E-Stops - Safety Awakenings

Minteq Toolbox Meeting
Applicable Standards:
• Directive 98/37/EC
• NFPA79(2007)
• ISO 13850:2006
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E-Stop Training
 The purpose of an Emergency Stop
(E-Stop) is to avert or reduce existing
hazards to people, machinery or
work in progress
 To be initiated by a single human
action when the normal stopping
function is inadequate.
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E-stop: Standard
 Equipment must be equipped with:
 A device to safely and completely stop the
machine in normal operations (on/off switch).
 Must also be equipped with 1 or more
emergency stop device(s) for immediate danger
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E-Stop Execution
 Actuators of emergency stop devices must
be colored RED on yellow background
 Actuator of a push button operated device
must be palm or mushroom head type
 Other types of emergency stop devices
include (but are not limited to): Pull cord
or push bar operated switches
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E-stop Exceptions
 Exceptions for use of emergency stop
 When danger is not affected by
emergency stop
 Hand held or hand-guided machinery
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E-stop Operation
 Releasing the Emergency stop:
 Stop command must continue after releasing
emergency stop device(s)
 Reset only with appropriate action, machine
should not automatically restart
 Restart machine: renewed activation or reset
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E-stop Operation
 Requirements for Emergency stop device (s):
 Clearly identifiable, clearly visible and
quickly accessible without hazard
 Withstand extreme loads to activate
 Stop the process as quickly as possible
without additional risks; shutdown power
 (Possibly) activate additional safeguards
 Must not be impaired by measures against
inadvertent operation
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E-stop Operation
 Complex systems (combination of
 Stop device(s) including emergency stop
device(s) must stop entire process, if
continued operations can cause risks.
 Emergency stop overrides selector and/or
other control device(s)
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E-Stop Maintenance
 Emergency stop devices should be in a
location’s Preventative Maintenance (PM)
 Consider the need for periodic testing based
on the components of the emergency stop
 frequency or infrequency of use
 operating conditions
 operating environment
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E-Stop Reminder
 The emergency stop function shall not
be applied as the primary means to
de-energize equipment
 Lockout/tagout still applies
 Emergency stop should function only as
a backup measure to LOTO
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E-Stop - Site Examples
 List and/or pictures of E-Stops in use at your site
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