Introduction to GC Connector

Video Conference Screen
Top toolbar in screen-sharing
mode. Click on More link to
change view to or from Full
Click on Participants in the bottom toolbar, find your own
connection, and highlight it to “raise your hand” with a
question or to rename it. Cellphone users, please rename
your connection to identify yourself.
For questions, you may also use the Chat box; access it from
the Chat link in the bottom toolbar.
Bottom toolbar. Make sure mike icon on left is muted (red line across it). If you have a
webcam, click on the camera icon (beside “Audio”) to turn it off (another red line) to
conserve bandwidth resources.
Introduction to
GC Connector
November 6, 2014
Introduction: Jennifer Simmons
Booking an Appointment through the “front end”
Connector credentials and permissions
Adding or updating a Location
Creating Schedules
Creating an Outreach Event
Booking Appointments
The “front end”, a/k/a the “widget”
Open to the public, no login
credentials required
The Prerequisites
Login credentials
A Location
An Assister
Creating Schedules
• Can create multiple schedules in one operation
• Each group of schedules must be in one location with one assister
• Recommendation: Minimize the number of individual schedules you create, so
as not to end up with a list like this:
These Schedules are
all at the same
location. If they
were also for the
same assister,
among them would
be difficult.
Interim Procedure
 The Weekly Progress Reports required by CMS have
several new outcomes that are not yet available in the
 When the outcomes are updated, it is likely that
appointments created before then will continue to
have the outdated outcomes.
 Until the outcomes are updated, it may be necessary
to use the Google Form to record outcomes.
Booking Appointments in the
Click on the “Find an
appointment” link to search for
an available slot.
Message to Consumer
Outreach Events
An outreach event may
be associated with more
than one organization
and with multiple
 Contact:
 Jennifer Simmons, [email protected]
 Gray Wilson, [email protected]
 Online Resources:

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