Topic No 03
Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
and Ali Garh
 Muslims Of India was woke up after the
war of independence 1857.
 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan founded this
 He started the Education, social,
political and religious movement under
his founder ship.
 This Movement is called the Ali Garh
A Brief Life History Of sir
Syed Ahmad Khan
 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was born in Dehli
on October 17,1817.
 In 1869 Sir Syed published his book
“khutbat- e- Ahmedia” in reply to sir
William Mior’s sub standard book “Life
Of Muhammad”.
 In 1876, after his service, he settled in Ali
Garh permanently.
 In 1878, Viceroy of India lord Dalton
nominated him the member of imperial
 In 1888, Eden Borough University gave
him the degree of L.L.D honorably.
 He died in 1898 in Ali Garh.
The Ali Garh Movement:
 In India from 1857 to 1859, total graduate
Hindus were 715 while total Muslims
graduate were 20.
 Sir Syed thought it necessary for Muslims
to get modern education.
 That is way he started an educational
movement to awaken the educational
conscious among Muslims.
 Its center was Ali Grah.
 That’s way it is also called Ali Garh
Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
Took The Following Steps:
Establishment Of Madrassa Muradabad:
Establishment of Madrassa Ghazipur:
Formation Of scientific Society:
Issuance Of Ali Garh Institute Gazette:
Anjuman-e- Taraqi -e- Muslalmaanan-E-
Establishment Of M.A.O College Ali
Formation Of Muhammadan
Educational Conference and Its aims:
From M.A.O. College Ali Garh To
Muslims University Ali Garh:
Establishment Of Madrassa
In 1859, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan established
a Persian school in Muradabad.
In that school, along with religious
education, Urdu, Arabic, Persian and
English were taught.
Establishment of Madrassa
 In 1862, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was posted to
 Here also he established a school that is called
Madrassa Ghazipur.
 In that school, along with Urdu, Arabic and
Persian, English was taught as a compulsory
 Later on this school was joined with Victoria
High school after the posting of Sir Syed
Ahmad Khan.
Formation Of Scientific
 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan formed a Scientific
society in Ghazipur in 1864.
 Basic purpose of this Society was to translate
the English books and essays into Urdu for the
common Indians.
 Due to the posting of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, it
is society was also shifted to Ali Garh.
 That is way it is famous by Scientific Society
Ali Garh.
Issuance Of Ali Garh
Institute Gazette:
 On March 30,1866, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan published a
weekly , Ali Garh Institute Gazette from Ali Garh.
It had two aims:
First: Finish the bay present between the Britishers
and Indians.
Second: work for the educational development of
Indian Muslims.
On one side of its page it was in Urdu and on the other
side it was in English.
In the beginning this Gazette was weekly but later on
it was started to be published after every three days.
Anjuman-e- Taraqi -eMuslalmaanan-E-Hind:
 In December 1870, on his arrival from
England, Sir Syed formed an organization by
the name of Anjuman -e- Tarqai - eMuslimaan -e-Hind for the development of
Indian Muslims.
 Its basic aim was to give the Muslims modern
education so that they could cope with the
British Hindu conspiracies.
Establishment Of M.A.O
College Ali Garh:
 He formed a committee Muhammadan
College Fund committee for the
establishment of “Muhammadan Anglo
oriental College.
 Aim of that committee was to collect
money for the college and also to decide
about location of the college.
 At last in 1875, Sir Syed established a
School for the Muslims of India at Ali
Garh by the name of M.A.O school.
 On May 24, Sir William Mior Inaugurate the
College formally. After two year it was given
the status of college. This college was
inaugurate by viceroy lord Bittin on January
8,1877. Uniform and extra curriculum
activity were the quality of the college.
Formation Of Muhammadan
Educational Conference and
Its aims:
Sir Syed Ahmad Khan made an organization
in 1886 by the name of Muhammadan
Educational Conference for the safety of
Urdu and development of Muslims.
Its first meeting was held in M.A.O College
Ali Garh. In that meeting following points
were made:
1. To teach the Muslims Western
2. To make efforts for the betterment of
religious education in the English
medium schools of Muslims.
3. To give performance to eastern
education and Islamite.
4. To collect information about the
conditions of religious school and to
make efforts for their betterment.
From M.A.O. College Ali
Garh To Muslims University
Ali Garh:
 It was desire of Sir Syad Ahmad Khan that his
College became a university.
 This dream could not be true during his life.
 After his death his son Syed Mehmood became
the secretary of administrative Trust. He was a
western type person so soon his post was
taken back by him and was given to Nawab
 After the death of Nawab Mosin-Ul-Mulk,
Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk became the secretary of
the trust.
 After his Nawab Ishaq Khan became the
secretary of the trust.
 Later on Sir Agha Khan took the seat.
 During his period in 1921, Muhammadan
Anglo Oriental College was given the status of
Muslims got their own education and Sir Syed
‘s dream came true.
Effects Of Ali Garh Movement:
Development Of Western education:
2. Establishment Of Islamic
Educational Institute:
3. Economic development Of Muslims:
4. Political Leadership:
5. Development Of Urdu Language:
6. Role In Pakistan Movement:
Development Of Western
 Basic aim of Ali Garh Movement was
to develop Western Education
among Muslims.
 The movement succeeded very
 It became the center of Muslim’s
Establishment Of Islamic
Educational Institute:
 Because of the positive effects of Ali Garh Movement
Anjuman-e- Himayat -Islam formed Islamia High
Schools in Punjab.
 Hassan Afandi formed Sindh Madrassahtul-Islam in
Karachi and Sahibzaddah Abdul Qayum formed
Islamia college Peshawar.
 Similarly many other educational institutes were
formed throughout the country.
Economic development Of
 Muslims started to get Western
Education along with their Islamic
education because of the movement.
 That is the reason that they could get
government jobs soon.
 This help them to prosper economically.
Political Leadership
 Due to the Ali Garh Movement Muslims had
leaders like sir syed Ahmad Khan, Maulana
Muhammad Ali Johar , Maulana Shokat Ali,
Nawab Mehdi Khan, Nawab Waqar Ul Mulk
and Ishaq Khan.
 They all helped in the formation of all India
Muslim League on December 30.1906 in
Dhaka from where Muslim Made Pakistan.
Development Of Urdu
 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan developed his full life
for the Muslims of India.
 After him Nawab Mohsin Ul Mulk formed
different organization for this purpose.
 Because of these steps Urdu developed a lot.
 modern Urdu Literature was produced which
became on integral part of Islamic
Role In Pakistan Movement:
 In the Pakistan Movement the role of Ali Garh
students is very important.
 The graduate of Muslim University Ali Garh,
on the appeal of the Quaid-e Azam, closed
their books for some time and demanded for
 This produced such a desire in the hearts of
Muslims that they went for their separate
Negative effects Of Ali Garh
 Most of the teachers of Ali Garh University were
 That was the reason that it was not possible to
keep the students safe from western civilization.
 They did not prove themselves as good Muslims.
 Sir Syed himself said:
“I am astonished the people who get
education became civil and worst
nation instead of good”
 Actually, the Ali Garh Movement was for the
educational, literal political and social
 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was not only its founder
but was also its leader.
 If Sir syed not made this movement, Muslims
would have been the slaves of Britishers and
Hindus for ever so it is true to say that
Muslims got western education because of Ali
Garh Movement.
 They united themselves.
 In short this movement gave a new strength to
the Muslims Of India.
 Its introduced Islamic culture and civilization
and hence played an important role in the
creation of Pakistan.

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