Verification in Banner

A worksheet was created to fit the needs of Berea
College and to include additional verification items
added this year to be reviewed.
Additional groups were created in RRAAREQ for the
increased line items. (Food Stamps and Child
Support paid)
Aid Administrator will do the following steps:
◦ Run BI Query (report writer) to pull selected students.
◦ Send out an email letter to selected continuing students with a
link to the verification worksheet and any other required forms.
◦ Prepare a paper letter to go to selected new students coming in
the Fall, this letter is sent along with a verification worksheet,
additional forms, if applicable and a return envelope.
Work Study student will do the following steps:
◦ Update RRAAREQ that packets have been sent to selected
◦ Fold, seal and mail out to selected new students.
Work Study student will do the following steps upon receipt of
◦ Date stamp the verification packet, review it for completeness and
enter into RRAAREQ the status of the application (typically ‘R’ for
◦ Complete a Berea College check list for each packet received.
◦ If application is complete it is moved onto the next step for
◦ Incomplete? Work Study student will then follow up with email
and/or letter and place packet in missing information file with
copy of email/letter.
◦ RRAAREQ is updated to reflect status of application (returned,
missing information, etc).
◦ Comment made in RHACOMM as to what is missing and action
Work Study student will do the following steps to
begin processing:
◦ Create a PopSel using GLRSLCT to bundle
complete applications.
◦ Enter complete applications in batches of no
more than 10 into PopSel using GLAEXTR. Batch
number is strictly our choice as we find it works
best in smaller numbers.
◦ Print PopSel report, RORAPLT, and attach to
bundle of applications.
◦ Move to next step in processing.
FAFSA data will pre-populate in the Application column. If
the family used the IRS Data Transfer tool the Tax column will
be complete and should reduce the amount of line items for
review. Go to RNANA13 under the information release tab to
see student’s status and eligibility of IRS Data Retrieval tool.
Wages will not be transferred from IRS for each parent. Use
the W-2’s for individual wages and tax deferred pension
figures found in box 12a-d.
If IRS Data Transfer tool was not used, then the IRS Federal
Tax transcript will be required and used to enter in data in
tax column.
Work Study student will do the following steps:
◦ RNAVR13: enter in student ID. If student is a dependent there are two screens,
one for parent and one for student.
◦ Compare ‘application’ column to the ‘tax’ column for any discrepancies and
make changes if necessary. Save
 Number in household
 Number in college
 Food stamp recipient?
 Child support paid?
 US Income tax paid
 Untaxed pension
 Educational tax credit
 IRA deductions
 Tax exempt interest
 Wages
Work Study student will do the following:
◦ Run RVRVRFY (discrepancy report) to verify the names and
updates made and attach to processed applications.
◦ Move to Aid Administrator’s bin to review and work additional line
Aid Administrator will do the following:
◦ Review discrepancy report and changes made by student and if
correct will check ‘update box’ and ‘update application record’ in
◦ Run discrepancy report after any further corrections and review
changes before running correction report.
◦ Update RRAAREQ to processing status.
Aid Administrator will do the following:
◦ Create and send correction file (CORR13IN.XXX)
◦ Spot check applications after corrections come back
◦ Update RRAAREQ to satisfied status (batch or
◦ Complete Berea College check list
◦ Update verification status in ROAPELL to verified
◦ Place applications in NOLIJ imaging folder to be
scanned into student file by Work Study student and
then placed in file cabinet for one year.
Thank You!
Theresa Lowder and Noreen Karcher

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