E-Performance Review

E-Performance Review
Career Service Authority
Creating Documents
 Creating Documents through Cloning
 Editing Documents
 Completing PEP/Starting PEPR
 Rating Outcomes
 Submitting for Approval
 Administrative Tasks
 General Items
Logging Into E-Performance
Log into PeopleSoft from the DOT
Click on the Home Page Tab
In the Global Menu, click on “Online
Tools and Programs”
Click on “PeopleSoft Tools”
Click on “Human Resources”
Click on “Manager Self Service”
Click on “Performance Management”
Creating Performance
Documents from Scratch
1. Click on “Create Documents”
2. Enter the Effective Date for Employee
Determination and click “Continue”
3. Select employee or employees by placing a check
mark in the box next to their name
4. Click “Continue”
Creating Performance
Documents from Scratch (con’t.)
Enter start date and end date of the
evaluation period
 Select the Document type from the
dropdown (PEPR)
 Leave “No” as the option in the “Create
from Prior Document” field
 Choose PEPR from the Template dropdown
 Click on “Create Documents”
Your screen should look like this:
Creating Performance
Documents through Cloning
Click on “Create Documents”
Enter the “As of date” to obtain the direct
reports list; click “Continue”
 Select employees for which you would like to
create documents
 Click “Continue”
Creating Performance Documents
through Cloning
Enter start date and end date for the evaluation period in
the Period field
Choose “PEPR” in the Document type dropdown field
Click the “Yes” radio button in the “Create from Prior
Document” field
Click the magnifying glass search icon to search for the
document from which you would like to clone
Click on the employee name link in the evaluate column to
select the “from clone” document
Click “Create Documents”
Editing Performance Documents
Click on “Current Documents”
 Click the PEPR link for the
appropriate employee
 Click “Start” next to the PEP row in
the Document Details screen.
Editing Performance Documents
Click on the link below each section
to add additional duties, outcomes
and development items
 Complete the fields in each entry
 Click “Update” when finished
 Repeat as necessary
Note: Weighting outcomes
should be done during this phase.
Example of an Entry Screen:
Complete PEP
Click “Complete” to begin the PEPR
 Click “Start” link on the PEPR row in
the Document Details screen
PEP close to
Begin PEPR
Begin process of completing PEPR
– Provide supporting narration and/or
download performance notes if applicable
– Fill in Employee/Supervisor comments
– Rate Outcomes
Click “Calculate All Ratings” to get the
Overall rating
Click “Submit for Approval” to send to
your manager.
Note: Do frequent saves in both the PEP and PEPR phases
to prevent loss of data.
Rating an Outcome
Manager Approval
Click on “Approve Documents”
 Select name of the report to
Manager Approval (con’t.)
Click on the name of the employee to approve
Enter any comments
Click “Approve” or “Deny”
An e-mail will be auto-generated to submitting
 Supervisor will go to “View Approval Status” to
access manager comments
 If changes need to be made, supervisor will
have to reopen PEPR by clicking on “Reopen”
located at the bottom of PEPR document
Example of Approval Screen
Enter any
comments to
supervisor and
click the
Approve or
Deny button
Final Completion
Once document has been
approved by manager,
supervisor MUST open the
document (PEPR) and click
“Complete” then follow
screen prompts to finalize
Administrative Tasks
Cancel Document
 Delete Document
 Transfer Document
Cancel Document
If a document contains mistakes, the
supervisor can cancel the document.
Click on Administrative Tasks
Click “Cancel Document “ on that screen
Place a checkmark in the box to the left of
the employee name needing cancelation
Click “Continue”
Verify the cancel information, then click
“Save” in the Confirm Cancellation screen
Delete Document
Once the document has been canceled, a supervisor
may delete the document to remove it from the file.
Click on “Delete Document” link in Administrative
Tasks menu
Select the name of employee whose PEP/R needs
Click “Continue”
Verify the information in “Confirm Delete screen, then
click “Save” . The deletion should be successful if
noted as such in the save confirmation screen.
Click “OK”
Example of Cancel/Delete Screen
Transfer a Document
Click on Administrative Tasks
 Click “Transfer Document”
 Select employee name needing
transfer by placing a checkmark in
box to the left of name.
 Click “Continue” (the confirm
transfer screen will appear)
Transfer Documents; Select
To select the receiving supervisor, click
“Select a Supervisor”
To search for the receiving supervisor,
complete the name, last name or first
name field and then click “Search”
Select receiving supervisor name from
the “Person Search – Simple” page;
click “OK”
Verify information in “Confirm
Transfer” screen; click “Save”
Example of Transfer Screen
Click here to select a
supervisor to transfer.
Other Resources
Check website
 Enroll for full PEP Workshop class
 E-mail at
[email protected]
 Contact your HRS representative
Your “Reports To” List:
If you are missing an employee, please
submit a Reports To Update Form to
Citywide Payroll at
[email protected]
Reports to updates can take up to four
business days to process. Please verify
your employee list well before the
February deadline to allow time to make
these updates if necessary.
Important Dates to Remember
December 15 – December 31, 2011: Solicit performance
feedback from employees
January 1, 2012: Effective date of performance increase
January 1 – February 10, 2012: Complete performance
February 10: Deadline to deliver to appointing authorities
February 16 – February 24: Appointing authorities &
subordinate managers manage merit increases
February 27 – March 2, 2012: Meet one-on-one with
employees to deliver evaluations and rating and merit
increase percentage
April 13, 2012: Retro monies delivered in paychecks

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