How Advertisers Persuade

How Advertisers Persuade
- 8SB Activity 2.5 -
• How do advertisers persuade
you to buy a product
• What is commercialism
• Explain Product Placement
• Describe target audience and
provide example using the
– Geico
– verizon
Grammar extension
Parallel structure means using the same
grammatical form to express ideas with
the same level of importance. The usual
way to join these lists or series of words is
with the use of a comma.
Example: “Seeing a commercial for the
same product dozens of times during an
evening of television watching, then
seeing the same product advertised in a
store, or hearing it advertised on the
radio has the effect of getting consumers
to purchase.”
Parallel Structure Practice
How Advertisers Persuade
Advertisers employ (use) techniques to persuade consumers to buy their
The informational text “How Advertisers Persuade” presents some of the
methods of these “persuaders.”
Take a look at the first paragraph and underline the last three sentences.
“Advertisements for the “in” brand of teen clothing are not selling the quality
of the fabric or its manufacturing; rather they are selling the status of wearing
the most popular clothes. Cosmetics models are all beautiful young women
because the advertiser is convincing women to buy a cosmetic on the promise
of beauty, youth, and attractiveness. Most advertising appeals to emotion,
not logic in its quest to keep the public consuming.”
Is this true?
Tell about a time when you experienced this example.
What ads can you think of where this comes to mine?
How Advertisers Persuade
As you read, circle the “persuaders” that the
creators of ads use and list the “persuaders” in
the My Notes area.
Example: paragraph 2
After Reading…
After reading the article, navigate your way through
the room so you can look at ads brought in by the
class. You will want to visit at least three ads for
women and three ads for men.
Complete the graphic organizer identifying features
of the portrayal of men and women.
Let’s take a look at one example together…
Example of Persuaders
The Price of Happiness
Independently read “The Price
of Happiness.”
Take notes using the chart on
page 125.
What do you see?
After students have completed the article, return to the
ads that have been posted around the room.
Discuss in groups whether what the author of the article
says is true in relation to the ads featured in the room.
How are the techniques discussed in this article true of
advertisements we see or hear? How effective are these
Read the article Advertising and Representations
Circle two “problems” the author identifies that
you find interesting.
Return to the ads that have been posted around
the room and discuss in groups whether what
the author says is true in relation to the ads
featured in the room.
• Identify two problems with media and our
• Can these problems be fixed? Explain…
• What are your feelings about the
representations of males, females, and/or
teenagers in the media? What changes would
you like to see?

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