LCH EMIS Mobile Project

Liverpool Community Health (LCH)
& Informatics Merseyside (iM)
EMIS Mobile Project
Jenny Bradshaw
EMIS Project Manager
Lois Silvano
iM Project Co-ordinator
Gemma Lloyd
LCH District Nurse
Presentation Outline
 Why is LCH moving to Paperlight working?
 EMIS Mobile pilot
 What did we test?
 What did we find out?
 Viewpoint from Community Nursing team
 EMIS Mobile for Community
 What is coming?
Why is LCH moving to Paperlight
Recording of Patient Data
 How is data recorded for patients being
seen outside a clinic environment?
Patient visited at home (or elsewhere)
Data handwritten onto paper records
Clinician returns to base
Patient data entered retrospectively into
EMIS Web patient electronic record
Why is this not effective?
 Security of patient data whilst in transit
 Increased administrative time for clinician
 Errors in data entry when translated from
handwritten notes into electronic record
 Delay in visibility of patient data to other
Introducing the LCH
EMIS Mobile Pilot
 Project Preparation Stage 1 (March 2013)
 System configuration
 Mobile devices issued
 System testing
 Project Preparation Stage 2 (April 2013)
 User Acceptance Testing
 Training
LCH EMIS Mobile Pilot
 Pilot underway (May 2013)
 20 Pilot users
 10 District Nurses
 6 Children’s service users
 4 Heart Failure Nurses
 Mobile Devices
 Samsung Galaxy (7” & 10”)
 iPad (standard)
EMIS Mobile - Phase 1
 Patients booked into clinicians home visit
session in EMIS Web prior to visit
 Patient records synchronised to mobile device
 Patient demographics & medical record
available on mobile device
 Patient data entered using mobile device
 Patient data synchronised back to EMIS Web
 Synchronisation method via secure token
 3G or Wi-Fi connection needed for
synchronisation to take place
EMIS Mobile Phase 1 DEMO
Lois Silvano
EMIS Mobile Icon
Log On to Organisation
Synchronise Data
Enter Secure Token ID
Data Synchronises
Patient Summary
Changing View
Values View
Values History
Patient Summary
Adding a Contact
Choosing a Template
Example Template
Entering Data
Pop up Keyboard
Saving a Template
Completed Contact
Synchronise Data
End of Demonstration
Aim of Pilot
 Test EMIS Mobile
Synchronisation of patient data
EMIS Mobile functionality
Ease of use
System speed
 Report issues
 Log requirements for EMIS Mobile for
Community users
Positive Feedback
 Ability to view accurate electronic patient
data whilst away from the office
 Patient data held securely
 Time saving benefits due to ability to add
data at point of care
 Extra patients can be added to a session
(by a colleague/clerk at the office) and
their data accessed in real time
Issues Reported
Passwords re-sets
Size & type of device
Strength of Wi-Fi or 3G
Synchronisation Issues
Viewpoint from Community Nursing
Gemma Lloyd
District Nurse LCH
EMIS Mobile for Community
Full consultation properties
Access to shared data
Ability to synchronise a caseload
Appointment schedules
Referral to Treatment options
Soft Tokens
And finally…
 Pilot users continue to test
 Feedback when update to EMIS mobile
Phase 2
 Pilot EMIS mobile for Community
Any Questions?

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