Powerpoint - Understanding the NEC Foundation

• To provide financial resources for The
National Exchange Club’s Programs of
Service and its National Project, the
prevention of child abuse.
Both Tax Exempt and Tax
• 1966
• 1979
• 1999
National Exchange Club Educational
Foundation (Original)
The National Exchange Club Foundation
for the Prevention of Child Abuse (2nd)
The National Exchange Club Foundation
(NEC Foundation)
• Merged & Combined 2 earlier entities
• 2012
CAP (Child Abuse Prevention) program
moved to National Exchange Club
• The NEC Foundation continues to support the CAP
• The NEC Foundation now strictly fundraising
• Overseen by the Board of Trustees
• Provides support to all Programs of Service
• Americanism
• One Nation Under God Brochures
(NEC Foundation provides up to 100 free
per club per fiscal year)
• Community Service
• Youth Recognition
• Youth of the Year Scholarships - $10,000
• A.C.E. Scholarships - $10,000
(NEC Foundation also provides travel expenses for
Award winners and their parents)
• Disaster Relief
• Hurricane Sandy
• Oklahoma Tornadoes
• Upon Request
Provides support to Exchange’s National Project - Child Abuse
Prevention (CAP) for:
• Annual Symposium for CAP Center staff and Board
• Travel expense scholarships are provided to each center to attend
the Annual Symposium
• New Director Orientation
• CAP related publications and materials
Child Abuse – There is an Answer
Believe in the Blue
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Learn the Crying Code
Local Exchange Club use of 501 (c)(3) Certificate
• Passthrough Grants for Clubs
• A club’s donor gifts can “flow-thru” the NEC Foundation (and
back to the club), resulting in a tax deductible gift for the
• Supports numerous projects in various local communities
• Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) & Billboard
• Over $300,000 in direct charitable support is provided each
year to the NEC Programs of Service and the National Project,
the prevention of child abuse.
• Another $200,000 is provided to NEC services.
• With additional donations, greater NEC Foundation distributions
will be possible.
• Dues - $10 of every member’s Annual Dues are designated to help
support the NEC Foundation’s mission.
• Annual Campaign – A year-end mailing gives members the
opportunity to make a tax deductible year end gift.
• Tribute Gifts – “In Honor of” or “In Memory of” gifts throughout the year
• Ocean Campaign – Encourages small, individual giving at each Club
• Campaign for Kids – Clubs are given the opportunity to host a
special project or make a direct donation to support the CAP (Child
Abuse Prevention) program and centers, fund the Youth of the Year
and ACE Scholarships.
• Endowment Income – A portion of the investment income from funds
donated to the Endowment provides additional annual support.
• Berkey Fellowship – Named in honor of Exchange’s founder,
Charles Berkey, this unique group of men and women have
chosen to support the NEC Foundation with a gift of $1,000 in
the fiscal year. Fellows attending the National Convention are
invited to a dinner in their honor.
• Heritage Society – Membership is reserved for those who have
informed us that they have included the National Exchange Club
Foundation in their Estate Plan. Members in attendance at the
National Convention are invited to an exclusive breakfast.
• Cash, Check, or Credit/Debit Card
• Retirement Account Funds
• May be particularly attractive to those 70 ½ and older
• Take mandated withdrawals and avoid taxes
• Insurance Policies
• Securities (stocks & bonds)
• Highly appreciated ones may have significant tax savings
• Full Value of Gift is Tax Deductible
• Avoid Capital Gains Tax
• Real Estate
• Endowment – Endowment principle is never spent; the funds
are invested and the NEC Foundation receives a percentage of
the earnings each year as unrestricted support… in perpetuity
• Where needed most (Unrestricted) – these monies can be used
where ever needed: programs, operations, fundraising, donor
recognition, etc.
• Restricted – you may restrict your donation to your favorite
• Americanism
• Community Service
• Youth programs, recognition, & scholarship
• Our National Project - Child Abuse Prevention
• Disaster Relief
• Online at the NEC website: www.nationalexchangeclub.org
• Mail
• National Exchange Club Foundation
3050 Central Avenue
Toledo, OH 43606
• Call (419) 535-3232 or (800) 924-2643
• Be an Ambassador of Goodwill
• Share the NEC Foundation’s mission and message with your club and at
district events and meetings
• Annual Giving
• Contacts:
Who do You Know?
Who do Our Families Know?
Who/Where are Our Active and Inactive Members?
What Companies or Foundations are in Our Area?
Set up Meetings with Donors/Prospective Donors
• Include The NEC Foundation in your Estate Plan
For your support of Exchange and
the National Exchange Club Foundation!

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