SWSR Term 3 2011 ICT Coordinators Update

ICT Coordinators Update
Term 3 2011
Version 14.0
Please mute your microphone on the Tandberg remote
Enhanced T4L Server
T4L Rollout and Computer Hardware Standards
Computer Coordinator Funding
Connected Classrooms
Windows 7 Issues
Software Ordering
Teched Website
Wireless Infrastructure Planning
Useful iPad Applications
BER Defects
NAS (Network Attached Storage) Standards
UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) Standards
Acer Laptop Issue
Enhanced T4L Servers
New T4L servers delivered to Primary Schools in June 2011
• In consultation with the Primary Principals’ Association and the
Office of Schools, it has been agreed that all primary schools will
receive a new Technology for Learning (T4L) server to replace the
existing Content Pre-Provisioning Cache (CPC) Server.
• Special Schools and any other site with a CPC device will be added
to the schedule in due course. No timeframe has been developed at
this stage.
• The T4L server will provide primary schools with a foundation for
moving ICT forward. This foundation will help schools to further
develop and implement their eLearning strategies, increase access
to learning resources, enhance collaboration across the education
community and provide essential support for school ICT operations.
Enhanced T4L Servers
First step
To allow installation of your eT4L server to be scheduled,
you must complete and return the form below:
Next Steps
To ensure a trouble free installation and dependable
operation of your enhanced T4L server, schools can assist
by preparing for several key components of the location,
installation and commissioning process:
Enhanced T4L Servers
Important Dell eT4L Server installation Information:
• Dell engineers have the weekly schedule and have the flexibility to ring
any confirmed school on their list and ask the school if they can move
the installation forward
• Schools are the only stakeholders that can say no to an installation
• If a school has said yes but realises that they need to reschedule they
need to contact the Dell Project Manager (contact details provided by
Dell to the school) ASAP, and advise her of the need to change
• Dell has provided the online survey for school to fill out, but
completion of a survey by a school is not a consideration when Dell
seeks a confirmed or updated installation date/time from a school.
• If a school confirms an installation date and Dell can’t install in the 55
minutes allocated, then it is deemed a “futile” install and the school is
taken OFF the current schedule (not rescheduled to the end of the list)
Enhanced T4L Servers
Important Dell eT4L Server installation Information:
• There were a few Primary Schools who missed out in
the initial list:
– Wilton PS
– Middleton Grange PS
– Yanderra PS
– Elderslie PS
• These schools WILL be included in this rollout. The
paperwork is being signed off very soon and these
schools will be added to the current schedule.
Enhanced T4L Servers
The new eT4L server has the capability of delivering the
following for your school:
– File server for school use
– Facilitates the connection of wireless networks in the
– The ability to deploy software to computers across the
– Print Services
– Anti-Virus protection and reporting
– OS deployment – Rebuild a PC to Windows 7
– Fleet reporting and lifecycle management
– Remote control
– Licensing
Enhanced T4L Servers
One CPU (or Processor, multi-threaded)
allocated to delivering core services to the site,
– A Local Authentication Server
– A Local DHCP Server for IP address management
– A Local Software Delivery Cache with delegation
capabilities enabling self-help
– The virtualisation of the CPC into the new Server
– This will maintain the support of legacy services
until during the transition over semester two 2011
Enhanced T4L Servers
Second CPU (or Processor) supporting the
enhanced services, including:
– A Site Print Server
– A Site File Server
• Staff Personal File store (U: Drive Personal – initially 1 GB
allocated per staff) Backed Up
• Team File store (T: Team store – initially 30GB per team, e.g.
Office, Executive) Backed Up to the data centre
• Student file store (U: Personal storage – initially 3GB) Not
backed Up
– School use Server
• Allows the school the ability to provision an additional server
for local use.
Enhanced T4L Servers
• For more information, visit the eT4L servers
FAQ page.
eT4L Server (Dell PowerEdge T610)
Height: 44.1 cm
Width: 21.8 cm
Depth: 62.1 cm
Weight (max): 35.0 kg
Weight (empty): 20.2 kg
T4L Rollout
• The 2010 T4L Rollout was completed early this year
with the final Lenovo Desktops being delivered.
• This completes the second year of the proposed 4
year T4L program, with half of the total allocation
now in schools (P5/6 schools are 100%)
• Unless there is significant change in student
numbers the 2011 T4L Rollout will be roughly the
same as last year.
