Extension’s Brand Value Proposition
Extension is a resource people can trust.
When you use Extension, you can be confident
that experts have reviewed and developed
programs to ensure that you get the best
information for your needs.
Through Extension, you have access to
programs developed by a network of
universities throughout the country.
Extension employees and volunteers work hard
at improving the quality of life for their
Extension’s Brand Personality
 Extension is a trusted friend whom clients can
turn to for support when they need reliable
information and advice.
 Extension is friendly, caring, trusted, committed,
approachable, down-to-earth, practical,
informed, and knowledgeable.
 Relaxed and friendly but also knowledgeable
and informative. Use everyday language that
everyone will understand.
Extension’s Brand Promise
Extension provides practical education
you can trust,
To help people, businesses, and
Solve problems, develop skills, and build
a better future.
Campaign Theme
Your Elevator Pitch
1. Introduce yourself. Say, “My name is [your
name!], and I work for [your Extension brand].”
2. Deliver your message. Say the Brand Promise.
3. Payoff with your slogan.* And say it with
If you don’t have a slogan, use the campaign
theme: extending knowledge, changing lives!
Your Brand Story
1. The name
I work for [the name of
your Extension Service, NOT
just the university!].
2. The message
“Extension provides
practical education you can
trust,to help people,
businesses, and
communities solve
problems, develop skills,
and build a better future.”
3. Your role
In my role, I work with
[your audience] to help
them [their goal].
4. The experience
Is there a problem you
need to solve?
Is there something you
wish you knew more
Would you like to get
involved as a volunteer?
Tools and templates overview
Print Materials
display template, clients
Brochure template
and potential clients
Bookmark template
Banner-stand exhibit/
Pushcard template
display template, county
County accountability report
County leadership
pushcard template
Magazine Ads 8” x11”
County leadership one
Magazine Ads 10” x 12”
pager template
Newspaper Ads
Cinema Ads
Presentations and Events
Interior Bus Ads
PowerPoint presentation
Exterior Side Bus Ads
Exterior Tail Bus Ads
Web and Social Media
Banner-stand exhibit/
Hashtags for Twitter
E-newsletters, e-postcards,
web ads
Video (not funded, not yet
3- to 5-minute Brand
Essence video
4 to 6 30-second PSAs
Guidelines/rubric for states,
counties, etc., to create their
own videos to expand the
Brochure, outside
Brochure, inside
County Accountability Report, outside
County Accountability Report, inside
Banner Stand Displays
Ways states are already using
the research results and messaging
New Hampshire Extension used the
research results in their tagline and
brochure copy

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