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Title 24 Part 6 Compliance: Get it Right the First Time!
Title 24, Part 6 Best Practices Program
June 13, 2013
Presented by: Sally Blair
Who’s here?
Addresses incorrect form
Addresses volume of code
documents in Title 24, Part 6
Use this tool at the counter
Use this tool when looking up
code language
Identifies which Add/Alt Forms
apply to a specific project
Helps navigate Title 24, Part 6
Standards Documents
Contractor Education
Addresses improper installation
in the field
Addresses contractor and tradespecific code knowledge
Use this tool for Field Inspection
For Building Departments
Illustrates proper installation
techniques related to Title 24,
Part 6 components
Quarterly Pre-packaged Training
Sessions for Contractor
Tool for Field Inspectors and Contractors alike
Videos focused on proper installation
Troubleshooting Field Guide
Tips and Tricks for successful inspection
What are common areas to
tackle first?
Contractor Education Package
Quarterly Pre-packaged 1-2 hour training
Preparation Packet
 Timeline with Milestones
 How to identify the Presenter Team
 Logistics such as coordination of meeting
space, catering and audio/visual needs.
Presentation Packet:
 Editable Presentation
 Speaker Notes
 Activity and handouts
 Preformatted E-blast, Flyers, and other
marketing tools
 Handouts for event
 “Benefits of Pulling a Permit” Flyer
 Surveys
Potential Topics
 Quality Insulation Installation
 Cool Roof (Res & Nonres)
 Lighting Controls & Daylighting
 Lighting Alterations Triggers
 HVAC Changeouts (Res)
 HVAC Changeouts (Nonres)
Which two would you like to see in 2013?
The C&S Team will conduct outreach campaigns designed to
generate awareness of:
 Code Triggers
 Benefits of compliance
 Consequences of failing to comply
 Training Opportunities for building departments and various
trades (HVAC, lighting, insulation, roofing)
 New Tools and Resources
Where to Find Them
On the web:
On Twitter: @T24Ace
Who Else?
Know any other Departments who’d
like to participate?
What’s Next?
Hour long call end of July to discuss:
 Feedback on Forms Ace & Reference Ace use
 Status update and review of Installation Ace
Monthly/Quarterly calls with Codes & Standards Team
 Keep communication lines open
 Feedback on tool expansion
Are you ready to use these tools?
How can we help?
Need to plan a web demo with us?

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