed Fire Council:
2014 Spring Meeting
February 27, 2014
Tucson, AZ
• Overview of the Arizona prescribed Fire council
• Current initiatives & focus
• Involvement of Local Government
• What’s coming? – AZPFC six-month Action Plan
Arizona Prescribed Fire Council
The mission of the AZPFC is
• to serve as a forum for prescribed fire practitioners
• to promote,
• protect,
• Conserve, and
• expand the responsible use of prescribed fire in Arizona’s
fire-dependent ecosystems.
(AZPFC is Associated with the National Coalition of PFCs)
The Coalition Of Prescribed Fire Councils,
“Partnering prescribed fire councils’ efforts, which collectively
represent twelve million acres of annual prescribed fire use, has
created a forum to voice and address issues of national concern.
The Coalition’s work facilitates communication among interested
parties in the field of prescribed fire, provides a focal point for
sharing ideas and information, and creates opportunities for
prescribed fire collaboration.”
What is a Rx Fire Council?
• Organized & committed group of Rx Fire
• Committed to:
– Protecting the right to burn
– Encouraging safe use
– Promoting public understanding and acceptance
– Providing education, coordinating science
awareness & burn implementation
Arizona Prescribed Fire Council
 Established – July 2013
 Focus on Prescribed and Natural Fire
• Education & Outreach
• Member of National Coalition of Rx Fire Councils
• Fire Learning Network
• SW Fire Science Consortium
• Science Learning & Transfer
• Conferences, Webinars, Workshops, Links
• Training & Implementation
• Rx Fire Training Exchanges
• Fire Experience & Qualifications
• Policy & Capacity Building
Who makes up Rx Fire Councils?
• Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)
– Cattleman’s Association
– The Nature Conservancy
– Property Associations
Private Landowners
Fire Chief’s Association
Research Institutions
Government Agencies
Council Participation:
AZ Fire Chiefs Association
Salt River Project
Arizona State Forestry Dept.
Flagstaff Fire Dept.
School of Forestry – NAU
Ecological Restoration Institute
Arizona Wildlife Federation
SW Fire Science Consortium
USDA – Forest Service
Apache County
Anvil Ranch
Bureau of Land Management
Arizona Public Service
Camp Navajo – AZ Nat’l Guard
Malpai Borderlands Group
The Nature Conservancy
Ponderosa Fire Advisory Council
Arizona Game & Fish Dept.
Altar Valley Conservation Alliance
Elkhorn Ranch
Tucson Electric Power
Western Area Power Administration
Southwest Power Cooperative
Involving Local Government:
Doyel Shamley
Arizona Prescribed Fire Council
• Council Leadership:
– Interim Steering Committee
– The Council
Chairman- Bruce Greco, Ecological Restoration Institute
Vice Chairman- Kevin Boness, AZ State Forestry
Secretary- Doyel Shamley, Veritas Research Consulting
– S. Arizona- Led by Don Decker, NRCS-Malpai Borderlands Group
– N. Arizona- Led by Mark Shiery, NAU School of Forestry
AZPFC Ongoing Actions
Northern AZ Workgroup
(led by Mark Shiery)
 Training Exchange (TREX)
 Planned for Fall 2014
 Flagstaff Area
 TREX Partners
• The Nature Conservancy,
Fire Learning Network
• SW Fire Science Consortium
Southern AZ Workgroup
(led by Don Decker)
 Insurance options for burns
 Creation of a liability letter template
 Creation of a planning and permitting
process diagram
 Large scale burns for the spring of
 Partners
• Altar Valley Conservation
• Arizona State Forestry Division
• Heart & Horn Ecological
Services, LLC
• Malpai Borderlands Group
• Natural Resources Conservation
• The Nature Conservancy
Fire is an ecological imperative in our
Ponderosa Pine forests
• Fire must be brought back to restore these fire
dependent forests
Fire is a Necessary Feature of Our Native
Prescribed Fire is an Economical means to
restore Grasslands and Hold-back excessive
tree and shrub incursions
Fort Valley Prescribed Burn-Coconino National Forest
Prescribed Fire training Exchange (TREX)
Flagstaff Area
September 24 – October 4, 2014
Northern AZPFC TREX Partners
Work Plan (10/2013 – Present)
Assessment of Arizona Burn Laws (TNC Lead)
Liability Insurance for Private-land Burns
Developed Working Groups
By-law development and approval
Outreach Strategy & Resources
Science Systematic Review – Fire Applications
Science Needs Assessment
Legislative Involvement
Presentations, news media, Education Ops
Fire Research Publications – Outreach sharing
Next 180-day Work Plan
Continue/Complete Current Action Items
Refine Outreach Plan
Develop Communication Plan/Strategy
Identify Burn Liability Insurance Options/Plan
Provide Access to Online Qualifications Trng.
Support to Apache County Burn Program
Northern Arizona TREX Program
Develop Burn Plan and Approval Checklist
Next 180-day Work Plan (Cont’d)

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