Queen Elizabeth High School

To The
Grade 10
& 11
Parent Meeting
Courage, Honour, Strength
Student Services
Community Services
School Social Workers
Student Support Workers
Youth Health Centre
YMCA Newcomer Youth Services
Educational/Learning Support
Learning Center and Resource
School Psychologist
SLD support worker
Speech Language Pathologist
Guidance Services
Guidance Services
The Counsellors:
A - F  Ms. N. Smith
G – M plus Mac  Ms. C. Borden
N – Z plus Mc  Ms. L. MacLean
Courage, Honour, Strength
Guidance Services
Career & Academic Counselling
Confidential Personal Counselling
Connections to School &
Community Services
Virtual Guidance Office (the VGO)
PowerSchool Parent / Student Portal – demonstration video
available online! Go to the Citadel High Website
Course Selection
•Choosing Courses
• Credit Types
• Course Identification
• IB Course Selection
• Meeting Graduation Requirements
• Academic Planning
• Timing
How High School Works
1st semester Sept. to Jan. – write exams
2nd semester Feb. to June – write exams
Grade 10 8 courses (credits) (4 per semester)
Grade 11 7 courses – one study
Grade 12 6 courses – two studies
21 courses (credits) in 3 years
Day by day - Schedule
4 courses every day ( 75 min.)
2 in the morning
2 in the afternoon
Daily Schedule
Course 1
Course 2
Course 3
Course 4
Course 1
Course 2
Course 1
Course 4
Course 3
Course 2
Course 3
Course 4
Course 1
Course 2
Course 3
Course 4
Course 3
Course 2
Course 1
Course 4
(9:00 10:15)
(10:20 11:35)
11:40 12:30
(12:40 1:50)
(1:55 3:10)
Choosing Courses
Students should discuss course selection with parents/guardians.
Consider academic ability when selecting courses and credit types.
Ensure course selections meet Nova Scotia High School
Graduation Requirements.
Consider post secondary goals -university, community college, etc. when selecting courses.
Grade 11 students are required to register for a minimum of 7
courses. Grade 12 students are required to register for a minimum
of 6 courses.
Credit Types
There are 4 credit types:
Advanced Accepted by all post-secondary institutions
Academic Accepted by all post-secondary institutions
Open Accepted by some post-secondary institutions
Graduation Accepted by some post-secondary
Public School
Course Selection
Graduation Requirements
18 credits are required to graduate from High
• 13 are compulsory credits
• 5 are elective credits
Maximum 7 grade 10 - coded credits
Minimum 5 grade 12 - coded credits
13 Compulsory Credits
3 English
2 Math
2 Science
2 Technology (or addional Math/Science)
1 Fine Arts
1 Physical Education (PAL, Dance, Phys Ed or
1 Canadian History
1 Global Studies
3 credits required, one from each grade level
All grade 11 students must take either:
Advanced English 11 (Advanced)
English 11 (Academic)
English Communications 11 (Graduation)
All grade 12 students must take either:
Advanced English 12 (Advanced)
English 12 (Academic)
English 12: African Heritage (Academic)
English Communications 12 (Graduation)
Any students wishing to attend University should take either Advanced
or Academic English in both grades 11 and 12.
2 required credits from different grade levels
All grade 11 students should take either:
Math 11 + Math 11 Pre-calculus
Math 11 (Academic)
Math 11 at work (Graduation)
Math Essentials 11 (Graduation)
Students entering Grade 12 are not required to select
a grade 12 math unless they need the course to meet
graduation or specific post-secondary requirements.
2 required credits
1 first science credit from either:
Science 10, Chemistry, Biology, Physics
1 other science course
Students entering grade 11 should take a second
compulsory science credit.
Students entering Grade 12 are not required to select a
science credit unless they need the course to meet
graduation or specific post-secondary requirements.
Technology, Math &
Science Credits
•Additional Science – in addition to the 2
required science credits
•Additional Math – in addition to the 2 required
math credits
~Fine Arts~
1 required credit from either:
• Art
• Music
• Drama
• Dance
Students entering Grade 11 or 12 who have not
yet completed the Fine Arts requirement should
take a fine arts course.
