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Shahzad Akbar
Director, Foundation for Fundamental Rights
Legal Fellow Reprieve UK
Target killing of
Tariq Aziz
Date of Execution:
October 30, 2011
Approximately 16 years
Tariq at a Jirga/camera training in Islamabad
just two days before his killing
Tariq’s body after the strike
Obama’s first
Date:: January 23, 2009
Killed: 7
• Muhammad Khalil (uncle)
•Mansur-ur-Rehman (uncle)
•Azaz-ur-Rehman (cousin)
•Khush Dil Khan (Fahim’s uncle)
• Obaid ullah (local shopkeeper and
family friend)
•Rafiq ullah (neighbor)
•Siffat ullah (neighbor)
•Fahim was severely injured, lost one
eye and underwent abdominal surgery
How many times one person
can be killed?
Sada ullah’s
Date: September 7, 2009
Location: Mir Ali, NWA
•Maut ullah Jan (uncle)
•Kadaanullah Jan (cousin)
•Sabir ud Din
•Ajman ullah (cousin) , legs and
lower body injuries
•Sadaullah, both legs amputated
and lost one eye
Kareem Khan’s story
Asif Iqbal & Zaheenullah December
31, 2009, Mir Ali, NWA
Sanaullah Jan, 17 yrs old pre
engineering student, November 26,
30 October 2006, Chanegai Bajaur
 80 children killed in an attack
on Madressah
 Incident was investigated by a
member of the provincial
assembly who reported 80
children’s death.
 All children were named and
were aged between 7-17
August 23, 2010 Dande Darpa Khel,
Syed Wali
 5 houses targeted believed to
be of Haqqani network
 Killed a big number of
woman and children
 No prominent Taliban/AQ
leader or small level operative
was killed
Bismillah family, 23 Aug 2010,
Dande Darpa Khel, NWA
3 children of Bismillah Khan
Maezol Khan, 8yrs, 14 Feb 2009,
Makeen, SWA
Naeem ullah 18 Oct 2010 in Datta
Khel, NWA
21 May 2010, Mohammad Khel
Miramshah, NWA (Fatima)
Nasir Khan (left), Naeem Khan
Grandmother killed in presence of 9
grandchildren (3 badly injured) October 24,
2012, Tappi NWA
Funerals, Rescue work and Jirga Attacks
Karwan Manza funeral attack, July
8, 2009, SWA
March 17, 2011 Jirga attacked killed over 40
including large number of elders
Recent rescuer strikes – July 6 and
23, 2012, Shawal, NWA
Total Civilian Deaths Reported
The Bureau of Investigative
Peshawar High Court
 Over 900 civilians killed.
 Fore period between 2008-
2012, 1449 civilians killed 335

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