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PantherSoft Financials
Procure to Pay
 Procure to Pay Workflow
Three Way Matching
 Creating a Requisition
Reviewing PO Information
Unencumbered Payment
Useful Queries
 Change Orders
 Blanket PO
 Requisition Header Status
 FIU Requisition Workflow
 Category Code & Accounts
 Budget Status
 Reviewing a Requisition
 Look up your assigned Buyer
 View your Pre-encumbrance
 View Receipt, Voucher, PO Information
 Creating & Receipts
Procure to Pay Workflow
Creating Requisitions
Creating Requisitions
Creating Requisitions
The Requisition Name is a “free form” field that can be used to enter a short
name to identify the requisition. It could later be used as a template.
Creating Requisitions
Amount is for Services
paid over time or when
paying a dollar amount
Quantity is for Goods
received over time or
receiving a good
The location listed will be the default location
If a Supplier is not in Panthersoft, the Supplier must submit
If you do not from
wish the
Purchasing website
email to
[email protected]
to and
be shipped
this location, please use the
to look up and change the
Contact the Tax Compliance Office if using foreign Suppliers.
Creating Requisitions
Creating Requisitions
Creating Requisitions
Creating Requisitions
To include all
 Send To
 Show at Voucher
 Show at Receipt
 Approval
If the requester chooses to select the Approval Justification checkbox, the other
3 checkboxes are deselected.
Approval Justification is an optional comment that will appear in the Requisition
approval page.
Creating Requisitions
Creating Requisitions
Confirm that all lines or
a single line will apply
changes from the
Creating Requisitions
Creating Requisitions
The Requestor will now be able to Budget Check after the Requisition
been submitted.
If they
don’t Budget
Check, it
will as a
If Budget
Check Status
is returned
as of “Error”,
be enabled
able to do
if not
the you
will pick Exceptions.
it up.
to view system
the Requisition
(12 noon & 7pm)
How to look up a Requisition
This is only available after you have the saved the requisition,
but has not yet been submitted.
Creating Requisitions – Change Orders
A Change Order is only
done to increase from
the original amount
If a PO
needs Orders
to be reduced
from theoriginal
the buyer
MUST include
in thecontact
fieldon the PO.
Creating Requisitions – Blanket PO
A Blanket Purchase
Order is done for
Lump Sum amount
Creating Requisitions – Blanket PO
Requisition Header Status
Open – Indicates that the requisition has been saved, so you can continue
working on it at a later time. However, it has not been submitted for approval.
Pending - This status appears after the requisition is submitted for approval.
Cancelled - This action was taken by the Requestor based on an e-mail or
directive from the department’s Expense Manager.
Complete –The requisition is marked complete after the requisition is
dispatched on a PO, the goods are received and the vendor is paid.
FIU Requisition Workflow
Requisitions Project #
Requisitions Activity #
FIU Requisition Approval Workflow
Technology for
all Audio Visual,
Data Processing
& Network
Project Manager
(OSRA) - If any
Distribution line
is over $10K
Technology for all
Audio Visual,
Data Processing
& Network
OSRA Approval is only for Office of Sponsored Research Projects (FSR01)
The Project Manager must approve the requisition if they are the same as the Requester
System has initiated the approval routing process and requisition is waiting approval action and requires Budget
Checking. Approver(s) receive email notification to Approve
Requisition is approved. Approver and Requester will be unable to make any further changes and the request is
ready to be selected for Purchase Order processing. Final Approval triggers an email notification to Requester
If Approver denies the Requisition, the Requester will receive an email with comments, Requester can make
changes to the Requisition and resubmit for approval (if needed)
If Approver puts the requisition on hold, the Requester will receive an email notification with comments
Category Code & Accounts
 For Non-Project Purchases – The requisition will go
through even if that account has no funds. This may
cause a budget issue later for the department.
 For Project Purchases – If the account does not have
available funds the requisition will go into budget error
and will not source over to Purchasing. The requester
must arrange for a budget transfer to make sure that
there is funding in the account to cover the purchase.
Budget Status
Valid – Budget is available and ready.
Not Chk’d – Indicates that it has not been Budget Checked.
Error – No budget available. Contact your Budget Manager. They
should check Commitment Control and add budget to correct account
you are charging.
Exceeds Budget Tolerance and Budget Date out of Bounds are two
common errors associated to Project funding transactions.
Reviewing a Requisition
Reviewing a Requisition
If a Requisition has been cancelled, it can only be reviewed
thru the “Requisition Inquiry page”.
Main Menu>Purchasing>Requisitions>Review Requisition Information>Requisition
Reviewing a Requisition
Reviewing a Requisition
Click on the amount link to view further into the accounting entries.
If the Requisition has not been budget checked, the Pre-Encumbrance Balance
will show 0.00
Reviewing a Requisition
Reviewing a Requisition
in Pending Status
Reviewing a Requisition
Reviewing a Requisition
Cancelling a Requisition
This action can only be done if the Requisition is still Open,
Pending status or it has been Denied by the approvers.
 If the Requisition has been already approved, you must
contact Purchasing Department in order to have it cancelled.
 If the Requisition has been denied, it needs to be cancelled
by the Requester in order to release the pre-encumbrance.