~ Physical Education~
1 required credit from either:
•Physically Active Living
•Phys Ed
~Canadian History~
One required credit from either:
• Mi’kmaq Studies 10
• Canadian History 11 or Histoire du Canada
• African Canadian Studies 11
• Gaelic Studies 11
Students who have not yet completed the
Canadian History requirement should take 1 of the
above courses.
~Global Studies~
1 required credit from either:
•Global History 12
•Global Geography 12 or Géographie
Planétaires 12F
The Global Studies credit is completed in
the student’s Grade 12 year.
Pre-IB & IB Diploma
Course Selection
Moving from Pre IB to the IB Diploma
•Course selection to be completed in March
• See handout
•Students will choose 6 IB courses
• 3 at the Higher Level and 3 at the Standard Level
for an
Higher Levels
Standard Levels
Math Studies
• choose based on student strengths
Courage, Honour, Strength
•“Extras” – Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge
and CAS form the core of the Diploma Programme
• the IB Learner Profile – inquirers, thinkers, risk
takers, communicators, etc.
•IB students are awarded the NS Graduation
Certificate upon completion of the IB Diploma
•Future meeting early February to address specifics
•Motivation is the key
Courage, Honour, Strength
The IB Diploma from grade 11 to grade 12
• Semester
2 adds Theory of Knowledge, Math and
one other course
•Students will write 1 IB exam in May; the
remaining exams are written in grade 12
•The Extended Essay process begins shortly and
concludes in December of grade 12 (Extended
Essay workshop in April at University of King’s
•CAS to be completed in February/March of grade
Courage, Honour, Strength
French Immersion
Students must complete at least 9 French
Immersion credits (Minimum 2 credits per
Français 10 – Grade 10
Français 11 – Grade 11
Français 12 – Grade 12
Academic Support
Citadel High offers a number of programs to support
student learning.
Resource (non-credit): For students who require
adaptations to meet course outcomes.
Learning Centre (non-credit): For students who
require a program plan with individualized outcomes.
Academic Planning
Entrance requirements vary widely for post-secondary
Students can explore career and post-secondary
options by:
- Talking with parents and guardians
- Visiting their guidance counsellor
- Accessing the Virtual Guidance Office - VGO
-Exploring the computer kiosk, located in Student
- Investigating Internet and print resources
Listed below are the requirements for several postsecondary programs. It is important to check the
specifics for each institution, as requirements vary.
Bachelor of Arts
English 12 + 4 other academic Grade 12 courses
Bachelor of Science
English 12, Pre-Calculus Math 12, 2 Science 12 + 1
other academic Grade 12 course
Bachelor of Commerce
English 12, Mathematics 12 / Pre-Calculus 12 + 3 other
Grade 12 academic courses
Bachelor of Engineering
English 12, Pre-Calculus Math 12, Chemistry 12, Physics
12 + 1 other Grade 12 academic course
Bachelor of Computer Science
English 12, Pre-Calculus Math 12 + 3 other Grade 12
academic courses
Bachelor of Nursing
English 12, Math 12(Academic), Chemistry 12, Biology 12
+ 1 other Grade 12 academic course
Nova Scotia Community
College - NSCC
Community College requires a grade 12 graduation diploma for
entrance into most programs, however some programs have specific
subject requirements particularly in English, Mathematics and Science.
Community College offers a broad range of programs in such areas as:
Applied Arts and New Media
Information Technology
Tourism and Culinary
Health and Human Services
Business Management/Technology
Natural Resources
Senior High Mathematics: Common Pathways
Insert diagram
What Happens Next…
The Course Selection Process
February 2014
• Counsellors meet with students in their English
classes and complete a first draft course selection.
• Students can go online to PowerSchool in February to
enter requests and make changes
• Course selection guide is on line at
www.chs.ednet.ns.ca. Go to Virtual Guidance Office,
Academics, Full Course Selection Guide
•PACC Jan 21st & 22nd Citadel High School
March 2014
• PowerSchool will be locked so students are no longer
able to change course requests.
• Students receive Final Course Selection forms from
guidance and make changes or special requests.
Points to Remember
• Course Selections are Requests Only.
• Scheduling of courses is limited by enrolment and
scheduling conflicts.
• Selections made before the end of June should be
considered final.
• Course changes in September or between
semesters are very difficult if not impossible.

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