E-administration in Poland, Romania,Russia and Ukraine

E-administration in Poland, Romania,Russia and Ukraine
Student name: Radu Ana-Maria
Professor dr. inż.: ZdzisƗaw Pólkowski
Professor dr: RafaƗ Czachor
1. Abstract
2. Introduction: The concept of E-Administration
in general
3. Administration in Poland, Romania,
Russia and Ukraine
4. E-administration in Romania and Poland
5. E-administration in Russia and Ukraine
6. Comparison of E-administration in these countries
7. Evolution of documents using E-administration
8. The advantages of E-administration
9. Conclusions
10. Bibliography
1. Introduction
The concept of E-administration in general
E-Administration, or electronic administration refers to any of a
number of mechanisms which convert what in a traditional office
are paper processes into electronic processes, with the goal being
to create a paperless office. This is an ICT tool, with the goal being
to improve productivity and performance.
•It’s objective is to introduce total transparency and accountability
leading to better e-Governance with in any organization. In
Germany, this initiative is especially targeted at government
organizations, where public accountability is of special concern.
Similar processes are being developed in many American
• The implementation of any e-administration solution should be
customer centric rather than organization centric, should remove
dependence on specific individuals, and should introduce
transparent systems of working.
E-administration in Poland
• The concept of Electronic Administration (Eadministration) provides citizens and businesses with
access to a wide array of public services through
Internet. Such practices are becoming more and more
common in many EU countries.
• Why should we invest in the digitalization of public
• And how does the market for e-government services
work in Poland compared to the rest of the European
Electronic Platform of Public
Administration Servicies-ePUAP
Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services (ePUAP) is a
coherent and systematic action program designed and developed to
allow public institutions make their electronic services available to the
public. The website www.epuap.gov.pl enables defining citizen and
businesses service processes, creates channels of access to different
systems of public administration and extends the package of public
services provided electronically.
"Effective operations of the Public administration should be the
standard and we endeavour to reach this", says Agnieszka Boboli ,
Director of the IT Projects Center. " Having developed ePUAP
platform for 4 years, we have been encouraging public entities to use
this tool. As you can see for instance in ZUS, the cooperation is
beneficial for both sides. While creating more and more efficient
systems that can cooperate with each other, we optimize costs borne
by the administration and citizens gain new, better tools of
communication with public offices ".
The ePUAP project was carried out in the years 2005 - 2008.
Project financing
The cost of the project “Construction of electronic Platform of Public
Administration Services” - 32 million PLN - was covered in 75% by
the funds from the European Regional Development Fund (under
the Sector Operational Programme "Supporting Competitiveness of
Enterprises for the years 2004 - 2006), while the remaining 25% of
the cost was covered by a national co-financing. Funds for the
ePUAP2 project were gained from the 7th priority axis of the
Innovative Economy Operational Programme and amounts to 140
million PLN (85% of eligible expenses were covered by the
European Regional Development Fund, 15% were covered by a
national co-financing).

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