Program Letters of Agreement (PLAs)

Kristen Morda, MA
Graduate Medical Education Librarian
September 27, 2011
What is a PLA?
Program Letter of Agreement (PLA): A written document
that addresses GME responsibilities between an individual
accredited program and a site other than the sponsoring
institution at which residents receive a required part of their
1. Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Glossary of Terms. 2011; Accessed
September 20, 2011.
What Should be in a PLA?
The Common Program Requirements stipulate that program letters of agreement should:
a) identify the faculty who will assume both educational and supervisory responsibilities for
b) specify their responsibilities for teaching, supervision, and formal evaluation of residents;
c) specify the duration and content of the educational experience; and,
d) state the policies and procedures that will govern resident education during the
Program letters of agreement should be renewed at least every five years.²
2 Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Frequently Asked Questions Related to Master Affiliation
Agreements and Program Letters of Agreement. 2011;
Accessed September 20, 2011.
What Should be in a PLA?
 Name of USF Residency Program
 Name of Participating Site
 Effective dates
 Program Director
 Local Site Director (only one!)
 Additional Faculty
 Specific duration of assignment
 Signatures: Program Director, DIO, Local Site Director, and
Participating Site Official (FH and ACH only)
 Goals and Objectives attached
Effective Dates
Effective dates are to be no more than 5 years. ACH
requires no more than 2 years.
Examples July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2016
July 1, 2011 and will remain in effect for (5) five
Duration of Assignment
Be specific!
Example –
Moffitt -PGY 1 - 2 months; PGY 2 - 6 months; PGY 3 - 3
months, etc.
JAHVA – PGY 1 – 4 months; PGY 2 – 2 months; PGY 3 –
5 months, etc.
Duration of Assignment
Does it match WebAds?
Does it match Goals and Objectives?
Local Site Director
Only one local Site Director!
Do not list the name of the practice/doctor’s office as
the local Site Director
Make sure the person listed really is the local Site

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