chapter 46

•Barrios drinks lemonade intended for Nortier, and he
•Maximilien hears Villefort and Dr. D’Avrigny – the
doctor thinks the murderer is Valentine
•Dramatic Irony: We suspect Madame Villefort to be
the murderer, but they do not. We know it is not
•Andrea meets with Caderousse and draws a floor plan of
the Count’s house
•Caderousse plans to rob the Count
•Foreshadowing: Caderousse will rob the Count; we
doubt he will get away with it.
Benedetto sends an anonymous letter to the Count warning
him that his house is going to be robbed. Therefore, the
Count sends all of his servants to his country house and only
keeps Ali with him.
Caderousse breaks into the Count’s house
Monte Cristo dresses as Abbe Busoni; Caderousse tries to kill
The Abbe Busoni lets Caderousse go, and Caderousse is
stabbed by Andrea/Benedetto
•Caderousse comes back in the house, is forced to
write a letter revealing Andrea’s true identity,
repents of his sins, and dies.
•Dantes reveals his identity to him before he dies.
•Crime and Punishment: Caderousse is a
murderer so he gets murdered.
•The Count takes Albert to Normandy for a vacation
•Albert receives a letter from Beauchamp that his father’s
betrayal of Ali Pasha has been published in the paper and his
father’s name has been ruined.
•Albert goes back to Paris.
•Theme: The sins of the parents do fall on the children.
•Foreshadowing: The downfall of Fernand
Albert returns home and Beauchamp tells Albert all that has
transpired in his absence.
Fernand betrayed Ali Pasha by turning him over to his enemy.
Ali Pasha asked Fernand to watch over Haydee and her mother;
instead, Fernand sold them both into slavery and used that
money to buy a new title of Count de Morcerf.
Though Fernand tries to prove his innocence to the court,
Haydee identifies Fernand as being the one who sold her into
slavery, and she has the deed of sale papers to prove it.
Theme: Your past will come back to haunt you.
•Albert goes to Danglars because he thinks Danglars is the
cause of the release of the Ali Pasha affair information.
- Danglars says Monte Cristo asked him to write to Yanina –
that’s when everything was uncovered.
•Foreshadowing: Bad blood between the Count and
•Situational Irony: You do not expect Albert to dislike
the Count, but he does.
•At the opera, Albert challenges Monte Cristo to a duel the
next day.
•Mercedes has warned Albert to be cautious of his enemies.
•Chapter 51
•Mercedes begs the Count not to kill Albert.
•He agrees and says he will kill himself.
•He now feels he should have “torn his heart out the day [he]
swore to avenge [himself ].”
Maximilien and Emmanuel arrive at the Count’s house to be his
seconds at the duel.
Albert shows up and calls off the duel, and he asks for the Count’s
forgiveness – he knows why the Count exposed his father.
The Count knows Mercedes told Albert who the Count really is
and what his connection is to Mercedes and Fernand.
Situational Irony: We expect there to be a duel and Monte
Cristo to die, but there isn’t and he does not.
External Conflict: The duel between Albert and Monte Cristo
•Albert and Mercedes leave Fernand.
•First, they receive a letter from the Count disclosing the location
of money for them in Marsielles.
Chapter 54
•Morcerf goes to the Count’s house to tell him that he is an enemy
•Monte Cristo reveals his identity and Fernand leaves and kills
•Crime and Punishment: He loses his wife and son and his title – all
the things that were the most important to him. He caused Ali
Pasha to lose these things, too. Fernand cannot live this way.
Madame Danglars and Eugenie visit Valentine and we learn
Eugenie doesn’t want to marry Andrea.
Valentine gets sick and the Count promises Maximilien that
Valentine will not die.
Chapter 56
Andrea and Eugenie are about to marry
The police come and reveal Andrea’s identity, but Andrea
The wedding is called off.
•Eugenie and Louise run away
•Danglars loses his daughter and his reputation
•Foreshadowing: The fall of Danglars
•Chapter 58
•Benedetto is trying escape Paris and he encounters Eugenie, she
screams, and he gets caught. He is sent to prison.
•Valentine is recovering from her illness.
•Monte Cristo gives her something to drink other than what
was by her bed.
•He tells her someone is trying to poison her.
•He asks her to trust him.
•He gives her a pill that makes her appear dead.
•Dramatic Irony: We know she’s not dead, but everyone
else will think she is
•When everyone thinks Valentine is dead, Maximilien reveals his
relationship with Valentine.
•Nortier wants to tell Villefort who the murderer is and avenge
Valentine’s death
•Chapter 61
•Monte Cristo visits Danglars and takes the money Danglars was
to pay the hospital.
•Danglars tells the hospital that he will pay them the money he
owes them tomorrow, but Danglars takes the money and runs
•They have a funeral for Valentine
•The Count watches Maximilien and follows him
•He knows Max. is going to kill himself.
•He asks Max. not to kill himself and to wait for
one month
•He reveals that he is his father’s savior – but he
does not reveal his true identity to Julie and
Madame Danglars gets a letter from Monseiur Danglars calling her a
“faithful” wife – but there’s no point in being with her anymore.
Madame Danglars is hoping that Debray will stay with her, but he
doesn’t want her anymore.
Downstairs, Mercedes and Albert are talking, and Albert tells her he
is joining the army.
Monte Cristo is watching from a distance and wants to find a way to
make them both happy again.
Benedetto is in jail, and Bertuccio goes to tell him who his father
is, but he’s unable to.
Foreshadowing: The downfall of Villefort
Chapter 65
Villefort sees that Nortier is staring down Madame Villefort
She is being very kind to Villefort, but Villefort yells at her and tells
her to kill herself because she’s the one who has been killing
everyone in the household.
If she does not kill herself, he will have her arrested.
The trial of Benedetto goes to court.
Benedetto reveals that Villefort is his father and that
Madame Danglars is his mother (she faints in the
court room)
Villefort runs out frantically
•On the way home, Villefort realizes that Madame Villefort is bad
because he was bad. He hopes that she is still alive.
•He discovers that she is dying – then she dies.
•She has left a letter that explains why she’s done what she’s done
– she poisoned Edouard, too.
•Monte Cristo arrives and sees that his revenge has gone to far.
•He tries to revive Edouard but he cannot.
•Villefort goes mad.
•Crime and Punishment: He loses everything he worked so
hard to gain (and Dantes paid the price for Villefort’s
•Maximilien and the Count go to Marsielles.
•He visits Mercedes at the house where he left the money – his father’s
•She says that she will just live alone; she does not hate him for what
he has done.
•He tries to make her happy but she refuses to be. She wants Albert to
be happy, and he will be happy if he leaves
Chapter 69
•He goes to the Chateau d’If and hears the stories of Dantes and
Abbe Faria.
•He acquires Faria’s book, and he pays the guide.
•Danglars, though on the run, is kidnapped by Luigi Vampa and
•He is made to be enormous amounts of money for his food and
drink, depleting all of his money.
•Dantes reveals himself, and then Danglars gets dropped off by a
river with what ever money he has left.
•Crime and Punishment: He loved money, so he loses most
of it. Danglars does not die because Monte Cristo feels he
has done too much (Edouard).
•Maximilien meets Monte Cristo on the Isle of Monte
•Valentine is there, but Monte Cristo makes Maximilien
•Maximilien believes, at first, that he is in heaven, but
then they are finally together.
•The Count gives them a note explaining why the Count
did what he did.
•The Count leaves with Haydee.

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