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◊ OTC High School Programs
◊ Kim Greene
◊ Coordinator of Dual Credit and High School Admissions
Ozarks Technical Community College
14th Annual Counselors’ Financial Aid Workshop
Options, Options, Options
Career Center
Middle College
Early Start
Dual Credit
We want to provide your students with multiple
opportunities to fit their life, their schedule, and
their future.
OTC Career Center
Students Enrolled in Fall 2013 Career Center Programs
Total Number of Students = 560
Welding Technology
Machine Tool Technology
Industrial Maintenance Technology
Heating, Refrigeration, and Air
Health Sciences
Graphic Design
Fire Science
Electronic Media Production
Electrical Trades
Early Childhood Development
Diesel Technology
Drafting and Design
Culinary Arts
Construction Technology
Computer Information Science
Automotive Technology
Auto Collision and Repair
Enrollment & Registration
 Spring 2014 – NOW ENROLLING
(CST and ELC are morning only)
 2014-2015 Career Center Applications due by
Friday, February 28, 2014
Program fees in CUL, ECD, FST, & HLT
OTC Middle College
Career Center and Middle College
 Recommended GPA 2.5
 90% Attendance
 On Track to HS
 A+ Eligible
 ½ Day Program
 Structured Schedule
 Free Transportation
 19 CTE Program Options
• Underperforming
• Attendance
• Not on Track/Credits
• A+ Eligible
• Full Day
• Flexibility in
• Underserved
• 6 Academies
• Internships
Middle College Consortium
Member Enrollment Fall 2013
Career Academies
o Diesel/Automotive (29)
o Early Childhood (30)
o Medical Services (21)
o Computer Sciences/Networking (15)
o Agriculture (12)
o Health Professions Academy (16)
Dual Credit
Dual Credit
Taught at the high school by a high school instructor
Taught through Blackboard by an OTC instructor
during a high school block
One class - TWICE the credit
Dual Credit Tuition
Seated courses: $70 per credit hour
Seated 3cr course: $210
Online courses: $70 per credit hour
(+ $65 course fee)
Online 3cr course: $275
OTC remunerates $25 per credit hour
for seated courses back to the high
school at the end of the semester.
High school can decide to:
 Pay instructor
 Pay for books
 Pay administrative costs
Student Savings
 Does OTC require the high school
to use the same book?
 Yes. But we understand book purchasing
cycles and will work with you on off years
to approve current book.
 Are students successful in online classes?
 Overwhelmingly yes. These students are
chosen by GPA and by you as ready to
start college level courses. Over 100 students
participate in online courses every semester
and 99% are successful. Is it hard work?
Yes, but many students are ready for the challenge.
Early Start
Early Start
 Early Start is designed for high school students taking
courses outside of their normal high school load.
 Regular college tuition
 Eligible for up to two courses per semester
Why Early Start vs. Dual Credit?
 SUMMER BREAK! The number one time when
students take Early Start courses is during
summer break. Students can complete a
summer college course at the OTC campuses,
or education centers, or online.
 Students don’t have time in their high school
schedule to add a college course.
 Courses not available at their high school
for dual credit.
OTC’s Newest High School Program
• FastTrack students are able
to take courses at any OTC campus
or education center during their high
school hours and the high school is
responsible for the tuition.
Wait a minute…$$$
 Why would the high school pay for the courses?
 You do not have instructors to teach dual credit courses
 You don’t have space for dual credit courses
 You do not want to and/or have the technology to
participate in online courses
It’s a great opportunity for high school
students to get a real taste of college life!
FastTrack Tuition
 How much does FastTrack cost the district?
 Regular tuition rates
 The school decides which students are eligible
to participate and how many courses they can take
 Example: only recommended seniors can take one
course per semester
 Example: juniors and seniors can take two courses per
Current FastTrack Schools
 Laquey High School
 Waynesville Education Center
 Hollister High School
 Table Rock Campus
 Ozark High School
 Richwood Valley Campus
For More Information
 Kim Greene
 Coordinator of Dual Credit and High School Admissions
 417-447-8198
 [email protected]

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