Supply/Demand Report - Department of Economic Opportunity

Workforce Professional Development Academy
Orlando, Florida
December 7th, 2011
Presented by Duane Whitfield
Florida’s Supply/Demand Report
Presentation Goals
• Review components of the report
• Demonstrate the electronic report features and uses
• Demonstrate data visualization of job ads by month
using Google Public Data Explorer tool
• Allow time for Questions & Answers
Florida’s Supply/Demand report is funded by the Workforce Data
Quality Initiative (WDQI). The indicators of potential labor
supply by occupation are :
• WIA training enrollees and completers
• School District postsecondary vocational/technical enrollees
and completers
• Florida College System (formerly Community colleges) enrollees
and completers
• Commission on Independent Education- private education and
workforce enrollees and completers
• Florida Public University completers
• Jobseekers with known desired occupations
Note: Italics signify indicators that are typically new to supply/demand
The indicators of occupational demand available are:
For Short Term Analysis-
• The Conference Board’s Help Wanted OnLine data
series of Monthly Unduplicated Job Ad openings
• Monthly Job Openings from the State’s Workforce
Information System – EmployFlorida MarketPlace
For Long Term Analysis
•OES Projected openings by occupation
Other informational data available are:
• OES Employment Projections data including entry,
median and experienced wages
• Whether the occupation is on the Targeted
Occupations List (TOL)
• Whether the occupation is in one or more of
Enterprise Florida’s Targeted Industry Clusters
The timing for data updates for the
Supply/Demand web application are:
• WIA, Jobseekers and Help Wanted
OnLine job ads - Monthly
• Public Education - 3 x each year
• Private Education - Annually
• OES Projections - Annually
Ok, let’s move on and review the
electronic Supply/Demand Report ----
Thank you for your time and attention!
Hope you enjoyed the presentation and demo’s.
Duane Whitfield
Government Analyst II
Florida Department of Economic Opportunity
Labor Market Statistics Center
107 E. Madison St.
Tallahassee, Florida 32399
(850) 245-7283
[email protected]
Thank you for attending – Please contact me with any questions or comments!
[email protected] 850.245-7283
To download a copy of the October 2011 Florida
Regional Workforce Board (RWB)
Supply/Demand Report
Use the following URL in your browser
Cautionary Note- Printing the entire RWB report requires over 600 pages, use the filters to make your selections prior to printing!
To download a copy of the October 2011 Florida
Supply/Demand Report
Use the following URL in your browser
URL to learn and see more of Google’s Public Data Explorer

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