Ali Qushji

Ali Qushji
By: Celine Miller
My astronomer is Ali Qushji. He was born in 1403 and died in
1474. His full name is Ala-Din Ali Ibn Muhammed AlQushji. He was named after his father. He was a professor,
mathematician, astronomer, physicist, and scientist. His
work affected all in the scientific community. His work is
considered great in the Islamic world. He was remembered
by his greatness in astronomical physics. Ali really made a
difference shown by his work as a scientist.
Ali Qushji did research about the storms of Oman Sea. He
taught about astronomy. He taught others about the moon.
People were very surprised by his work. One person named
Ulugh Beg who was also an astronomer was so interested in
his work that he offered Ali a job at his laboratory. One thing
he did was to prove the earth was not stationary as many in
his field had believed. Ali worked at the laboratory until the
owner died. Before his death Qushji also helped found Sahn
Seman University
Ali Qushji left Uzbekistan and moved to Herat, then to Iran,
and finally he settled in Istanbul, Turkey. He stayed there
because people had a positive attitude toward scientist and
smart people. In Uzbekistan he worked at the Samarkand
Observatory. In Herat he instructed students in astronomy.
In Iran he did research on how the sea may affect astronomy.

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