Cancelling a Requisition
Cancelling a Requisition
Creating Receipts
The Receipt Number is a sequence
number automatically assigned by the
Creating Receipts
Select “Ordered Qty”, if receiving completely
Select “PO Remaining Qty”, if receiving partially
Creating Receipts
Receipt Price can be adjusted when receiving partially
Creating Receipts
Change the Receipt
Date to the actual date
the good/service was
Creating Receipts
Creating Receipts
A Receipt can only be cancelled if there are no vouchers & payments associated to it.
Three Way Matching
Purchase Order
Three Way Matching
1. The PO is always created first from a Requisition.
2. The merchandise is received in good order either by Central
Receiving, Scientific Receiving, or the Department.
3. The invoice is received and entered into PantherSoft by the Accounts
Payable team of the Controller’s Office.
Three Way Matching
Will AP pay the supplier without the supplier having provided the
service or merchandise?
Absolutely Not! Because of the Three Way Matching rule, until the
department enters into the system and receives against the PO, the
payment will never leave the University. In effect the department
controls when payments are made by controlling the receiving of the
merchandise or service.
Three Way Matching
 Original Invoices must be sent to Accounts Payable.
 A paper invoice by Interoffice Mail or scanned & emailed to
[email protected] is required for payment.
 Some Suppliers send the invoice before the merchandise
arrives or the service is rendered.
 There is a State of Florida Regulation, FS 215.422-3a-c, which
allows a vendor to receive additional Interest Payment on all
open balances over 40 days from the date of the accepted
Reviewing the entire process
1. Requisition is done and approved.
2. A PO was dispatched.
3. The merchandise was delivered.
4. A receipt was entered against the PO.
5. The Invoice came in and It was delivered to the
Accounts Payable team in the Controller’s Office.
Can I find out the Status?
Reviewing a Purchase Order
Reviewing a Purchase Order
Reviewing a Purchase Order
Reviewing a Purchase Order
Reviewing a Purchase Order
Purchase Order Status
Approved – The PO is approved and awaiting the notification to the Supplier
Cancelled – The PO has been cancelled via email notification to Purchasing.
Complete – The PO has been paid/received and is closed and no further
changes can be made.
Dispatched – The PO is approved and the notification has been sent to the
Requestor and Supplier.
Pending – The PO is awaiting further approval.
Unencumbered Payment Requests
Unencumbered Disbursement Request - is a request for
disbursement on an item when a Requisition and/or PO is not
created. The form can be found at
 The items purchased must be on the Allowable Unencumbered list.
 Should not be used in place of a Requisition and/or Purchase Order.
 If an item is purchased before completing a Requisition and/or
Purchase Order, a confirming PO must be requested from Purchasing
by entering a Requisition with justification.
 Items acquired in an emergency situation in which the normal
purchasing process was not possible, will also require a Requisition
with justification.
Allowable Unencumbered Purchases List
The Following is a list of allowable unencumbered purchases:
Service Agreements: Under $75,000(must include
signed Agreement as back up documentation, if over
$5,000 required by either parties)
Petty Cash Reimbursements
Postage(U.S. Postmaster or University Mail Suppliers)
Direct Travel Payments (Car Rental, Conference
Registration, and Hotel Payments)
Non-Employee Travel Reimbursements
Revenue Funds
Fire Marshall Fees
FIU Foundation
Notary Charges
Legal Services
Other Universities
Financial Aid (Third Parties)
Doctor Bills, Medical Co-payments,
Hospital Bills (Athletics)
Other Emergency Expenses for Student
Registration Fees (Must include approved
TA #)
FIU One Card
Deposit Payable
Please see the Purchasing Services website at for
the list of Allowable Unencumbered Payment Items
Procedures for Submitting
Unencumbered Payment Requests
University Department Responsibilities:
The department is responsible for verifying that all information is complete and correct.
All unencumbered requests must be submitted electronically
Attach all supporting documents (i.e. vendor’s invoice).
 Note: Unencumbered vouchers fail budget checking when there is an insufficient budget for the
payment of the invoice. The budget available for an expense is regulated by the Departmental
Budget Manager. The Department is responsible for any interest penalties under FS 115.422-3a-c.
Departmental expenses are reconciled on a monthly basis.
Any discrepancies or errors in charges to the department should be reported to Accounts Payable
Only FedEX may be used for Overnight Check Delivery, entering the mailing and payment
information using the Departmental Commodity Card. This information should be attached to the
documents submitted.
Check Pickup must be coordinated thru the Accounts Payable Department. It’s for event vendors or
payments requiring submission of confidential information only.
Useful Queries – Query Viewer
 FIU_ALL_OPENENC_PRE - All Open Encumbrances or Reqs
 FIU_REQ_ENTERED _BY - Requisition list by Userid
 FIU_PO_CATEGORY_LIST2 - PO Category List (Eff/Acct)
 FIU_PO_DEPT_PYMNT_VENDOR - Total paid by a dept by Category
 FIU_PO_LIST_BY_VENDOR - List of PO's Prompt by Vendor
 FIU_PO_RECV_BY - Receipts Entered By
 FIU_PO_TO_VENDOR - PO's Issued to a given Vendor
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