Property Group Composer (utility from Royal Cyber)

Property Group Composer™
Automated Property Group Generator for RDz
July 9th, 2013
Juzer Ali & Anand Vijay
• Company Introduction
• What is Property Group Composer?
• Technical Demo
• What we can offer to customers
• Q&A
Royal Cyber Overview: Introduction
Based in Illinois (USA), serving multiple industries including
many Fortune 1000+ companies since 1997
 Cutting edge IT services globally
 Specialists in:
 IBM Rational brand solutions: RDz, RD&T, RAA, RTC, RAD
 Enterprise modernization
 Traditional consulting/skills augmentation
To date, Royal Cyber Inc. has grown into an awardwinning technical consulting firm, not only in the U.S.
but also in European, Middle Eastern and Asia Pacific.
Automated Property Group Generation
There are three phases to an RDz rollout:
1. Product installation (Client/Server)
• One time task
• Often done in concert with IBM
2. Configuration – including z/OS integration
• Establishing the baseline configuration
• Managing the configuration over time
3. Knowledge Transfer
Of the above – Configuration often makes or breaks an RDz Rollout
Within the Configuration step, managing the complexity of Property Groups, in a
complex development environment, is usually considered the biggest problem, and
one ill-suited to manual specification:
Property Group Composer
Property Group Composer automates the creation, import and
management of RDz Property Groups generation and
• Property Group Composer parses production Build JCL and pulls the syslib
concatenations and other pertinent information regarding datasets used for
RDz functionality
• The generated Property Group XML can be imported into your Workspace.
Three modes of use:
1. Invoke Property Group Composer interactively.
2. Submit as a batch job (add to your production build step)
3. Invoke as a Menu Manager action
Property Group Composer – Process
2. Property Group Composer
locates the job in JES and
extracts configurable
property group parameters
1. RDZ User launches Property
Group composer – Custom menu
manager action
4. RDz user Imports completed
Property Group File
3. Generates Property Group
XML and FTPs to a
configurable FTP location
Property Group Composer
Property Group Generation: Batch JCL
• Submit a JCL member included with Property Group Composer™
• Customize the job to include the production Build:
Job Name
Job Number
Property Group Name
Property Group Description
Property Group Generation - Menu Manager
• Invoke Property Group Composer™ from a menu manager action
• Specify:
Job Name
Job Number
Property Group Name
Property Group Description
Property Group Generation - REXX Exec
• Invoke ™ Property Group Generator from a foreground REXX Exec (ISPF =6)
• Specify:
Job Name
Job Number
Property Group Name
Property Group Description
How to get Property Group Composer
• Property Group Composer is available:
Standalone – contact us for pricing
As a no-cost value-add when you engage with Royal Cyber for RDz services:
Custom courseware development
Rollout consulting
Custom RDz  z/OS Integration
About Property Group Composer:
Comes with usage manual and installation assistance
Works with RDz versions: 8.03, 8.5.0, 8.5.1.x and 9.0
Available in source format or compiled version
Royal Cyber RDz Services – 2013
We are currently building out our existing deep RDz
technical services and deliverables – to include:
Additional tools and technologies:
(no-cost) Technical briefings:
We are looking for your input to choose and prioritize
This month we will be sending out our “RDz Journal” newsletter
Please let us know if you want to receive copies and/or links
An expanded set of RDz training and consulting bundles
Royal Cyber – RDz Custom Tooling and
Technical Services
Custom tooling, RDz plug-in, utility development:
Custom Utilities like generating RDz property groups from Build JCL
Reusable code snippets, language templates, and program fragments
REXX/CLIST integration for ease and automation
Java/Eclipse plug-ins for custom code review rules
HATS/RCP + Menu Manager integration for conversational or ISPF
based green screen functionality
Plug-in creation for seamless integration of tools
Royal Cyber Dedicated RDz
Professional Consulting Teams
Anand Vijay - Senior mainframe consultant
15+ years experience of mainframe application and system programming
Expert in writing custom utilities (for example REXX scripts for generation property groups)
Juzer Ali - Team Leader, System z team
5+ years of experience with System z administration and programming
Developing solutions for customer using Rational for System z offerings
Vijayalakhsmie KE - Senior System z administrator
8+ years of System z administration and programming
Involved in the implementation of various mainframe products for customers
Jayakumar Bhaskar - Senior mainframe and DB programmer
8+ years of application programming experience
Proficient with Rational tools for System z
Aamir Hirani - System z consultant
3+ years of experience on System z and Rational products such as RDz, RD&T, RTC, and RAA
Shajeel Ahmed - System z consultant
3+ years of experience on System z and Rational products such as RDz, RD&T, RTC, and RAA
Chris Leland - System z consultant / RDz and RAA Instructor
RDz custom courseware development – including CA-Endevor training
3+ years of experience on System z and Rational products such as RDz and RAA
Royal Cyber – RDz Education, Mentoring,
Center-of-Excellence Services
Custom, site-specific, courseware development and RDz education: COBOL, PL/I, Assembler
Modular/Role-based RDz curriculum: “RDz for Developers”, “RDz for Analysts”, etc.
Multiple modes of training delivery: Face to face, pre-recorded Video
lectures, live remote classes
Customer courseware development and maintenance: Across multiple RDz releases
RDz Train-the-Trainer program: Provide your in-house training/mentoring staff with best-in-class materials
RDz Technical Support/Mentoring Desk: Our Help center offers 24/7
Support “How To” and “Q&A”
support via phone, email, chat, and forums, 365 days a year.
SCM/RDz integration training: CA-Endevor, Serena Changeman, CA-Panvalet, CA-Librarian
RDz and Rational Team Concert (EE) training: Project planning, collaboration, SCM
RDz consulting and training services for Rational Asset Analyzer
RDz training on PD-Tools and other RDz 3rd party products; like Abend-Aid, File-Aid, Xpediter
RDz user skills evaluation & ROI evaluation consulting assistance
Customized RDz
Rollout project planning
Custom workspace configuration/ creation
Royal Cyber - IBM
RDz Distance Learning Wrapper Program
“Complementing the IBM Distance Learning Offering"
• Your developers go through IBM's RDz Distance Learning
program - saving time and money
• Royal Cyber book-ends the classers with pre and posttraining sessions that cover:
• SCM integration training
• RDz plug-in product education
• Customized workshops
Editing VSAM/QSAM and DB2 Tables
Developing DB2 Stored Procedures using RDz
Analyzing Applications using RAA
Debugging ABENDS using RDz and Fault Analyzer
• Real-Time (24/7) during and post-class RDz Mentoring
Summary – Our RDz Offerings
Jumpstart Packages
• RDz
• RDz + RTC
• RDz + RD&T
• RDz + RAA
Royal Cyber – “Wrapper”
Program for IBM’s RDz
Distance Learning
Custom RDz Training and
Courseware development
RDz Add-on Plugin and
Tooling Offerings
Please direct questions to:
•Syed Basheer, [email protected]
•Anand Vijay, [email protected]
•Juzer Ali, [email protected]
You can also send a blank email with subject “Subscribe” to
the any of the above email addresses to sign up for our
RDz and other Rational newsletters
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