Ch 6_3 Jefferson Alters the Nation_s Course

Five Minute Quick Write
• Thomas Jefferson said after a brutal campaign
race at his inaugural address, March 4, 1801.
“Let us then fellow-citizens, unite with one heart
and one mind…Every difference of opinion is
not a difference of principle… We are all
Republicans; we are all Federalists.”
• What is Thomas Jefferson saying? In your
own words rewrite each sentence. Is what he
said still valid today?
Ch 6.3 Jefferson Alters the
Nation’s Course
The United States expands its
borders during Thomas
Jefferson’s administration.
13 states were eventually
organized on the land acquired
by the Louisiana Purchase.
Election of 1800
• Adams (federalist) v. Jefferson
(republican); wild charges hurled.
• Jefferson wins, ties running mate
Aaron Burr.
• House of Representatives cast 35
ballots without breaking tie.
Breaking the Deadlock
• Hamilton intervenes
with Federalists and
gives Thomas
Jefferson the win.
• Reveals flaw in
electoral process.
-12th Amendment
passed, 1804.
-Separate ballots for
PotUS, VP.
Jefferson’s Inauguration
• “…unite with one heart and one
mind…Every difference of opinion is not a
difference of principle (value, norm)… We
are all republicans; we are all federalists.”
-We are Americans.
Simplifying the Presidency
• T.J. replaces Federalists with Demo- Rep.
• Reduces
-Army and spending.
-expenses of Gov.
-influence of National Bank.
• Eliminates internal taxes, except tariffs.
• Favors free trade over Gov.-controlled trade,
laissez faire.
• Frees Sedition Act prisoners.
Southern Politics
• T.J. first to take
office in D.C.
• South dominates
politics; Northern,
Federalist influence
Midnight Judges
• Adams adds judges to the
Supreme Court.
-To keep Federalist power.
• T.J. argues invalid.
• Ask James Madison stop
Marbury v. Madison, 1801
• William Marbury sues to
have papers delivered.
• Judiciary Act of 1789
declared unconstitutional.
• Supreme Court’s
authority comes from the
constitution, not
• Judicial reviewauthority of Supreme
Court to strike down
unconstitutional laws.
Westward Migration
• From 1800-1810,
pop. growth in OH,
• Daniel Boone
helped clear
Wilderness road.
-Cumberland Gap.
The Louisiana Purchase
• Jefferson buys Louisiana Territory
from Napoleon.
-Fear French presence.
-Doubts on constitutional
-Double size of the U.S.
Lewis and Clark
• Lead Corps of Discovery.
-explore new territory, find a route
to Pacific.
-contact with Native Americans.
-gather information about
geography, plants, animals.
• Sacajawea, Native American
women serves as interpreter and
1.What was the importance of the message said
in 1801 Jefferson’s Inaugural Address?
2.What was the importance about the Supreme
Court case, Marbury v. Madison?
3.Besides doubling the size of the United States,
why did Jefferson make the Louisiana

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