T4L Rollout
T4L Rollout
Computer Coordinator Funding
Please note that while this grant is tied, schools are able to apply these funds in a flexible
manner to co-ordinate and integrate classroom computer resources with teaching,
learning and training programs.
Enquiries concerning this scheme should be directed to the School and Regional Financial
Operations Unit by telephone on 13 10 72.
Teacher FTE
Semester 1 2011 Entitlement
0 to 9.999
10 to 24.999
25 to 39.999
40 to 49.999
50 to 59.999
60 to 69.999
70 to 79.999
80 to 84.999
85 to 89.999
90 and above
Global Funding – Computer Education
Global Funding – Computer Education
Global Funding – Computer Education
Global Funding – Computer Education
Connected Classrooms
• This project has now been classified as “Business as Usual”
• Almost all of our 276 schools now has an Interactive Classroom
provided by the Connected Classroom component of this project.
• Still awaiting a video conferencing solution are our Hospital schools
and our newest school in the Bingarra Gorge development at
Wilton - Wilton PS.
• All schools have had a bandwidth upgrade under the NGEN
component of the Connected Classroom Project.
• Phase 6, the final phase of this project, was hampered by BER
construction delays and complications.
Connected Classrooms
Interactive Classroom common faults
Possible solutions
No camera image visible on LCD
Tanberg remote
Cameras will not pan or zoom
Tanberg codec
Projector image not visible
Globe or Input issue
Projector will not turn on
Thermal reset
No sound from speakers
Loose cable or failed power supply
IWB is not interactive
USB disconnected, corrupt drivers
IWB image is letterboxed
Computer input resolution too high
Speakers produce sound and hum
Damaged or poor quality cable
Ghosted or wavy image on IWB
Poor quality cable, power supply
Windows 7 Issues
• 64-bit Operating System
– This has implications for hardware and software
support, e.g., scanners, cameras, printers.
– NOTE: DER & discretionary netbooks are 32-bit
Windows 7.
• Printing and printer drivers
– Some older printers cannot be supported, as the
manufacturers have not developed Windows 7
Certified 64 -bit drivers for their printers.
– This needs to be considered when deciding on the
placement of Windows 7 computers in your school.
Windows 7 Issues
– Citrix client version 12.1 is required. It can be
downloaded from:
– Receipt printers: If the receipt printer computer is
mainly dedicated to OASIS, use an XP computer.
– Parallel port receipt printers cannot be connected
to the Windows 7 computers.
Windows 7 Issues
• Interactive Whiteboards (IWB’s)
– Panasonic and SMART did not provide 64-bit
drivers for their IWB’s in time for the T4L SOE
image. If your new Windows 7 T4L or
discretionary desktop or laptop is to be connected
to an IWB, the appropriate driver needs to be
– Please log a call with Service Desk, and regional
support can push this out via Altiris IF the Altiris
agent is installed on the PC or laptop.
Windows 7 Issues
• MS Forefront Endpoint Protection (FEP)
– This has replaced Symantec AV (Win 7 only).
– The CPC server does not manage FEP clients.
– The proposed CPC replacement will manage updates for
FEP only.
– FEP should be receiving updates through Windows (WSUS)
• Older Software Titles
– Older software titles may not run in a 64-bit or Windows 7
environment. Please contact your TA before purchasing
software to ensure compatibility.
Software Ordering
SI Group – Software ordering
• SI Group have updated their website. DET Employees now
order software here: http://www.sigroup.com.au/shopteachers-employees.html
• They have a K-12 and TAFE students shop with pretty good
pricing - http://www.sigroup.com.au/shop-schoolstudents.html
• The NSW Schools shop includes additional Adobe products,
not found in CS5. e.g. Photoshop, Lightroom and Director
Teched Website Update
• Every school in the region has an account in the form:
CCuser9999 ; where 9999 is your school code
• How do I login?
From the home page type the user name and
password and click “Login”.
• The default password is set to CCUSER9999 – CHANGE
Teched Website Update
Once logged in, you will be redirected to the
MySite tab. Also notice additional tabs available.
Additional tabs
after login
List of school
files on record
Logged in user
Notice current
email set to school
Teched Website Update
IMPORTANT: Change login user details & password by
clicking on the username once logged in.
