Navigating the VT website through AccessFreightliner

Logging into the VT Website through AccessFreightliner
After logging into AccessFreightliner,
Clicking the VT Icon from the Access
Freightliner home page will allow
access to the VT Website Home page
*Note that anyone can get an Access
Freightliner ID and have access to the
VT home page as ‘read only’
*If User ID does not have access to the VT Icon, the user needs to contact FTL Dealer Help Desk:
The Help Desk can be reached by phone or email:
855-639-8680 - Daimler Trucks North America Dealers, Fleets and Customers
[email protected] - Internet E-mail
Detroit CSC
Daimler Trucks
VT Website Home Page – ‘Read Only’ Customer View
Detroit CSC
VIN – Used by Customers to find info on a VIN. Full or Partial
VIN can be searched.
Engine S/N – Used by Customers to find info on a ESN. The
complete 15 digit ESN is needed. Using the VIN is always
Event ID – Used by Customers to search by specific event ID
unique to a VT Event.
Daimler Trucks
VT Website View – VIN Search (Faults)
VT Event location(s) will appear on map
Service Legend indicates VT fault type, if log file is
obtained for that event, if a server email was sent to the
customer, and if truck faulted within a Dealer geofence.
(All dealers are geofenced to contain fault code events
without sending email notification to the customer during
the repair process.)
Fault description is only the SPN.
Dealer Geofence
Event 5580666 – Service Now VT event, log file available
(for technician use), no email sent to customer from
server, fault code logged within Dealer geofence.
Event 5566778 – Service Info VT event, no log file
available, no email sent to customer from server
Event 5533637 – Service Now VT event, log file available,
email sent to customer from server.
Every VT Event is hyper-linked and
clicking on the individual event will
bring you to specific event details
Detroit CSC
*Time stamps are Pacific time
Tip: Look for repeat codes and/or separate codes
indicating separate issues for resolution in one shop
Daimler Trucks

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