Reading Apprenticeship

Reading Apprenticeship (RA)
What is RA?
How can it benefit our students?
How can I implement RA into our curriculum?
How can we strengthen RA practices on
• Final thoughts…
Reading Apprenticeship
from: WestEd: Reading Apprenticeship
How can it benefit our students?
•Increased independence and confidence
•Increased engagement
•Development of different reading strategies
•Higher levels of comprehension
•Increased retention
Reading Apprenticeship classroom
• Focus on comprehension
• A climate of collaboration
• An emphasis on student independence
Create a Reading Strategies List
for your class
After students read an assignment in your class
ask them…
1. What were some of the thought processes
you used as you were reading the passage?
2. Which passages were particularly challenging
for you? Why?
3. What did you do to make sense of those
challenging passages? 1) “Pair/Share”
2) Group discussion
3) Type of list for the class
How can I implement RA into our curriculum?
Strategies include (not a comprehensive list):
•Case Inquiry (Evidence/Interpretation)
•Golden Lines
•Final Word
•Think-Aloud Process
•Talking to the Text
•Reading Logs
Case Inquiry Handout
I saw/heard/read in the text…
I wondered/I made a
connection/ I thought…
Golden Lines
• Identify several key concepts from a reading
• Forces students to read for the main ideas
and/or to make personal connections with
their reading
The Final Word
• Each group member has the opportunity to
share his/her ideas – beliefs and assumptions
are questioned resulting in greater
The first person shares a quote or idea (3 minutes)
Each group member responds (1 minute each)
The first group member has the “final word” (1 minute)
Repeat process throughout the group
Total activity time= 40 minutes
How can we strengthen RA practices on
• Faculty Inquiry Group (FIG)
• Student Inquiry
Faculty Inquiry Group
• August 2011 – preliminary meeting
• Meetings during Fall semester
Student Inquiry
• Fall service learning students will
interview/video students
• This inquiry of the reading process is a campus
wide “reading strategies list”
• It will be made available to the students
• Perhaps in an “interactive” format to create
ongoing discussion

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