Click here to change password & user information
Teched Website Update
Make the following changes:
Click here to change the password
Change First Name to your first name
Change Last Name to your last name
Don’t forget to click
Change the Email Address from the
school generic to your email address
The above are required changes you need to make
Teched Website Update
• To register for an event:
– You must login
– Click on the event either in the Calendar or
Upcoming Events
– Click on “Enrol for this Event?”
Infrastructure Planning & Wireless
• Observing many requests for Wireless installations.
• Requires an evaluation of underlying switching equipment.
• Remember ongoing maintenance, support and
replacement costs.
Wireless & Infrastructure Planning
• Current switch equipment supports 1Gb to the desktop &
10Gb backbone with other features such as Power over
Ethernet (PoE)
• Will current fibre runs support 10Gb?
• Points to consider:
Is my current network infrastructure capable of supporting a wireless
• Do we have a Gigabit fibre backbone?
• Will the data point for wireless access points support Gigabit?
• Do I need to install data points in wireless hotspots ?
HP E3500-24G-PoE+ yl Switch
Cost $2,859 ex GST
HP E2910al-24G-PoE+ Switch
Cost $2,195 ex GST
HP E2520G-24-PoE Switch
Cost $1,149 ex GST
Wireless & Infrastructure Planning
• Preferred manufacturer for SWSR is
• Supplied through MatrixCNI
• Up to 16 Access Points
– Aruba IAP-105 Series Wireless Access Point &
– Aruba IAP-93 Series Wireless Access Point
• Allows for expansion to a controller based managed
solution in the future
Wireless & Infrastructure Planning
A single Aruba Instant access point is comprised of the
following parts:
Physical Aruba Instant 105 Wireless AP
3Year Support
Mounting bracket
Add $120 for 1Port Power Injector
• Instead of a power injector, a power adapter costs $38
but injector preferred. Factor the cost of a power point.
•If you have a PoE switch you will not need the power
injector or power adapter to power the Access Point.
Wireless & Infrastructure Planning
More than 16 Access Points and up to 32
3200 Series Controller required
1Year Next Day Support for 3200
1 Day Installation & configuration
By qualified Aruba engineer
Wireless & Infrastructure Planning
Aruba 125 Wireless Access Point
• High-performance indoor 802.11n access
points which can support up to 30 concurrent
• Data rates up to 300 Mbps per radio
• Power over Ethernet
• Price: $705 ex GST
Wireless & Infrastructure Planning
What You May Need
• Aruba 3200 Multi Service Mobility Controller - $3107
• Access Points
– Aruba 125 Wireless Access Point
– Wall / Ceiling Mounting Kit
• Access Point Licence
– 32 Access Point Licence
• Policy Enforcement Firewall
– 32 Access Point Licence
• Aruba Care Next Day Support
– 650 Series Controller and Options 1 Year
• Onsite Configuration Services
• HP E2520G-8 PoE Switch
Wireless & Infrastructure Planning
Power Over Ethernet
• HP E2520G-8 PoE Switch
– Cost $425 ex GST
• HP ProCurve 1 Port Power Injector.
– Cost $60 ex GST
• HP E2910al-24G-PoE+ Switch
– Cost $2195 ex GST
• HP E2910al-48G-PoE+ Switch
– Cost $2995 ex GST
Useful iPad Apps
• RDP Lite
• Remote Mouse
• Photoshop Express
• DisplayLink
Mochasoft Remote desktop application.
Use your IPad as a wireless touchpad
and keypad.
Turn your IPad into an extended monitor
for your PC.
Free app to show free wireless hotspots.
Free WiFi
PDF Expert
Quick Office
Hot App Deals & App Miner
Net Detective
Print Magic HD
FX Print Utility
Useful iPad Apps
Whilst we are happy to advertise useful
applications for the iPad, we are not in a
position to offer support for this device.
BER Defects
• BER is fast coming to a conclusion with many
schools receiving their IWB’s.
• We are seeing a few faults with network cabling
when trying to connect a PC/notebook to these
data points.
• If you have concerns with any part of the cabling
work carried out, please contact your local TA
who can further investigate.
• Any problems found will have to be raised as a
BER defect through the school Principal.
BER Defects
• Cabling work carries the standard 25 year warranty. Any issues
can be taken up with the cabling contractor once the BER
program concludes. These details can be found in the BER
handover folder given to each school.
• Please look at your BER Handover folder for cabling test
results. If they are not present, have your principal log this as
a BER defect. The description may include the following
School has not been provided with testing and certification information
for data cabling installed. Therefore no proof exists of operational
acceptance and future warranty support by data cabling company.
