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ROTC Overview
• Itinerary
– Benefits of ROTC
– Enrolled “Z” Status
– Academic Alignment & 104-Rs
– Scholarships/contracting paths
– Contracting Board
– Contracting
– Questions
Military Science & Leadership
• MSL 101/102: Open to every student on campus!
– Even if student cannot serve in the military
• Very Little Homework but 4 hours/week
– 1 hour lecture
– 1 hour physical fitness (6:15-7:15am)
– 2 hour lab, in uniform (7-9am Thursdays, 8-9 can be waived)
• Not a recruiting pitch
• Not just “Army Stuff”; leadership in general
• 30-50% attrition of Freshman students is normal/expected
Benefits of ROTC
• Leadership
• Critical Thinking
• Goal Setting
• Time Management
• Problem Solving
• Public Speaking
• Management Skills
• Discipline
If you enjoy the Non-Tangible and
wish to serve after college, then
there are Tangible Benefits as well
• Scholarships
– Pays Tuition or Room & Board
• Full in-state or out-of-state Tuition
– Stipend (Monthly)
• $300 Fr/$350 So/$450 Jr/$500 Sr
– Book Stipend
• $1200 (Annually)
– Prior Service
• $350/month Kicker to GI Bill
• PAN: Participating Not-Enrolled
– The bulk of in MSL 101 (Fall)/102 (Spring) Students
• Actively testing driving Army ROTC & the Military
• ROTC does not submit names to database/tracking
• Allowed to attend class, Ranger Challenge, PT, Lab, etc
– Allowed to do everything other Cadets do even if not/can’t contract
• No monetary assistance at this point
• No obligation to serve during or after college
• Can sign up for MSL 201(Fall) / 202 (Spring)
Enrolled: “Z Status”
• Cadet says “I’m thinking about contracting”
• Entered into ROTC database
• Easy dis-enroll: Still a test drive, can still walk away
• Must be in a “Z” status to contract or have a scholarship
application submitted
• Civil reviewed
• Medical initiated
– MEPS within 2 years of contracting date allowed
• Requires six easy forms to become Enrolled in ROTC
• Begin 104-R (Planned Academic Program Worksheet)
Academic Alignment & 104-Rs
– First thing that happens when a Cadet says “I might contract…”
– At very latest, start by the time Cadet is enrolled (Z status)
– Identify how many semesters are left until graduation
– IOT contract, must have “PME” for every semester (10 auth)
• 101/102/201/202/301/302/401/402/Military History/Ind. Study
• It is the Cadet Responsibility to generate 104-R
– Let Cadre know how we can help if you are having issues
• Why is the 104-R a big deal? If you contract and fail to
graduate on the date indicated on the 104-R…you have
violated the Contract and may pay back $$
Contracting Board
• Requirement to contract or have a scholarship
application submitted (does not count AD)
• Board consists of ROTC Cadre, Senior Cadets, and
university official(s)
• Contract immediately after the board (same day)
• If Cadet does not contract right after (due to summer
training), then contract is 1st day of school next semester
• PMS does not sit on board, but does review board
findings and makes final determination on contracting
• Test drive is over: You will serve as an Army Officer
– PT 3 times/week if 270+; 5 times/week if 269-
• Cadet is counseled every semester, to include 104-R
• If contract is voided at no fault of the Cadet (Medical,
family hardship, etc), likely not have to pay back funds
• If contract is voided due to “I don’t want to play” or “I
didn’t follow my 104-R”, Cadet pays back full scholarship
• Can now participate in CULP, Airborne, Air Assault, etc
Two ways to Serve
• Active Duty
– Full-time Job with free medical, 20 YR pension, 401K, etc
– Likely not in WI and move every 2-4 years
– See the world
– Very Competitive (not guaranteed)
• Army Reserves (USAR) / Army National Guard (ARNG)
– Part-time Job: One weekend/month; two weeks in summer
– Very affordable Health insurance, pension, 401K
– Expectation is that you need a full-time job; AGR
– Generally can stay in one area of the state
• Can still move/transfer state-to-state if needed
Paths to Contracting
• Paths that allow for Active Duty
– Non Scholarship SMP Cadets
– Traditional Campus-Based Scholarships
– Non Scholarship non-SMP
• Paths that do NOT allow for Active Duty
– 2 Year non-dedicated GRFD
– 3 (or 2.5) Year Dedicated GRFD
Veteran Services
John Bensend – Military Education Benefits Coordinator
Beth Uetz – School Certifying Official
VA Workstudy Assistants
109 Bowman Hall – Registration and Records
[email protected]
Who we work with
• Active Duty service members
• Active Duty veterans
• National Guard and Reservists
– With or without deployments; Some are prior active duty
• Spouses and children of veterans and service members
Military Structure
• Department of Defense (DoD)
5 braches of the
– Air Force
– Army
– Coast Guard
– Marine Corps
– Navy
• Components of the military
– Active Duty
– National Guard
• Army or Air Force
– Reserves
• All branches
What we do
• Veteran and military education benefits
• Programing for current student veterans
• Support student veteran organization (Veterans Club)
• Work with Registrar and Dean of Students on related activities
John Bensend
Military Education Benefits Coordinator
[email protected]
109 Bowman Hall – Registration and Records
[email protected]

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