The Semester is almost over!

The Semester is almost over!
It’s time for you to take a well deserved break and enjoy
the holidays with your loved ones!
But before you go….
Good Luck on Finals!
Quick tips:
• Take healthy snack breaks
• Alternate study spots
• Take a break & clear your mind
• Visit a Residential Tutoring Center
• Visit your professors’ office hours
• Exercise/take a walk
• Schedule in sleep
• BREATHE….you’ll be fine!!
24-Hour Quiet
24-Hour Quiet hours start Friday, December 6th (last day of classes) at
4pm and last through the closing of the residence halls.
Please be advised that any violation of the quiet hours will result in a
one time only warning with documentation.
If a second violation occurs, you may be asked to vacate the residence
halls for the remainder of the semester.
Attend your Hall Meeting
***Every resident must attend at least one
closing meeting.
Please ask your
RA for meeting
dates & times.
Residents must vacate the building 24 hours
after their last final or when the residence halls
close –whichever comes first!
Residence halls close Wednesday,
December 18th at 10pm
Please speak to your RA and tell him/her
when you plan on leaving for winter break.
Coming Back Next Semester?
If you are planning to return to the same room
for the Spring semester, you DO NOT have to
take all of your belongings with you and you
DO NOT have to hand in your key!
Although not required, it is a good
idea to take your valuables (i.e.
laptops) with you when you leave
for break.
Health and Safety Inspections
will be completed during the break!
Don’t forget to empty all refrigerators so you
don’t return with unwanted guests or mold!
Also, please remember to close & lock all
windows when you leave.
Checking Out?
If you are not returning to campus housing next semester,
then it’s time for you to check out!
Before you check-out:
 Make sure you have packed all your belongings and removed
everything from you room, including trash and unwanted items.
 Speak to your RA and tell him/her that you are checking out.
 You’re room needs to be in the same condition as it was when you moved in. Be sure to
check-out properly to avoid incurring improper check-out charges or damage billing.
*An RA is available from noon in the College Office starting on Saturday,
December 14th to assist you if you wish to sign out.
Please all your College Office for assistance in signing out.
Express Check-Out is Available
(*This only applies to those students who are leaving on-campus housing.)
In place of going through a standard check-out
with an RA, you can go through Express Check-Out.
Here’s how:
1.) Sign-off on the Express Check-Out form
2.) Place the form and key(s) in the Express Check Out box
located outside each Quad and College Office upon checking
*Please read the Express Check-Out form located outside each
college office for more details.
Thinking About Spring?
Returning Students may check into their rooms starting:
Sunday, January 26th 2014 @ 10am
Please schedule your travel plans accordingly.
Interested in changing your room?
Residents interested in changing rooms for the Spring semester must
complete a Mid-Year Room Change Request ONLINE on the
Campus Residences homepage by December 13th 2013.
*Mid Year room changes are not guaranteed.
• If your request for a room change is approved, you will be notified
via email by Friday, January 3rd.
• If you accept the space offered, you must return to campus by
Friday, January 10th to complete the physical move to the new
assignment. (Alternatively, you may take all of your belongings
home with you in anticipation of changing rooms and may move to
the new space upon your return on 1/26/14.)
Campus Residences Website:
Congratulations Graduates!
Residents graduating in December may remain in the Residence
Halls until 5pm on Thursday, December 19th.

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