ITS 2020 approved contractor should have provided this information
and it should have been included in handover material to school
BER Defects – Sample Test Results
Netgear NAS
• Network Attached Storage
• Regional Standard is Netgear, supplied by Dell
• iSCSI feature for Extra Storage Space on your existing
• Backup Solution using Symantec Backup Exec or
Windows Backup
Network Attached Storage Options
• Netgear ReadyNAS options
– All support Windows, Mac & Linux
– All have iSCSI support
– All have 2x Ethernet ports
– All have minimum 2x USB ports
– All come with 5 years warranty
(including drives if purchased together)
Network Attached Storage Options
• ReadyNAS NVX series
– Up to 8TB capacity with 4 drive bays
(2 drives x 1TB drives)
(4 drives x 1TB drives)
(4 drives x 2TB drives)
Network Attached Storage Options
• ReadyNAS Pro Series
– Up to 12TB capacity with 6 drive bays
 3TB
(3 drives x 1TB drives)
 6TB
(6 drives x 1TB drives)
 12TB
(6 drives x 2TB drives)
Network Attached Storage Options
• ReadyNAS 2100 series - Rack mount
– Up to 8TB capacity with 4 drive bays
(4 drives x 500GB drives)
(4 drives x 1TB drives)
(4 drives x 2TB drives)
Network Attached Storage Options
• ReadyNAS 3100 series - Rack mount
• Redundant power supply
• Faster CPU
– Up to 8TB capacity with 4 drive bays
(4 drives x 1TB drives)
(4 drives x 2TB drives)
Network Attached Storage Options
• Ultimately, warranty calls will not go via the
DEC Service Desk for Vendor Support.
However, this process is currently not
finalized. Until advised otherwise, please log a
normal service desk call for any warranty
related issues.
Uninterruptible Power Supply
DELL is the preferred supplier for SWSR
3 year warranty
Provide ability to shutdown the server gracefully
Prevent damage to the server due to power
• Network Card available to make UPS a network
device on some models
• APC UPS support Mac Server
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Dell UPS Tower 1000W
Run Time Full/ Half Load (Minutes) : 5/14 Minutes
Dimensions (mm W X D X H) : 170 X 450 X 250
Requires a 10 Amp Power Socket
3 year Warranty Included InPut Connection: IEC320-C14
Dell UPS Rack 1000W
Run Time Full/ Half Load (Minutes) : 5/14 Minutes
Dimensions (mm W X D X H) : 438 X 483 X 84.5
Requires a 10 Amp Power Socket
3 year Warranty Included InPut Connection: IEC320-C14
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Dell UPS Tower 1920W
Run Time Full/ Half Load (Minutes) : 5/14 Minutes
Dimensions (mm W X D X H) : 226 X 500 X 274.5
Requires a 10 Amp Power Socket
3 year Warranty Included InPut Connection: IEC320-C20
Dell UPS Rack 1920W
Run Time Full/ Half Load (Minutes) : 5/14 Minutes
Dimensions (mm W X D X H) : 438 X 593 X 84.5
Requires a 10 Amp Power Socket
3 year Warranty Included InPut Connection: IEC320-C20
Dell UPS 2700W
Run Time Full/ Half Load (Minutes) : 5/14 Minutes
Dimensions (mm W X D X H) :438 X541 X 127
Requires a 15 Amp Power Socket
3 year Warranty Included InPut Connection: IEC320-C20
Uninterruptible Power Supply
• Dell Network Management Card upgrade $86
• UPS’s may not fit standard plugs or power.
• Consult with your Regional TA to confirm the UPS
required for your school situation.
Contact: Jessica Brown(DEC Account Manager)
• Phone : 02 8972 5728
• Fax : 02 8972 6728
• Email: [email protected]
Acer Laptop Warranty Issue
• There have been a few cases where Acer T4L or
discretionary laptops that needed a warranty call by the
vendor for repairs were replaced with older model laptops.
• A school questioned this and it was stated that this is part
of the DET agreement with Acer.
• However, if a school wishes to have their own laptop
repaired and not replaced with a swap-out computer, the
school must specifically state in the Service desk call that
they want their OWN laptop repaired and returned and not
replaced by a refurbished unit.
• Schools may be assigned a replacement laptop while their
own one is being repaired.
Question Time
Question Time.

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