Maharashtra State Innovation Council

Maharashtra State Innovation Council
Presentation by
K P Bakshi
Additional Chief Secretary, Planning
Govt of Maharashtra
Maharashtra State Innovation Council
Constituted on 4th March 2014
Government Resolution No.SIC
It will be hosted by Planning dept
Chairman: Chief Secretary
Co-Chairman: Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar
Member Secretary: Dr.Rajendra Jagdale
Secretary, Dept of S&T, GoI
Rep of National Inno Council
Members: ACS planning, Agriculture, IT, Industry,
H&T Education,
Chairman, Rajiv Gandhi S&T commission
IIT Mumbai, IISER Pune, Insti of Chemical Techn
Convener: Dy secretary Planning
Innovation Road map
In next 6 months
– Setting executive committee to implement decisions taken by the SInC
– State Innovation portal
– State Innovation Policy
– SInC would play the role as “advice-facilitate-monitor development” in public
and pvt sector.
– Set up sectoral Innovation Councils
– District Innovation Councils
– Build digital database of innovations across sectors and at Grassroot
– Infact NIF (National Innovation Foundation) has made database for Maharashtra
but we would scale up those and take across the state
– So we are focusing on both formal as well as informal sectors for building
Innovation database.
– Large number of Innovations have happened in govt sectors but are not well
documented and disseminated. The Innovation database would help us to take
advantage of such Innovations on state wide.
– We are devising unique customized Innovation Index to assess current status of
Innovation the state.
Funding Innovation
• Policy would be to tap untapped resources innovatively
• Though the State would make adequate provision whatever is required
but would leverage more on existing resources, suitable policies, CSR
support, fiscal incentives, etc.
• Create State level risk capital network
• SInC would aggressively create support mechanism to covert maximum
no. of technology trained youth into technopreneurs: more job creators
than job seekers .
• Establishment of Business Incubators in potential universities,
agriculture universities, potential affiliated institutions, and organically
link them with industries and R&D institutions.
• Establishment of City Business incubation centers in all major cities as
generic facility for city youth
Social Entrepreneurship to create
inclusive societies
• Set up to begin with one rural business incubator in every
district which could be expanded to Tehsil level. Basically
to take grass-root technologies to market that would
improve quality of life of the people that are at the
bottom of economic pyramid.
• Hold series of stakeholder meetings to understand how
innovation can play role in resolving issues like affordable
health, improve hygiene and sanitation, efficient smoke
free cooking energy, increase in agri productivity, food
processing, better nutrition at affordable cost, efficient
use of biomass and affordable and quality of education in
rural areas, etc.
Mah. Plan Schemes Implt &Monitoring System
• Mah. Remote Sensing Applications Centre

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