Dealer Portal Training

Dealer Portal Training
Empowering your business
 INCREASE sales with IOLO’s no credit check program
 EASE of use with IOLO’s automated web application
 ACCESS web based
 Dealer training and support
 Consumer application and approval
 Dealer reporting
 CONVENIENT consumer options with two early buy out options
 CUSTOMER SERVICE provided by IOLO once the customer is
approved and has leased their device
Electronic Device Leasing –
Make your Sale
 Consumers want the newest devices
 IOLO provides a flexible lease payment program
 Benefits of IOLO’s program
 Convenient and affordable lease program with two early buyout
1) 100 day buyout option
(pay within 100 days without penalty)
2) 65% buyout option
(post 100 days pay 65% of the remaining amount)
Pre-Qualify your Customer
 Checking account that has
been open and active the last
six months
Checking account with no
“Non-Sufficient Funds”
(NSF’s) for the past 90 days
Currently employed with the
same employer for the last six
Earn at least $750 per month
from your job
At least 21 years old
Key Talking Points
 If the customer meets the pre-
qualifications then you will
assist them in completing the
IOLO application so they we
can determine the approval
for the program.
 It is important to emphasize
the ease and convenient
payment program the
customer will have using the
IOLO program to get the
latest technology and the
device they want.
Dealer Log In
Enter your assigned log in
Enter the password for
your store
(Please note, once training has been completed you
will be emailed your login and a temporary password).
New Customer Application
Answer each
question to continue
to the customer
Personal Information
Fill out all required
information, once you
have finished select
Save & Continue
Personal Information (continued)
** If the customer has not been
at their current address for more
than 2 years the previous
address will be used for
verification. Please do not skip
this section, your customer may
not qualify if the previous
address cannot be confirmed.
Once the previous address has
been entered, select Save and
Continue to move to the next
Employment Information
Employment will be verified
as well as the Employer, it
is important the customer
enters the main number of
their work location. If the
main number is not entered
and employment cannot be
verified your customers’
application may not qualify.
Bank Information
Enter Bank
Routing information,
account number and
phone number
Submitted Application
The portal will return you to the main screen. The application
you just submitted will be listed in the portal as “Pending”.
Please allow a few minutes for the system to refresh with the
approval status.
Application Status - Approved
If your customer is
approved, the
approval amount will
be listed in the status
Approved Customer
You will see an Approved response on the screen with their approval
The customer will also receive a confirmation email
Key Talking Points:
 Congratulate your customer and show them the devices they can
acquire with their approval amount.
 Remind them they can purchase any device within their approval
amount (including accessories for that device)
** Minimum lease amounts do apply **
Customer Contract
Once the customer has been approved and has chosen their device
and any accessories, you will complete the contract and payment
You will reference this many times during your selling process so
please keep it accessible
Contract Process
To begin the contract
process, enter the device
information. The site will not
allow you to continue if you
have exceeded the approval
amount. You can add all
accessories as well by
selecting Add Another
Dealer Portal Continued…
 Once the consumer has finished reading the contract they will be
required to provide their electronic signature affirming their
acceptance of the terms and conditions
 Once the customers provides their electronic signature they have
entered into a legally binding contract and are subject to the terms
and conditions
 Allow your customer the time they need to read and review the
terms and conditions of their contract prior to having them provide
their electronic signature
Accepting the contract
Customer must E-sign here
to accept the contract.
Customer must also check the box
here to accept that the device is in
good, working order.
ACH Transaction Approval
Customer must also sign
this form to approve the
ACH transaction for their
new device. The date will
populate automatically on
the day of the sale.
Application Status - Denied
The customer
does not qualify
for IOLO’s
leasing program
at this time.
We will be
unable to share
personal, and/or
information with
our Dealers
regarding the
Denied Customer
If the customer has not been approved, you will see “Denied” on the
Application Status tab
This customer did not qualify for IOLO’s leasing program at this time
The customer can contact us via email at [email protected]
for any additional information
Key Talking Points:
 If the customer was denied because they did not meet all the
qualifications, remind them of the qualifications and that they can
re-apply once they have met them
Dealer Reports
We understand the importance of you receiving the funding for your
device as quickly as possible
Additionally we understand the importance of reviewing your
customers that have taken advantage of the IOLO lease program
For your convenience you will be able to view the status of the
payment and general customer information by selecting the “Sales
Reports” tab
** Please remember to allow 48 hours for payment processing (not
taking into consideration holidays and weekends). **
Dealer Reports (continued)
The Sales Reports tab will
allow you to view which
contracts have been
“Funded” and which contracts
are still “In Progress” as well
as a history of IOLO
customers for your location
Leasing Options made EZ
Thank you for choosing IOLO to increase your sales ability and provide
valuable leasing options to your customers.
Now that your training is complete you can expect your Welcome Kit
within the next 5 days, including
1 - 11” x 17” Poster for your store window
2 – 8 ½ ” x 11” Posters for your counter displays or other locations
Stickers to place on the front door of your business
Store Log in and password
Please display the material provided, you are also able to order
additional material from the “How it Works”, or “Dealer Resources”
section of our site.
Congratulations on your successful completion
of IOLO’s Dealer Portal Training
You are now one of many dealers that can offer
the benefits of IOLO’s Lease to Own program to
your customers, while increasing your revenue
through added sales opportunities
IOLO’s Dealer Support Team will be in touch
with you shortly to issue your Portal Username
and Password.
Welcome Aboard…

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