Introduction to CALB Financial Aid 8.0

Session Number:
NA-1 (North)
SB-2 (South)
TJ Baugus
SC Lean/Agile Project Manager, C3SC, Ellucian L.P.
•California Dream Act brief overview
•CALBFA 8.0 (October)
There’s a lot to cover in 50 minutes.
If you have a chance to do so, please
privately thank baseline development
(Mark Kichline, Jan Levsen, and their
team) for their work on this state aid
California Community Colleges
Banner Financial Aid Users Group
•Banner Financial Aid 8.15 (released)
•Ability to load CSAC file records resulting in
need analysis and normal finaid functionality
to award
Private scholarships
Institution financial aid
State financial aid
•Important setups details in release guide
Release guide has an important typo. Download
the corrected file that is posted separately.
RCRTPTR setups correct info: MAJR and MRTL
are required. CITZ and SBGI are not necessary.
Note: Include/add ‘DEFAULT’ for MRTL (marital)
•FAQ 1-18K1RCP California Schools Only: What other
information do I need regarding the California Dream Act
processing in Banner Financial Aid that was not in the 8.15
Release Guide?
•Review defects 1-185IHUR and 1-186Y2F9
•Monday 9/17/2012 general Banner Financial
Aid overview.
***From: Ellucian: Banner Financial Aid 2012-2013
Summer Update (8.15) Webinar***
This was not specific to the Dream Act topics.
•Thursday 9/27/2012 11:00-noon PT, CCC-only
session for Banner FinAid 8.15 Dream Act
California Community Colleges
Banner Financial Aid Users Group
•New process RCPCA13 to load the CSAC data
Similar to RCBTP13
Loads temp table with INFC code ‘CAL’
Load multiple flat files, with or without header
records, with file names you pick (don’t use
No SSN parameter (CSAC files use pseudo SSNs,
which is not loaded into ROTPERS and SPBPERS)
Copy records with real errors into a new flat
file, fix, and reprocess. (Easier than EDE
Release guide note – don’t match by SSN since
CSAC file has pseudo SSNs
•RCRTP13 to finish the load
•Need analysis and normal finaid functionality
Use financial aid forms to work with CAL records
•‘CAL’ records load as “unofficial” and will be
“current” only if no ‘EDE’ record exists.
Full priority order: EDE, MANUAL, CAL, CSS
You can use overrides.
•Comment codes (RNIMS13) and Rejection
Reasons (RNARS13): Still note “FASFA” or
“EDE”, but meaning is the same
•Not allowing ‘error processing’
•Allowing students to re-submit their data
•Allowing US Citizens to submit CSAC
•CALBFA 8.0 (October)
•Does not replace Banner FinAid functionality
or documentation
Similar to current CALB BOGW: Can use the
‘EDE’ records Banner FinAid loads for BOGW
Expanded beyond CALB BOGW: Can use the
‘CAL’ records in addition to ‘EDE’
•BOGW ISIR selects “current” student record
 In Banner FinAid, ‘CAL’ records load as
“unofficial” and will be “current” only if a current
‘EDE’ record does not exist.
You can manually override what’s “current”,
change “official” flag, etc.
•Therefore, BOGW ISIR process will select any
“current” record that is either:
an EDE official (If it exists, it’s the first choice.)
a CAL unofficial or official
•B-ISIR, C-ISIR, or not eligible
•BOGW ISIR notes record source
•BOGW ISIR process parameter
EDE records only
CAL records only (unofficial and official)
Or both
If you have a chance to do so, please
thank Hank Sredanovich (ActionLine) for
his guidance and help and Mary Fran
O'Herron (ActionLine) for allowing Hank
to be available to us.
•Moving BOGW processing to CALBFA
Correct and enhance BOGW
Limit BOGW range of options to ease
development and support issues
•Dream Act processing for BOGW
**The release is in jeopardy because of time
spent on MIS SF and FA BOGW $0 rework.
Future CALBFA release: Move MIS SF and FA
Expected – verify once released
•Banner Financial Aid 8.15
•Banner Student 8.3 min – 8.5.3 max
•Banner General 8.3 min – 8.5 max
•CALB 8.3 min – 8.6.1 max
Patch for GTVDICD form labels and hint text
No direct CALBFA and Report Engine REPT
dependency at this time
•CALBFA is the new location to process BOGW
•CALB BOGW history-only after 1213
Future CALB release will disable processing
•Not migrating data from CALB to CALBFA
Complete all processing in 1213 in CALB BOGW
Not recommended to split the processing for an
aid year between CALB BOGW and CALBFA BOGW
•Aid periods
•9-month budget  using PELL budget (was
using CAMP budget)
•Multiple exemptions
•Adjustments/reversals (“status” tables)
•Unmet-need limit control for each aid year
•Improve error messages
•Residency error message confusion
•ISIR process error with negative AGI
•ISIR process recalculate parameter issues
•Problems with posting (exemption does, but
award doesn’t)
•All have “BOGW” in description for searching
•S%  R%: Some forms and processes are one
to one matches, but not all.
– looks the same
SVASFND  RVASFND (BOGW Student Funding)
– looks mostly the same with significant enhancements
SVVBGYR, define BOGW year codes  RVABOGW
(BOGW Board of Governors Waiver Control)
– Enhanced BOGW to use Banner FinAid aid year code
•Made the descriptions more complete
You can edit descriptions (and priority order).
