Romeo and Juliet Act I, II: Foil, Monologue, and Soliloquy

CSCS 3.10 The students will identify and
describe dialogue, monologue, aside,
soliloquy, a play/dramatic literature.
ACE #4 is next week (Tuesday or Friday)
Vocab 22 is next week (ten words)
RJ test (stage directions, foil, aside,
dialogue, monologue, soliloquy)
Notebook check on Friday
Progress Reports will be input on Friday
(ACE results will be included)
Vocab 21 quiz is cancelled today.
 Turn
to pg. 810 (Lines 60-68) in Act I
 Two volunteers will read the dialogue out
 What does this dialogue reveal about
Benvolio and Tybalt?
 How are they different?
 This is an example of a _________ ________.
 Foil
– a character who provides a contrast to
another character (opposites)
Purspose is to create tension and conflict
Example: Tybalt is the foil to Benvolio
 Practice:
If a character were serious
throughout a play, what characteristic would
his foil have? Answer in a complete
 What
is a monologue?
One character is speaking about their internal
thoughts out loud
A speech directed to another character(s) on
stage and the speech may be about that
The audience is meant to hear as well
“Boy Band” Male Monologue
The Jonas Brothers have nothing on me! I don’t
even think they play their own instruments. I play
electric bass and I’m actually pretty good. I’m
starting my own band. I’m trying out names for us.
I think those guys in the Naked Brothers Band have
a stupid name. I’m thinking of “Fish and Chips” or
“The Deodorants” or “The Paper Cuts!” What do
you think? I’m kinda leaning towards “The
Deodorants” only because some of the guys who
want to be in the band could use some deodorant
if you know what I mean??!! So are you gonna come
and hear us?
 In
paragraph form, explain why “Boy Band” is
considered a monologue. Give three good
reasons with supporting evidence.
 Review
(random selection)
Reason #1: ?
Reason #2: ?
Reason #3: ?
“Television Star” female monologue
I could see myself on TV one day. No, really, I
could! Look at this face! This is a TV and movie
type of face! I would want to be on a comedythat’s for sure. I could be Hannah Montana’s
sidekick or I could be a guest star on the Suite
Life of Zack and Cody. That would be very
cool. Or if I was on Zoey 101 I could be the girl
in school who’s always on skates. That would
be awesome—mainly because I love to skate!
So make sure you watch, because you might
see me on TV soon!
 In
paragraph form, explain why “Television
Star” is considered a monologue. Give three
good reasons with supporting evidence.
 Review
(random selection)
Reason #1: ?
Reason #2: ?
Reason #3: ?
 What
is a soliloquy?
A character gives a speech alone on stage
That character reveals his/her private thoughts
or feelings
The audience can hear this speech.
 In
paragraph form, compare and contrast a
monologue to a soliloquy.
 Review
(random selection)

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