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Title: The Zen of Presentation Poster Creation
By Frederick Von Slouchenburg III and Bob Smith
Department of Phrenology, University of Buenos Aires Viamonte 430 st. Buenos Aires City, Argentina, (054) 011.4510.1100
Admitting Defeat
These Colours Suck!
Total Submission. You need to start by admitting that you
are totally powerLESS over PowerPoint. Only then will
your life get easier. Say it together
The easiest way to change this colour scheme is to Click
DESIGN, look for the colours drop down menu on the
right and choose a different Theme or create a new one.
Actually it’s not too bad once you get used to it. It can be
frustrating when you’re trying to format something just
right and for some reason it just can’t be done. With this
in mind we’ve put together this list of resources that
should solve most of these problems.
•You’ll notice that we don’t
use any drop shadows,
gradients or transparencies
in our design.
(as far as I can tell the only way to follow a link in
PowerPoint is to hit F5 and then click the link. Hit ESC to
get back to the poster.)
* We’re using Calibri at 32pt for this text. One rule of
thumb ( "What he doth, he doth by rule of thumb, and
not by art.“) is to determine if the text is readable at 6ft.
So View your poster at 100% , stand back 6ft from the
monitor and see if you can read it. Do it together.
* ZOOM controls right bottom
I don’t like anything about this layout
There are numerous ways to change this layout. The next
column explains how to change the colour. If you’d like to
change the layout of the columns we’ve added a couple of
options you can use by clicking the home tab, then layout.
If you really want to change
everything you can basically start
over by changing the page size
under design(tab)/page setup. You
can change the shape of the
columns by going to view(tab)/slide
master and then under format/edit
While we can print just
about anything you throw at
us, the elements mentioned
above can cause problems
that inevitably delay
In any event it’s an Academic
poster not an ad for Snow
Best to keep it clean and
How long does it take to print my poster?
In a perfect world: 2 or 3 days.
In our world: if you e-mail the poster to
[email protected] the night before we can print it for
the next day. Always include a contact number.
Same Day Printing: If this is your only option it can be
done. However depending on how busy we are a RUSH
charge may apply. So try to avoid it if possible.
Charts and Tables
This chart was generated in Excel. Copy and paste it into
PowerPoint, resize it, and add a 0.75pt boarder. Right click
the chart to see Format Chart Area. Size to taste by
holding down the shift key and dragging the corner.
This image was created from a screenshot, opened in
Photoshop, cropped and cleaned up a bit using curves. Saved
out as an uncompressed .tif file
You don’t need Photoshop to have good looking images. It is
important to look for the highest quality images you can find
though. Again if you’re wondering how they’ll print just set your
View to 100% and take a look – that’s how it will look when it
Need to have at least one more sentence here to even these
columns out. There.
Inserting images: as mentioned you need to find the
highest quality images possible. Images from the web
can work as long as they’re big enough. So if you’re
looking for images through Google, look for the largest
versions. e.g. 100K+
* Whenever possible use uncompressed .tif files.
* Don’t copy and paste images into your poster. Insert
If you’re scanning images set the resolution to 300dpi.
Photoshop is a good program for editing your images
but if you don’t have it you can always use GIMP. It’s
great and it’s FREE. Download the Windows Version
There is a learning curve to these programs that you
may not have time for. If you need help formatting
your images you can always e-mail them to us and
we’ll be happy to take a look for you.
[email protected]
This site seems to contain more information on making
charts in Excel than any one person can handle. Go in
We see a lot of charts that appear to be pixelated when
printed. They could be from any number of sources.
If you’re generating them from another application, try
and save them out as uncompressed .tif files. Also try to
generate them to the size you need to print so you don’t
need to resize them too much in PowerPoint.
It’s the same thing for tables. Copy and paste them from
Word. Resize them proportionately by holding the shift
key and dragging the corner.
Paper pads
EDIT your text
EDIT your text
2 colors
EDIT your table
EDIT your table
As you can see you can edit these tables fairly easily
by right clicking to add rows, columns, etc.
Presentation Poster Printing at MERRIAMPRINT.COM
You can get to the format shape dialogue box by right
clicking a text box or shape that’s selected.
This is an important dialogue box
because it helps control the look
and feel of your text. And we’re
assuming that apart from your
Figures, the text is the most
important aspect of your
Academic Poster.
You can usually find print quality logos on most corporate
and university web sites. For example:
It’s best to follow the instructions regarding the .eps file.
Images worth a few dozen words
Format Shape :: Format Background
This applies to any logo file you might be looking for.
Remember if you need some help with your poster please
don’t hesitate to call us. (613) 567-5050
Printing Options
Please visit our Website or Facebook page to learn about
new printing options, specials , templates and more …
Thank you for your business.
Jeff Merriam
Merriam Print
252 Laurier Ave. East
(613) 567 5050
[email protected]

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