High School 101_10_12 - Norwalk Public Schools

Brien McMahon High School
High School 101
The 9th Grade Program
Grade Counselors
• Ms. Amaker (A – Hik)
[email protected], extension 11299
• Ms. Leeds (Hil – Vel)
[email protected], extension 11317
• Mr. Southerland (Vem – ZZZ & CGS In-District)
[email protected], extension 11307
• Mr. Castelluzzo (CGS Out-of-District only)
[email protected], extension 11297
Guidance Services
• Developmental Guidance Program
– Includes classroom visits to provide ongoing support and further orient
students to high school. Topics: time management, decision making, self
awareness, goal setting, college and career exploration, educational planning.
• Individual Meetings
– Meetings with the student’s assigned counselor to develop goals and begin
college/career planning.
• Early College Awareness Program
– Includes trip to local college/university in the spring. Open to students in
good academic standing. Participation in college information sessions led by
admissions personnel.
• Career/College Planning
– Use of Naviance/Family Connection to research careers of interest.
Emphasis will be on developing career goals and matching high school
preparation to career.
Graduation Requirements
20 Credits
• English
• Math
• Science (includes one lab science in Biology,
Chemistry or Physics)
• History/Social Studies
(includes US History and Civics)
• Arts (Arts, Business Technology,
4 credits
3 credits
3 credits
3 credits
1 credit
Technology Education, Music,
and/or Family and Consumer Sciences)
Physical Education
Health Education
Computer Literacy
1 credit
0.5 credits
0.5 credits
4 credits
Course/Credit Requirements
Students must earn a minimum of 5 credits
to move from grade 9 to grade 10
• Grade 9 – minimum 6.5 credits
• Grade 10 – minimum 6 credits
• Grade 11 – minimum 6 credits
• Grade 12 – minimum 5.5 credits
Most students graduate BMHS with more
than 20 credits!
Grading Scale
= 4.0
A- = 3.7
B+ = 3.3
= 3.0
B- = 2.7
C+ = 2.3
= 2.0
C- = 1.7
Grading System
90 - 100
80 – 89
70 – 79
Grade Counts!
• College planning begins in 9th grade!
• College admissions officers review the ENTIRE
transcript. Military and company recruiters will also
request the student’s transcript.
• Freshman year comprises 1/3 of the college
admissions decision. 1st quarter senior year grades
are also included in the admissions decision.
• Grades and rigor of the academic program factor
into the admissions decision. Honors and AP courses
are the goal.
• Good grades equate to a strong GPA and class rank!
Clubs and Activities
• Build your college resume now! Join clubs and
athletic programs.
• Contact Ms. Prescott or Stabach, Class
Advisors, to learn about 9th grade specific
• Participate in a Club Fair to learn about the
various BMHS clubs.
• Start a club of your own!
• Visit the school’s website often, specifically the
Guidance Department page
• Post dates of interim and report card distribution
and review with your student.
• Contact teachers directly via email or phone (email:
last name first initial @norwalkps.org, phone: place a
1 in front of the room number).
• Contact your child’s counselor as needed.
• Attend High School 101 meetings throughout the
Ladder of Referral
If you have a question or concern regarding your child’s
progress or well being within the school program, we encourage
you to follow the Ladder of Referral!
• The Teacher (program, classroom policies, homework)
• The Counselor, Psychologist, or Social Worker (adjustment
problems, academic problems, chronic attendance issues)
• The Housemaster (discipline)
• The Principal (policies and regulations)
Again, Welcome!
We look forward to working with you
and your child to ensure a successful
and rewarding school year!

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