•All forms noting them have better labels or
RVASFND (former SVRSFND) BOGW Method tab
labels for the Special Methods
RVASFND Documentation tab labels
•CALB BOGW SVVBGYR: No validation
between BGYR and Banner FinAid aid year
FinAid aid year
Also has the other setups previously defined on
Unmet need limit
•CALB BOGW SVAINCR: yearly scripts to load
•CALBFA BOGW RVAINCR: “Create” button
Enter key data from BOGW regulations to create
•CALB BOGW SVAPYMT: Select “payment”
and “financial aid” options and setup the
codes for it
options (“payment” “processing/posting”)
Once you add BOGW student data for an aid
year, you cannot change these options.
Difficulties with reversals
•Posting choices (“payment” replaced with
Exemption or not
Award or Resource
•Combine these and you get
Exemption = Yes
Exemption = No
1) Post award in finaid
2) Post exemption in AR
1) Post award in
Resource 1) Post exemption in AR
Resource = “Interfaced Resource”
1) Post other resource
in finaid
•Exemption setups
•Award setups
Uses disbursement date from finaid
•Other Resource setups
•CALB BOGW SVASFND: Everything about
student manual application or ISIR data
•CALBFA BOGW RVASFND : The same with
many enhancements
•Summary (processing results)
Results saved in a table
Formatted for posting choices
•Dependency Information (same)
First part of the manual application
•BOGW Method
Second part of the manual application
Added “manual C” block (‘C’) Load from Student
Aid Report printout
•ISIR Information
BOGW ‘C’ from EDE/CAL record renamed ‘C-ISIR’
Source record information (EDE or CAL, etc.)
Left side is what is save in BOGW table
Right side is what is found in Banner Fin Aid
– Added the Need Analysis Status (“Waiting”)
– Added block showing “what the BOGW status will be
if you update BOGW with this finaid data”
“Update” button posts from Banner FinAid (right
side) to BOGW (left side)
•Documentation – improved labels
•Processing Messages – varies by setups
Exemption and Award
•Processing Messages – varies by setups
Award (no Exemption)
Exemption with Interfaced Resource
Other Resource (no Exemption)
• Student aid period (ROASTAT)
Periods in the aid period (RORTPRD)
– Terms in the period (RORPRDS): “Student” term
controls residency
• BOGW setups (RVAPROP)
Award – periods
Exemption – terms
Other Resource – terms
• Posting to the periods or terms defined on
RVAPROP that also exist for the student.
• Different students can have different aid periods
• Post award to periods defined for student’s aid
period that are also setup on RVAPROP.
student’s aid period  period ↔ BOGW award
• Post exemption(s) to terms defined for student’s aid
period’s period that are also setup on RVAPROP.
student’s aid period  period  term ↔ BOGW
exemption term
• Post other resource to terms defined for student’s
aid period’s period that are also setup on RVAPROP.
student’s aid period  period  term ↔ BOGW
other resource term
•CALBFA BOGW RVPISIR: The same, but many
Parameters revised for enhancements
Students with need calc “Waiting” – print with
message and do not update
Output sort order improvements (separate
students with errors)
Improved messages
•CALB BOGW SVPPYMT (called “payment”)
•CALBFA BOGW RVPBPST: posting/processing
Still uses a posting start date
Aid periods
Multiple exemptions
Improve messages
•Setups and processing very similar
•Improving GTVDICD labels and hint text for
CALB patch
•Allowing college parameter on the RVPISIR to
be ‘multiple’
•BOGW Program requirements that a student
must meet academic and progress standards
as defined by the Board Of Governors
•On governor’s desk
•Aware of it while developing CALBFA BOGW
California Community Colleges
Banner Financial Aid Users Group
Reminder: Thursday 9/27/2012 11:00-noon PT, CCConly session for Banner FinAid 8.15 Dream Act
•While Rate code is removed, if you have
custom program to post rate codes, you can
still use it.
•On RVASFND, if you add a brand new student
that doesn’t have finaid data yet for the aid
It will create a RORSTAT (ROASTAT) record.
This RORSTAT record will have a default aid
period on it (via a finaid API).
•How to handle the January 2013 CSAC files?
This question confused me as I thought the person was asking how to
process the January CSAC files in aid year 1213. This morning I confirmed
the files will be for aid year 1314. This is to correct my comments.
Per CSAC, the January 2013 will be for aid year
1314. From the site:
January 1, 2013 2013-14 California Dream Act Application becomes
available for AB 131 Institutional grants, community college fee
waivers and Cal Grants for the 2013-14 school year.
Install FinAid 8.15 and CALBFA 8.0. Then you can
process the files with RCPCA13, etc. to create CAL
records and process them in CALBFA BOGW
under aid year 1314.
•How to handle the Spring 2013 term?
This is part 2 of the prior question related to the CCCCO 9/6/2012 memo.
Example: Dream Act student is eligible by
income level but should only have a BOG Waiver
for Spring 2013. (Fall 2012 not eligible by rules.)
Use the student residency to control the terms.
– For the Fall 2012 term, use a residency code that is
“not eligible for BOGW”.
– For the Spring 2013 term, use a residency code that
is “eligible for BOGW”.
– RVPBPST (SVPPYMT) will update each term’s waiver.
– This works for CALBFA BOGW and CALB BOGW.

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