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Premium Audience Display
Programmatic Best Practice
CWR Digital was founded in 2012 by Carl Rau, a media veteran of 22 years. Carl
held senior roles with companies that include Lamar Advertising, Cumulus
Broadcasting, Beasley Broadcasting, Comcast Spotlight, Morris Digital and
Centro. While at Morris Digital and Centro, Carl was responsible for building digital
services and revenue models for advertising agencies and local merchants in the
southeast USA. With feedback from many agency partners, Carl opened CWR
Digital and began to support agencies in Georgia, South Carolina and North
Florida. Now CWR Digital is helping agencies and media companies all over the
The CWR team consists of some the most experienced digital marketers in the
country and continues to expand with new agency and publisher relationships.
2013 – Another Record Digital Revenue Year
Mobile Format Shows Most Growth
Source: IAB/PwC Internet Ad Revenue Report, 2013
Ad Revenue Share By Media
Source: IAB/PwC Internet Ad Revenue Report, 2013
Targeted Display - #1 Ad Format
Display Ads- Targeting 101(Formats)
Site Retargeting
Search Retargeting
BT/CT (3rd Party Data Buys)
Category Targeting (Verticals)
Direct Buys (ROS)
IP Cross Screen
Mobile Geo-fencing
Pre-Roll Video
Site Retargeting
Search Retargeting
A user performs a Search
Data is collected
associate with that
The searcher is shown
your ad based on the
keyword searched later
as they browse the web
Web user clicks through
the ad and converts
Behavioral & Contextual Targeting
Third Party Data Buys.
What is Category Targeting?
Category targeting is a great way to increase brand
exposure by advertising on trusted national sites
with content that’s relevant to your audience and to
your brand. Choose from dozens of categories to
ensure your ads appear near relevant content.
Why IP Cross Screening?
Advertising to someone on a single device is a thing of the past.
The average U.S. consumer owns 2.4 Internet-connected devices— that’s an average of 10.5 devices per household—with each person using
multiple devices per day.
Multi-device use means multiple lines on your
media plan, multiple audience targeting layers
and multiple reports to help you understand the
new multi-screen home…
Clusters all of the devices into a single household unit with a unique identifier, the IP address.
We create household profiles based on shared interests: what they like, where they go, who and what they’re influenced by.
Create buzz across 65M U.S. households.
• People talk. Use that to your advantage by reaching all of the devices in a single house to create a real buzz about your brand.
• Synced media allows your ad campaign to reflect reality—people use multiple devices and most purchase decisions are made at a household
Connect to your audience on any device
PCs and Laptops
Mobile Devices
Connected TVs
Mobile Geo-Fencing
Location. Intelligently delivered.
Unique Audience Targeting
• Singular focus on unique audiences
• Granular and transparent targeting that goes far beyond the geofence
Campaign Execution
• We will deliver audiences you can’t get from other sources.
• We can meet or exceed the requirements of the proposal.
• And, we will leverage intelligent location to drive trial and brand awareness.
Smart Geo-Fence
Audience targeting based on location context
Smart Geofences: Advertiser locations dynamically optimized for better efficiency
Conquesting: Target competitor locations
GeoAudience: Reach target audience by location
All audiences will be optimized using dynamic day parting and contextual cues
such as weather and day of week
Mobile Banner Support
Leverage dynamic creatives based on location
• Distance Customization: Banners adjust based on distance
• Timing Customization: Banners adjust based on the time of day
• Weather Customization: Banners adjust based on weather conditions
Target ads to consumers near Advertiser’s locations
Target ads to consumers near Competitor’s locations
… And other locations where the target audience is located
Pre-Roll Video
Find more customers with Video’s massive reach.
 Pre-Roll Video ensures high brand visibility reaching
over 79% of all video viewers (approximately 128 million
 Pre-Roll Video will be told in the best, most effective way, ensuring
premium pre-roll video placements and offering unique custom formats
built around your campaign.
 Our team will ensure that your campaign will impact
your consumer, by keeping strict ad frequency levels
to eliminate over-saturation and wasted impressions.
Premium Audience Display
Drill deep into Vertical Audience Categories and Behavior that include:
Reach local consumers on your site as well as premium regional and national sites with
a message targeted by, Geography, Demographic , Behavior and Context
Premium Audience Display - Sample Publisher Sites
News & Informational
Sports & Auto
Premium Audience Display Network
Sample List
Your Message will appear across variety of Brand Safe Premium Publisher Sites in the
Premium Audience Network, including: This is a sample list and site delivery will vary based on internet activity
in your market
Premium Audience Display Network
Reach the right audience in real time with The Premium Audience Network.
We use behavioral, context and demographic data to deliver ads to specific
audiences producing results like never before!
Premium brand safe sites
Same strategy that only big brands and agencies have used until now
Access to ALL online inventory in your marketing area
Highly experienced digital marketers managing your campaign to deliver
best results
• Drive high quality traffic to your digital showroom!
• Industry best reporting and analytics to track campaign performance
Pub Partnership Team – You Sell it and We do the rest!
Digital Creative Support
Research and Analytics
Media Planning
Ad Serving
High Level Reporting
Billing Reconciliation
Carl Rau CEO & Founder
email [email protected]
Programmatic Buying – The Next Wave of Digital
"Programmatic Buying describes online display advertising that is aggregated,
booked, flighted, analyzed and optimized via demand side software interfaces
and algorithms.”
Although 'Programmatic' suggests little or no human intervention, algorithmic
optimization can only do so much. Smart macro optimization by analytical
'traders' can amplify programmatic performance significantly.“
It does not necessarily eliminate human contact in the sales process (although
there are times when it will), but it does reduce human labor in the execution
process. It eliminates the human involvement from most of the middle steps
(I/Os, building tags, delivery reports, etc.).
Complete Fulfillment & Customer
Support Services
• You Sell it, We Fulfill it. One form(IO) to complete
and our team does the rest so you can keep on
• Weekly Production Meetings keep you informed of
client progress
• Industry best reporting sent monthly to your
designated contact
• Keep head count low! Just add sales muscle!
Pub Partnership Team – You Sell it and We do the rest!
Digital Creative Support
Research and Analytics
Media Planning
Ad Serving
High Level Reporting
Billing Reconciliation
Carl Rau - CWR Digital

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