Soviet Union
It started on September 1939- May 1945
It was at the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Germany
In 1941 more ships were placed in convoys, that now escorted all the
way across the Atlantic
By the help of developing technology the convoys routed around the
Germans U-boats.
By the late 1942, the U-boats returned in larger number to the midAtlantic
They were searching for weakness in convoy defence, that could be
exploded by “wolf packs” of U-boats
Britain lost ability to decode U-boat signals
They were too many U-boats to avoid
Britain again broke German codes
RAF agreed to help escort in the “black hole”
The Allies won the battle at a terrific price, and the food fuel and war
supplies continued to flow throughout WWII
Mainly between German U-boats and the British Royal
Navy and the United States Navy.
The key for the Allied navies was to get supply
convoys across the Atlantic Ocean, while the German
navy, mainly with U-boats, tried to cut off Great Britain
Longest Campaign in WWII
Germans, British, and U.S all had
powerful navies
Caused a oceanic war between them
The U.S had to support the British by
sending supplies
The US transporters needed to be
defended by their navy because they
were often attacked by the German
Germany lost the battle
Complete surrender to Britain
The Allies depended on the cross Atlantic
convoys to get :
- much needed supplies and food for Britain
- the equipment that was used by the Allies in
the battle
- 60% of men (who were involved in war)
Europe needed war materials made in North America,
that came across the Atlantic Ocean on a ship
The ships were escorted by convoys.
Majority of those ships were part of the Royal
Canadian Navy.
Men were shipped to Europe through the Atlantic
The winter caused a lot of problems , so in order to
survive it the RCN escort ships needed to be tough
and hard and determined
They did this for years and kept on getting better
Britain (and the Soviet Union NEEDED
Germany was attacking the supply ships
(commerce raiding)
If the battle was lost, the Britain might not be
“What a miserable, rotten hopeless life . . . an Atlantic
so rough it seems impossible that we can continue to
take this unending pounding and still remain in one
piece . . . hanging onto a convoy is a full-time job . .
. the crew is almost a dream from the night
marishness of it all . . . and still we go on hour after
-Frank Curry
This cartoon shows two boxers, one of
them represents the 'ships' of the Allies
and the other one symbolizes the
German 'U-boats'. It depicts that the
Allies' 'shipping' is losing and even
though they are working on it…it still
needs more help. This cartoon is
encouraging people/politicians to help
the Allies more.

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