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Zheng shuai
Alec Lienemann
Jon Wright
How we got started
◦ We all loved dirt bikes as teenagers so we decided
to build our own company, Dirty Dirt Bikes.
◦ We wanted to make a place where you can easily
and quickly customize a dirt bike.
Zheng shuai, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Alec Lienemann, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Jon Wright Chief, Technology Officer (CTO)
We sell dirt bikes and related accessories
Retail store offers:
◦ Friendly, knowledgeable customer service
◦ Products from all major brands
 Honda, Kawasaki, KTM Racing, Suzuki, Yamaha
◦ Get-to-know your dirt bike one-on-one for beginners
Online store offers:
◦ In-depth customization of bikes
◦ Same products as retail store
◦ Speedy order processing
◦ Online Consumers
16-30 year olds
More technologically savvy
Shop for themselves
Enjoy tweaking and customizing
Know what they want
12-40 year olds
Value customer service
Shop for themselves, as well as family members
Expect advice
◦ Retail Consumers
Online Strategy
◦ Active Facebook Page
 Provides a greater sense of involvement with customers/community
 Give the company a public face
◦ Google AdSense
 Shows ads on Google as well as sites using Google ads when queries relating to
dirt bikes are made so ads will reach a targeted, interested audience
◦ Bing Ads
 Shows ads on Bing as well as sites using Bing ads when queries relating to dirt
bikes are made so ads will reach a targeted, interested audience
Retail Strategy
◦ Aggressive radio campaign
 Effective for reaching local customers
◦ One-time 10% discount for new customers
 Incentivizes visiting our store for the first time to help build customer base
◦ Interstate billboards
 Reaches out to travelers passing by that would otherwise be unaware of our
Oracle CRM On Demand Release 19
Company: Oracle
We chose a CRM system in order to create better relationships with our
customers. We can also help strengthen relationships with existing
This system helps us track our customers along with a wide range of other uses.
New Mobile applications, allows our employs to use it in the office or on the road.
Automotive functionality, includes information on vehicle enhancements, dealer
addresses, and historical analytics
Financial plans, to help our customers purchase a dirt bike
Other companies using Oracle include Accenture, Wipro, and Denovo
The oracle system is cloud based so it reduces costs for us. They have included a
platform in which we can customize it to work around us.
We plan to use Oracle CRM to help us track information on our
customers and future customers. This will help us crate a friendly
and close relationship with our customers.
◦ Mobile support
◦ Customizable
◦ On Demand is made for small businesses
◦ Hard to switch to a new CRM system
◦ Lengthy implementation schedules
◦ Lack of a Software as a Service (SaaS)
◦ Oracle CRM On Demand starts at $75 per user per month for multi-tenant users, $95
a month for the single-tenant standard edition, and $130 for the single-tenant
enterprise edition.
Affiliate revenue model
Websites send visitors to other web sites in return for a referral fee or percentage of the revenue
from any resulting sales.
We will have ads on our site that will link to dirt bike magazine websites, or custom paint job sites,
in return we will receive a small fee if the customer decides to purchase something on the other
Free/Freemium Revenue model
Offer basic services for free while charging a premium for advanced or special features.
We will offer a basic bike wash and small repairs to the bikes for a limited time, for a premium we
will extend the time, give the premium bike wash, include bike tune ups, and repairs.
Facebook is a great way to provide a public face for the company.
Facebook provides an easy way to share information with customers such as upcoming promotions.
Enables easy, free creation of attractive online flyers we can use to help advertise.
We can link to these flyers from our website, Facebook, customer emails, or even QR codes.
Provides easy, one-click scheduling of appointment slots for businesses.
Our customers will now be able to easily schedule our one-on-one dirt bike training service.
Provides synchronized cloud storage featuring bank-grade security.
Our business team can utilize Dropbox to keep inventory files and other company assets up to date across
all our devices- smartphones, tablets, PCs.
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