PennDOT Project Collaboration
Center (PPCC) Training
PennDOT District 8-0
Winter School – 2015
January 14, 2015
 General Overview
 Project Portal
 Project Setup
 Project Site
 Admin Responsibilities
 Functionality
PPCC Overview
 Web based document tracking system
 Allows contractors to submit documents electronically
 All projects let in October 2014 or later requires the use of PPCC via the
inclusion of a contract special provision
 Any submission that requires a Department review should be
submitted through PPCC
 Department personnel or designated representative reviews and
dispositions submittals online.
PPCC Overview
 System tracks review time and benchmarks against
established durations
 System alerts reviewers via E-mail notifications at each step
of the submittal process
 System provides a history of the review process
 Provides all team members online access to project specific
documents, contact information, and other useful resources
PPCC Project Portal
 System Access
 Access granted by designated administrators
 Internet link: https://www.pcs.pd.pa.gov
 System Log-in
 Department employees utilize provided link
 or, use CWOPA credentials (cwopa\user name) if outside the network
 Outside business partners utilize ECMS credentials
 Portal site provides access to associated project sites
PPCC Portal Site
 PPCC Portal Tab
 Displays various announcements
 Provides links to various publications & standards
 My Work Queue Tab
 Provides access to submittals requiring user review for all associated projects
 Separate tabs for each submittal category
 My Projects Tab
 Provides access to projects user is associated with
 Projects can be identified as “favorites”
 Projects accessed by clicking on the Project Name
 Each project opens in a separate browser
PPCC Portal Site
 Reports Tab
 Allows users to run various “canned” reports
 Reports return information for all associated projects
 Preferences Tab
 Allows users to tailor e-mail notification preferences
 Changes are project specific
 References Tab
 Provides links to various training aides & help documents
PPCC Portal Site
 Portal Administration
 Portal administration tab accessible by designated District Admins
 Maintain standard District template
 Submittal types
 Workflows
 User Roles
 Create project sites upon request
 Standard template is copied to new projects
 Project specific administrators can make modifications & add users to associated
project sites
 Project ACE
 Inspector-In-Charge
Project Setup
 ACE/ACM submits PPCC request form to District Admin
 Provides ECMS number & project information
 Designates top level Project Site Administrators
 District Admin creates the project
 Returns PPCC request form back to the ACE/ACM via e-mail
 ACE/ACM or Project Site Admin completes setup
 Adds remaining users
 Modifies/Adds submittal types and workflows to suit specific project needs
Project Setup
 Current District PPCC Administrators
 Mike Harter
 [email protected] / (717) 787-5070
 Kevin Keefe
 [email protected] /(717) 783-3848
 Once project setup is complete the project ACE/ACM or IIC will add users or
make any required revisions.
Project Site Administration
 Add/modify roles
 Roles can be added or deleted from the project site
 Roles can be added or deleted from submittal types to build a workflow
 Add/modify users
 Users can be added or removed from roles
 Multiple users can be assigned to a single role
 Department users are assigned by their CWOPA credentials
 Non-Department users are assigned by their ECMS credentials
Project Site Administration
 Add/modify contractor users
 Prime contractor representatives
 Must be assigned to “Prime Contractor” role to submit documents
 Subcontractor representatives
 Must be assigned to “Sub-Contractor” role to submit documents
 All workflows travel through the Prime Contractor
Project Site Administration
 Reviewer vs. view only role
 Workflows are created by assigning review roles to each individual submittal
 Reviewers can be reordered, added, or removed from workflows
 New review roles can be assigned to submittal workflows
 Users not assigned to a “Reviewer” role will have “view only” access by
 A common example would be the “Viewer” role
Project Site Administration
 Reviewer vs. view only role
 Certain roles grant Administrator privileges
 Users assigned to these roles are automatically added to the “SiteAdministrator”
Project A.C.E
 Inspector-In-Charge
 Construction Consultant CM
 Users can be added or deleted from the “SiteAdministrator” role
Project Site Administration
 Add/Modify Submittal Types
 Submittals are grouped by 4 general categories
 Other Correspondence
 Source of Supply
 Submittal
 Submittal types can be added, deleted, or modified by project administrators
to suit specific project needs
 Review durations are defined by the submittal type
 Roles can be designated to receive a Final Acceptance Notification
Project Site Functionality
 Document submissions
 Currently all submissions start & end with the contractor
 A future enhancement will allow for internal Department submissions
 Department to contractor workflow
 Department to consultant workflow
 Department to Department workflow
 Contractors must select the appropriate submittal type to reach the correct
 E-mail notifications are sent to all reviewers assigned to the designated role
 E-mail preferences can be modified
 My work Queue can be utilized in lieu of relying on e-mail notifications
Project Site Functionality
 Reviewing Documents
 Attachments are accessed in the Item History section
 Documents are dispositioned by selecting the appropriate “Action” from the
drop-down menu and clicking the Submit button
 Accepted
 Accepted as Noted
 Accepted as Noted (Resbmt Rqrd)
 Revise & Resubmit
 Rejected
 Reviewers can add documents
 Actual review durations are tracked and monitored
Project Site Functionality
 Other review options
 Request Comment
 Allows the initial reviewer to solicit comments from other users
 Review duration is still tracked against the initial reviewer
 Initial reviewer remains responsible for responding to the submission
 Delegate Step
 Allows the initial reviewer to delegate review and approval authority to other
 Delegation is reflected in the Item History section
 Delegated user is responsible for responding to the submission
Project Site Functionality
 My Work Queue Tab
 Provides a user specific view and access to all project submittals requiring their
 View all Items Tab
 Provides access to all submissions for the project
 Only location to access previously completed submittal reviews
 Resources Tab
 Provides access to a project specific calendar
 Can post announcements to relay project information
 Provides contact information for all assigned users
Project Site Functionality
 Reports
 Provides access to various project reports
 Can be exported in various formats
 Preferences Tab
 Allows users to modify e-mail notification preferences
 My work Queue notification
 Copy on all
 Final Acceptance
Project Site Functionality
 Shared Files Tab
 Allows all users to upload project documents and folders
 Page can be viewed by all assigned project users
 Project Files
 Allows authorized users to upload project documents and folders
 Cannot be viewed by contractor users
 Photos Tab
 Allows authorized users to upload project photos and video clips
 Mike Harter
 District 8-0 ACM –York County
 [email protected]
 717-787-5070
 Lou Pirozzi, P.E.
 Michael Baker International
 [email protected]
 717-443-8505

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