ECCD Working Group Presentation

RENCP ECCD Working Group Update
January-August 2012
RENCP General Assembly 14th August
RENCP ECCD working group led the organization of the ECD
Action Week from 22 to 28April 2012 in partnership with the
Government of Rwanda
Main objectives of the Action Week:
-To raise Early Childhood Development awareness;
-To support government of Rwanda in the dissemination and
mobilization around the ECD policy and its strategic plan;
-To engage high level stakeholders around ECD budgeting;
-To seek public commitment to
include ECD in Sector and
District level performance plan.
1. Media mobilization – through an orientation with journalists
conducted on 18th April – TV coverage, Radio coverage and written
media coverage of activities conducted during the Action Week
2. ECD National Stakeholders meeting launched by Her Excellency the
First Lady of Rwanda on 19th April
For more information, please visit the MINEDUC website:
3. Development and Distribution of ECD communication materials
(10,000 Posters, 20,000 booklets and 1000 brochures)
4. Community mobilization through public discussions, scale-up of
projects, sms messages and radio spots which resulted in the inclusion of
ECCD in District/Sector performance plans (approx. 12,000 people
reached in around 18 Districts).
5. Partnership with Mobile Company TIGO - setd out 250,000 free sms
messages on ECD at a frequency of 50,000 messages each day for 5
What did we learn as a working group through this process?
- How to work together;
- What doing Advocacy means in practice;
- How to organize a campaign;
- How to develop communication materials;
- How to get Government and other stakeholder’s buy-in;
- How to interact with the private sector;
Current national-level engagement of the RENCP ECD working group
- ECD is gaining momentum in Rwanda;
- Involvement in the Education Sector Strategy Review to ensure ECD is
- Involvement and leadership of working groups set-up as a result of the
ECD national stakeholders meeting: a) communication WG; b) modeling
WG; c) M&E WG
Plans for August-December:
3 learning labs and study-visits to the following programmes:
August – CHF - Playgroups
September – PLAN – ECCD centre based provision
November – Umuhuza – 0-3 Family literacy
1 Study-visit to SC ECD programme took place in June
Murakoze Cyane!

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