E-commerce, or electronic
commerce, refers to systems that
support electronically executed
business transactions.
In this section:
• E-commerce Implementation
• E-commerce Technologies
Concepts > E-commerce
E-commerce implementation refers
to the manner in which e-commerce
addresses the needs of buyers and
In this section:
• E-tail
• Online Auctions
• B2B Global Supply Management
Concepts > E-commerce > E-commerce Implementation
• B2B Electronic Exchange
• M-Commerce
• Location-Based Advertising
E-tail refers to several
forms of electronic retail
business that make up
B2C e-commerce.
Concepts > E-commerce > E-commerce Implementation > E-tail
Online Auctions
Online auctions, clearinghouses, and marketplaces
provide a platform for businesses and individuals to sell
their products and belongings.
Concepts > E-commerce > E-commerce Implementation > Online Auctions
B2B Global Supply
Global supply management
(GSM) provides methods for
businesses to find the best
deals on the global market for
raw materials and supplies
needed to manufacture their
Concepts > E-commerce > E-commerce Implementation > B2B Global Supply Management
B2B Electronic Exchange
An electronic exchange is an industry-specific Web
resource created to provide a convenient centralized
platform for B2B e-commerce among manufacturers,
suppliers, and customers.
Concepts > E-commerce > E-commerce Implementation > B2B Electronic Exchange
M-commerce, or
mobile commerce,
is a form of ecommerce that takes
place over wireless
mobile devices such
as smart phones and
cell phones.
Concepts > E-commerce > E-commerce Implementation > M-commerce
Location-Based Advertising
advertising is an mcommerce technology that
utilizes location
technologies like GPS to
provide mobile users with
location-specific commerce
Concepts > E-commerce > E-commerce Implementation > Location-Based Advertising
E-commerce technologies include
software and systems that support safe
and secure transactions over networks
and the Internet, and make e-commerce
In this section:
• Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
• E-commerce Host
• Ecash
Concepts > E-commerce > E-commerce Technologies
Electronic data interchange
Electronic data interchange (EDI) uses private
communications networks called value-added
networks (VANs), as well as secure Internet
technologies, to transmit standardized transaction
data between business partners and suppliers.
Concepts > E-commerce > E-commerce Technologies > Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
E-commerce Host
An e-commerce host is a
company that takes on some
or all of the responsibility of
setting up and maintaining
an e-commerce Web site
and system for a business or
Creating and implementing your own or contracting out to a professional hosting
You need to understand the basics of e-commerce infrastructure, hardware and
networking, and software issues
Concepts > E-commerce > E-commerce Technologies > E-commerce Host
E-cash or electronic cash is a Web service that
provides a private and secure method of transferring
funds from a bank account or credit card to online
vendors or individuals.
Concepts > E-commerce > E-commerce Technologies > E-Cash

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