Fergus Falls Community Dental Clinic

Trish McClelland,
Office Manager
Dr. Jason Bjerketvedt,
Sandy Johnson, LDA
Dr. Jayme Mace, DMD
Lynette Rohloff, LDA
Amber Wulff, RDH
Rosemary Wiese, LDA
Becky Collom, RDH
SOS Fergus Falls Community Dental Clinic
Our state operated dental clinic provides preventative, restorative, and
hospital dentistry specifically for consumers on MN Healthcare with:
-Developmental Disabilities
-Traumatic Brain Injury
-Mental Health Disabilities
-Chemical Dependency
SOS Fergus Falls Community Dental Clinic
Clinic Phone Number
Toll Free: 1-800-663-6713
Direct: (218) 739-7254
Office Manager:
Trish McClelland (218) 739-7444
Clinic Address:
1121 Pebble Lake Road
Fergus Falls, MN 56537
SOS Fergus Falls Community Dental Clinic
Clinic Hours:
• Monday – Thursday: 7:00 am- 4:15 pm
(Opportunity to be open on Fridays, if patient capacity provides.)
Comprehensive Hospital Dentistry:
• Wednesdays, Fergus Falls Lake Region Hospital
• Performed by either Dr. Jason Bjerketvedt, DDS
or Dr. Jayme Mace, DMD.
When adequate care cannot be completed in the
office setting:
 General sedation
 Comprehensive care:
▪ Restorative
▪ Preventative
▪ X-rays
▪ Extractions
SOS Fergus Falls Community Dental Clinic
Our clinic is reimbursed by all MN Healthcare programs, including:
• Medical Assistance
• Managed Care: Blue Plus
Financial obligation to consumer may occur if insurance does not cover
treatment plan:
• The bill will be mailed directly to the consumer/guardian.
*Proudly, our main focus is to provide quality patient care, not cost.
process and procedures:
For SPMI consumers to be seen at our clinic:
• The referral must come from:
- county case worker
- residential/foster care/assisted living staff member
• Be on a MN Healthcare program
• SPMI diagnosis
After the appointment has been made:
• You will receive new patient paperwork to be completed
by appointment.
SOS Fergus Falls Community Dental Clinic
• Consumer reliability:
• Attend all appointments
• Follow recommended dental treatment, and home care
• Collaboration with 1 designated contact person to:
• Support consumer with dental care
• Discuss/Determine treatment plan
• Follow up on treatment plan, home care, etc.
Comprehensive care is our priority
If the consumer chooses not to comply with
comprehensive care,
Fergus Falls Dental Clinic Values=
In order to guide patient care
*We request the guardian/case worker be present at the 1st
comprehensive appointment. Many treatment options will be
discussed, and informed consent is essential.
Who can we rely on for consumer follow
through with treatment plans?
Information we need
Full Name
Date of Birth
Medical Assistance #
Phone #
Phone #
Primary Medical Diagnosis
Has the consumer had recent dental care, and are
there records to be transferred to our office?
 MA only pays for certain treatment 1 x/year
 We must have the current x-rays, cleaning, and exam information,
or there will be fees assessed
Does the consumer provide their own
 Are there any behaviors/characteristics we should
know so we can provide the best dental care
possible for the consumer?
 Hostility
 Anxiety
 Phobia
 Triggers
Who can we rely on to help the consumer
with their recommended treatment plan?
 Home care
 Diet/Nutrition
 Managing appointments
 Telephone call from case worker to our clinic
 Make appointment
 Gather all information to include records being
transferred to our clinic
 First appointment
▪ X-rays, cleaning and comprehensive exam
 Appointment for dental work
 Preventative care appointments set up
Our specialized dental clinic is a challenging yet very rewarding environment.

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