Housing Selection Bulletin Board First Year

Housing Selection 2014-2015
Important Dates
1. Sign Housing Contract (Due: February 28th)
2. Pre-Registration (February 28th – March 7th)
• Choose a Group Captain
• Roommate Selection
• Roommate Confirmation
3. Housing Selection
CC 3 – CC 8:March 24th – March 27th
CC 1 – CC 2:March 31st – April 3rd
All Steps are completed on-line in MyBentley
Sign Housing Contract
•The housing contract is for the entire 2014-2015 academic year.
•You must click “I Agree” on every page to successfully sign the contract (13 pages).
•Students must complete the contract before grouping.
• You will receive email confirmation upon completion of the contract.
• Select your group captain. The captain is responsible for roommate and room selection.
• The captain will sign into MyBentley and proceed to Pre-Registration
•They will select the number of people they wish to live with - not including the captain.
• All eligible students will be sent individual Housing ID’s on February 28th
• The Captain will enter the Housing ID of all roommates in the group and click submit.
•The captain does NOT enter their own Housing ID
• If the list of roommates is correct, the captain will click confirm and receive a message indicating that
Roommate Selection has been successfully completed.
• If a roommate(s) hasn’t completed the housing contract, has already been selected for another group
or is otherwise ineligible for Housing Selection – An error message will appear.
• All roommates except the Captain must confirm in order to
and time
receive a room selection date
• The names of all roommates will appear:
•If the grouping is correct - select I Accept
•If the grouping is incorrect - select I do NOT accept
• An email including the confirmation status of all roommates will be sent every time a roommate
• An email will be sent on March 11th with the confirmed group’s average completed credits (this email will
contain calculations which include any additions or deductions of credits)
• Credit calculations are based on total earned credits of all group members as well as any additions
or deductions
• ADDITIONS: President’s List (+6)/Dean’s List (+3)
• DEDUCTIONS: Residential (-15)/Disciplinary Probation (-30) Suspended Suspension from
Housing/University (-30)
•Room Selection Dates and times are assigned in descending total credit order and will be emailed on
March 18th
• At your specified selection date and time, the Captain will go to the Residential Center to
participate in housing selection
Tips for Selecting
The Captain should have a plan in place in terms of selecting the buildings/rooms the group is
looking to select.
Captain should utilize the rolling screen (located on Mybentley) up until the time of
Each group should have multiple housing options in mind prior to selection.
The Captain should come to selection prepared with roommate pairings.
The Captain should have plans in place in case the group has to break up.
• Suites/North Campus: You must fill a complete bedroom,
meaning 1 person can go into a single, 2 people into a double.
Stay in-the-know with selection…
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Interested in Specialty Housing?
Exchange Hosting Program
(Campus Wide)
Global Living Center
(Orchard North)
Mixed Gender Housing
(North Campus B)
(Copley North Ground Floor)
Bentley Leadership Floor
All Applications can be found by visiting Bentley.edu and are due: February 27th

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