Choosing Media Partners

Monetizing with Ads and
Working with Media Companies
Taste of Home and My Recipe Magic
Your Blog is Your Business
Know your audience
Gather emails through offers and opt-ins
Post minimum 2x+ per week to blog
More for other social media platforms
Ad Revenue
• Advertisers want your ad space
• Traffic measurements
• Page Views = The number of times your pages have been seen
by your visitors
• Impressions = The number of times the ads are displayed
• Unique Visitors = Best tracked by signed on users, but
sometimes tracked by IP addresses
Ad Revenue
• Advertisers are looking for:
• Audience specifics, demographics
• Ex. Age, Gender, HHI, Children in HH, etc.
• Contextual
• Words in your post, image titles or post titles
• Engagement
• How long a visitor stays on your site
• Number of pageviews per visit
Ad Revenue:
Measuring Success
• Engagement – blogs tend to have high engagement
because of loyal followers
• Time spent, comments, shares, likes
• CTR = Click through rate
• Ex. On Taste of Home, targeted media gets
~.3/.4% CTR
• Mobile – traffic increasing
Media Partners Help Maximize Ad
• Media providers bring advertisers
• Dedicated sales staff
• Combine relevant audiences for more volume
• Technology
• Utilize content/audience targeting
• Research and audience metrics
• Knowledge of ad space to maximize the most dollars
• Provide post-campaign metrics
How Pricing Works
CPM: Cost per thousand
Effective CPM (eCPM): Actual or overall CPM
All ad revenue divided by available ad impressions
Fill rate becomes important
Too many ads dilute CPM – ad space and ad sizes
Measure RPM
Stacking Your Ads
Using DFP – highest bid wins
• Direct sale, local media:
• Ex. Joe’s Diner @ $1.25 for 10,000
• Media partners
• Ex. Taste of Home @ $.80
• Indirect/remnant, CPM floors
• Ex. TBD @ $.35
• Direct based on sponsored posts or other third party
Tracking Ads
How Ads Are Served
• Nano second delivery
• Tools like DFP or native chain
• Share passback tags
• Track the ‘lost impressions’
Keeping Track
• Monitor the daily runs – dashboard
• Measure eCPM – daily dashboard provides reports
Choosing Media Partners:
Compare Their Content
Match Your Vertical Market
• Complement other sites
• Establish relevant affiliations
• Add value from cross promotion and programs
Choosing Media Partners: Compare
Their Services
Paperwork & Logistics
• Contract
• comScore
• Getting Tags
Choosing Media Partners: Compare
Their Services
Getting Paid
• Payout timing
• CPM estimates or floor
• Revenue share
Choosing Media Partners: Compare
Their Services
• Back office: Operations/ad ops for optimization
• Dashboard & CMS
• Technology advancements
• Ex. Mobile platform
• Ex. Video platform and content access
• Tech guru capabilities
• Research, analytics
Choosing Media Partners: Partnership
Beyond Banner Ads
Influencer Marketing
• Sponsored posts
• Contesting
Engaging Ad Units
• IAB rising stars – new units
• Video –video capabilities
Custom Rich Media
Ad Unit: Sidekick
Custom Rich Media
Ad Unit: Billboard
Choosing Media Partners: Partnership
Beyond Banner Ads
• Content
• Content sharing to drive traffic
• Cross promotion with other brands/websites
• Social Media: Shared Pinterest boards, mutual likes, shares
Choosing Media Partners: Partnership
Beyond Banner Ads
• Events
• PR options
Your Blog is Your Business
• Do your homework
• Community conversations
• Ask all questions

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